Bern takeover impact wrestling

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Bern takeover impact wrestling

Post by Bern » Mon Nov 14, 2022 11:55 am

Impact Wrestling office (Nashville TN),

To Be Released Immediately

Good afternoon wrestling fans. We have some important news to share with all of you. Effective immediately Impact Wrestling has made the executive decision to sell majority interest in the organization to Florida man Mike Bernier for an undisclosed amount of money. Impact wrestling will go on with our scheduled event this Friday November 18th from Louisville Kentucky Overdrive. Mike will be live in attendance at the show with some more ground breaking announcement. Scott D'Amore will also be in attendance as the head of development. We will announce the card for this Friday's show. Stay tuned here for more information leading into Friday's Over Drive.

Impact Wrestling World Championship
Josh Alexander (c) vs. Frankie Kazarian

Impact Wrestling X Division Championship Finals
Black Taurus vs. Trey Miguel

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Championship
Heath and Rhino (c) vs. Brian Myers and Matt Cardona

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship
Jordyann Grace (c) vs. Deonna Purrazo vs. Masha Slamovich

Impact Wrestling Knockout Tag Team Championship
Jessicka and Rosemary (c) vs. The Sea Stars (Ashley Vox and Delme Exo)

Feast or Fired (4 Cases) (World Championship, X-Division Championship, Tag Championship, Fired)
Announced participants
Eric Young, Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann, The Motor City Machine Guns, Juice Robinson, Mike Bailey, PCO, Moose and other non impact wrestling talent TBA

We will see you this Friday for OVER DRIVE!

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Re: Bern takeover impact wrestling

Post by Iamspiderman » Mon Nov 14, 2022 4:14 pm


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Re: Bern takeover impact wrestling

Post by Bern » Tue Nov 22, 2022 12:08 am


Welcome to Impact Wrestling Overdrive! We see a video package and we go to the ring where new controlling owner Mike Bernier and Scott D’Amore are in the ring!

M: Fans welcome to a new era of impact wrestling. I bought this company because i think this company has what it takes to become a top flight wrestling company! We are going to have a lot of things coming and a lot of things going. As for something staying that is you Scott! I like what your doing here with my help i think we move to the next level! Unfortunately for some things are going to change. One of those will be someone’s employment after the Feast or Fired match returns tonight! Fans enjoy the show tonight. I'm going to turn it over to Scott. Make sure you check our twitter and website for more information!

S: Thank you Mike for the positive words and for the opportunity to take this company to the next level.

As Scott goes to talk more the music of Eric Young and Violent by Design hits and the Impact Original makes his way to the ring.

EY: Scott Scott Scott we had it so good in Team Canada did we not! Oh that's right you didn't trust me scott! You took my opportunity and gave it to people like Johnny Devine and A1. Scott I don't trust that you won't screw us like you did me then! All you care about is yourself!

S: Eric! Will you please shut your mouth! I gave all of your boys a spot in the feast or fired! If i was untrustworthy id leave all of you out! As for taking your spot in team Canada you were a young dumb kid that was scared of Pyro! You know what this is enough talking it's time for Feast or Fired you guys are already here lets bring out the rest of the participants.

The rest of the contestants make there way to the ring for the feast or fired match

Match #1 Feast or Fired: Eric Young vs. Alan Angels vs. Big Kon vs. Deaner vs. Moose vs. Eddie Edwards vs. PCO vs. Rich Swann vs. Alex Shelly vs. Chris Sabin vs. Juice Robinson vs. Mike Bailey vs. Davey Richards vs. Lio Rush vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Sami Callihan

16 men are going to battle for 4 cases tonight with a shot at the World, X-Division, Tag title while one will lose their job.

The Bell rings and Violent by Design go right to a corner. Eric Young looks to try to climb while the other 3 hold off the crowd. The other 12 guys are trying to break through the VBD group but it's ineffective as Eric Young takes down briefcase 3 and exits the ring ending his night. So now there are 3 cases. The Machine guns and the American Wolves kinda start helping themselves out as Shelly and Sabin try to get the upper hand on the left side of the ring while Edwards and Richards are going after the left side of the ring. Edwards was going to climb for a contract when PCO went after him trying to stop the man he was feuding with from getting a contract. PCO and Edwards end up crashing through a table at ringside that PCO had set up earlier in the match. PCO and Edwards are wiped out of this match. Moose starts hitting people with spears left and right trying to set himself up to get a contract when he is stopped by Juice Robinson who hits him with Pulp Friction. Juice takes the chance and grabs a contract from the corner and exits the ring, locking him into case number 2. So case 1 and 4 remain and we are down to 12. If you want to count PCO and Edwards who have not moved since the crash through the table. The Guns and Richards are squared off with VBD going at each other the 6 of them are brawling at ringside when Mike Bailey and Lio Rush both dive off the top rope taking out the 6 of them. This clear out plus Sami Callihan spiking Moose on his head gave Rich Swann a chance to run up and grab case number 1. So now we are down to case number 4. We see Eric Young calling back Kon, Alan Angels and Deaner. VBD all head to the back. That leaves Edwards, PCO who are both still down, Richards, Bailey, The MCMG, Lio Rush, Christopher Daniels, Moose, Sami Callihan going after one case. Callihan looks like hes the only one around when Steve Maclin runs down and power bombs Sami to the mat before rolling out of the ring. Daniels hits Sami with the BME. Daniels gets up and eats a spear from Moose. Moose gets wrecked by a top rope drop kick from Lio Rush. Rush takes a crane kick from Mike Bailey. Edwards hits Bailey with a boston knee party. PCO choke slams Edwards. Shelley and Sabin hit total elimination on PCO. Sabin hits Shelley with slice bread number 2 he then turns around and eats a superkick brain buster from Davey Richards who is able to climb up and grab case number 4 ending the match!

