All Elite Wrestling (By me)

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All Elite Wrestling (By me)

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This episode of AEW starts in ring with JR, Excalibur and Tony Schiovani they introduce the executive vice presidents Cody, The Bucks and Kenny Omega. Cody takes the microphone

Cody: Welcome to the new decade and the newest promotion to take over the world. Later tonight you will see some of the best action in the world. But what we are here to do is announce some new things for the upcoming weeks.

Kenny: That's right Cody starting tonight qualifying will take place for this. :Kenny Opens bag: The AEW Flash championship. The stipulation for this title will be the following the champion must defend it on AEW on TNT 2 times a month the match will have a 15 minute time limit but it will not be a one fall match it will be whomever has the most pin fall or submissions will get the win and if the match goes past the time limit there will be 3 judges to decide the winner. In special cases the match may be extended to determine a fair winner.

Nick: Tonights 6 man tag match between us taking on the lucha bros and PAC will be for qualifying spots in the tournament. Also Cody vs. Darby Allin will be for a spot in the qualifying round.

Music hits and out walks the bastard Pac and the Lucha Brothers

Pac: Well well well the vice presidents are putting themselves in the title picture. But thankfully for you all they can’t beat the Lucha Brothers and Kenny has had his own problems just winning! So let's not wait any longer lets get this match going.

Match Number 1: Qualifying for the AEW Flash Title
The Elite vs. Lucha Brothers and Pac

Kenny and Rey Fenix start for their respective teams. Omega and Fenix exchange lefts and rights and this match starts to go way to fast for anyone to keep up with. Bucks and the lucha bros take turns exchanging dives and counter moves on each other. Pac hits the Red Arrow on Matt Jackson but is not legal. Pac turns around and legal man Kenny Omega drills him with a V-Trigger and the one wing angel. Kenny the cover and the victory for the Elite.

Winners: The Elite (Kenny Omega 1-0. Matt Jackson 1-0, Nick Jackson 1-0) 1-0 as a trio.

We are in the back we see MJF with Wardlow and the 45,000 dollar ring. They are headed to the ring as MJF will announce his stipulations for a match with Cody.

Back from the break MJF is on his way to the ring with heavy boo’s

MJF: All you dumb fans here in Jacksonville shut your mouths so i can get this over with so that i can leave this crust hole of a city. Cody you want a piece of me but this ring well i am not going to give you that ability without there being a payoff for me. Cody you want a shot at the title that's never gonna happen because your an idiot just like right now you're an idiot for thinking your gonna have a shot now. So here are the stipulations for this match. It will be Cody Rhodes vs. MJF….. and Warlow in a 2 on 1 handicap match. Oh hold on i almost forgot the special guest referee will be Tully Blanchard while the special guest Ring Announcer will be Shawn Spears. IF you can win the 2 on 1 match then