Winners: Davey Richards (Case 4), Eric Young (Case 3), Rich Swann (Case 1), Juice Robinson (Case 2)

The announce team announces that the winners of the case will have the option to open them or defend them on Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

We head back to the ring for the first of our title matches as the knockout tag team champions Rosemary and Jessicka with Taya Valkyrie. They are waiting in the ring as two of the newest additions to the knockout division come to the ring, Delmi Exo and Ashley Vox.

Match Number 2: Knockout Tag Team Championship Rosemary and Jessicka © w/Taya Valkyrie vs. The Sea Stars (Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo)

Vox and Exo go right after the champions but the size advantage of Jessicka does the Sea Stars in at the start. Jessicka tries to keep her size advantage to keep the sea stars at bay. But Vox and Exo are able to go after the legs of her and chop the bigger wrestler at bay. The quick tags of the sea stars are doing a great job at keeping her down and not allowing her to get the tag to Rosemary. Crowd starts to get behind Jessicka as she starts to get to her feet she makes a diving effort to get to Rosemary and Rosemary gains the upper hand getting the Sea Starts rocking. Jessicka is down at ringside with Taya trying to help her out. The trainer comes out from the back to check on her while Rosemary still has the upper hand on both members of the Sea Stars. Rosemary is looking down at Jessicak in between the middle and top rope. Vox hits Rosemary with a 619. Exo on the second rope grabs the dazed Rosemary and hits a tornado DDT which transitions to Vox locking in the reel catch in the middle of the ring. Jessicka can not get up and Taya can only watch as Rosemary is forced to tap out and we have new Impact Wrestling Knockout Tag Team Champions.

Winner and NEW Impact Wrestling Knockout Tag Team Champions the Sea Stars (Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo)

The New champs are celebrating their new victory when they are attacked from behind by Allysin Kay and Marti Belle the HEX from NWA are going after the new champions! Kay and Belle steal the titles and leave through the crowd.

In the back we see VBD sitting in the back and Eric Young tells them all great job making sure we walk out with the guys this is the start of the revolution. First step I win what's in here then we get Kon, Deaner and Angels titles and VBD will hold all the gold.

We head back to the ring for the finals of the X-Division title tournament after Kazarian cashed in Option C earlier last month to set up our main event! We see both Black Taurus and Trey Miguel path to the finals of this tournament. Both competitors make their way to the ring.

Match Number 3: X Division Tournament Finals Black Taurus vs. Trey Miguel

The two circle the ring and try a quick feeling out period. Taurus gains the upper hand quickly with his fast strikes and move ment keeping Miguel at bay. Migel tho comes right back at Taurus both men go after drop kicks no one can gain the upper hand. Taurus finally gets it after hitting Miguel with a slingblade and then a tornado DDT. He tries to get to the top rope and he is met by Miguel on the top rope who hits a suplex. Both men knip up and we are back at a stalemate. Neither of these guys know what they want to do. They are still trying to feel out things. Taurus starts throwing quick strikes punches and kicks to get the upper hand then hits Miguel with a big clothesline. Taurus moves Miguel into the corner and charges at him with a running knee and connects, he covers Miguel who kicks out a 2 ½. Crazy Steve makes his way to the ring to cheer on his partner in Decay. Taurus tries to set Migel up for a piledriver but Migel is able to send Taurus over and starts to get momentum of his own hitting a springboard dropkick. He looks to be setting up Taurus for a moonsault off the top rope but Tauros moves and Migel is able to land on his feet. Miguel hits Taurus with a cutter and gets a 2 count. Miguel attempts to set up Taurus for a move from the top but Steve distracts Miguel and the ref allowing Taurus to throw him off the top rope. The Ref is still trying to send Steve to the back Taurus hits a big power bomb and has Miguel covered. Taurus goes to try and get the ref back in the match but he's having none of it that allows Miguel to kick Taurus right below the belt and then hits superkick and a cutter and covers Taurus as the ref turns around and counts the fall for the new X Division Champion.

Winner and New X-Division Champion: Trey Miguel

Miguel rolls out of the ring and escapes with the X-Division Title as we go to a video package of our tag team title match.

Match Number 4 Impact Tag Team Championship: Heath and Rhino © vs. Brian Myers and Matt Cardona

Cardona and Heath start the match off in the ring. Myers distracts Heath allowing Cardona to gain an early advantage. Cardona and Myers use this advantage and quick tags to really wear down Heath. Both cardona and myers attempt many pinfalls all of which are kicked out early in the 2 count. Heath is able to get Myers and Cardona to run into each other allowing him to make the hot tag to Rhino. The big man starts tearing through the challengers. Hitting both power slams forearms and other moves. Rhino clears the ring of the challengers with ease. The challengers are trying to come up with ideas on how to get back in the ring and get the advantage back for them. Cardona distracts Rhino while Myers hits him with a chop block. The Challengers are trying to take Rhino’s big weapon out of the artillery. Rhino is finally able to get back to his feet; he makes a dive to get to Heath and he does. Heath comes in like a house on fire. Rhino is down being checked on by the doc at ringside. Heath gets distracted by that and it gives Cardona a chance to hit the rough ryder. Heath kicks out at 2 ¾. Cardona looks so confused by this. He makes the tag to Myers who picks up a fairly lifeless Heath and sets him up in the middle of the ring for an Elevated rough ryder. Cardona goes over the top Heath ducks and eats a GORE from Rhyno. Heath rolls up Myers and is able to get the victory with the roll up.

Winner and still Impact Tag Champions Heath Slater and Rhyno.

Post Match Myers attacks Heath. Rhino tries to protect his partner but Cardona chop blocks Rhino again and the Major Players lay out the champions i dont think this one is done by a long shot. We see a video package heading to our knockouts title match.

Match Number 5 Impact Wrestling Knockout Championship: Jordynne Grace © vs. Deonna Purrazo vs. Masha Slamovich

Masha and Grace meet in the middle and start firing off strikes at each other while Purrazzo allows them to do damage to each other awaiting her opportunity to pick the scraps and sneak out a possible title victory. Purrazo picked her spots to attack both Masha and Jordynne but none of those opportunities could muster more than a 1 count. Deonna then exits the ring wanthing Grace and Masha to go after each other but they notice that and both go after her while she runs away from both of them. Jordynne kept chasing after her while Masha stopped and saw Grace eat a big clothesline from her. Masha gets into the ring with Deonna trying to get the win while Grace is down on the outside. Unfortunately for either of them they were unable to get the win because Grace got back in the ring and started clearing house with forearms and chops before hitting masha with a big power slam. She picked up Deonna and hit her with a power slam of her own. Grace now has both the challengers where she wants them. She is using her power advantage on both. Purrazo and Masha really need to work together to get the upper hand on Grace. They work on taking out Grace and now it's the two challengers working on each other. Masha has Deonna locked in the Texas Cloverleaf in the middle of the ring. Grace breaks it up and grabs Masha and hits her with the Grace driver for the win.

Winner and Still Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion: Jordynne Grace

Grace holds her title up high. We see the video package of Kazarian turning in the X-Division title to lock in option C. We head to the ring for the main event of the evening.

Match Number 6: Impact Wrestling World Championship Josh Alexander © vs. Frankie Kazarian

The Champion uses his size advantage early on to gain the upper hand. Alexander mat work is 100% a problem for Kazarian. Kaz tries to get to his feet to use his quickness to keep Alexander at a distance. Kaz goes to the top rope and hits a big drop kick on the champion and Alexander bails to the outside to catch his breath but the challenger will not let that happen as he hits a dive over the top rope and the challenger has things where he wants them. Kaz gets the champion in the ring and goes for a cover but Alexander is able to get his shoulder off the mat at 2. Kaz tries to set him up for a wave of the future but Alexander is able to get off of his shoulder and hits Kaz with a big clothesline. Alexander tries to set up Kaz for a C4 but Kaz is able to get out and he hits Alexander with a superkick. Both the challenger and the champion are down. Ref checks on both men and starts counting. Both are able to get up at the count of 7. Kaz and Alexander meet in the middle of the ring and start to throw forearms at each other the champion is quick to gain the upper hand and he hits a C4 out of nowhere goes for the cover and Kaz kicks out at 2 ¾. Alexander goes to pick up the body of Kaz who is able to roll Alexander up and he is barely able to kick out and keep his title run afloat. Both men have given it everything they have. Kaz hits Alexander with a wave of the future. Alexander is able to kick out at 2 ¾. Kaz attempts to pick up Alexander again for a second wave of the future. Alexander wiggles out and hits another C4 and retains the Impact World Championship

Winner: Josh Alexander

Post-Match both men are down. Kaz makes it to his feet; he grabs the world title and presents it to Alexander as a sign of respect. As this is happening the lights go out. Next thing the lights are back up and there are 8 masked men in the ring. They attack both Kaz and Alexander. They have left both men beaten. The group of men take Kaz and throw him out of the ring and the music for bully ray calls he has his call your shot battle royal contract with him. He walks to the ring and tells the referee that he is cashing it in right now.

Match Number 7: Impact Wrestling World Championship Josh Alexander © vs. Bully Ray

Bully picks up the pretty much lifeless body of Alexander and hits him with a powerbomb. He covers Alexander and wins the world title.

Winner and NEW Impact Wrestling World Champion: Bully Ray

The Show Ends with Bully walking out with the World Title

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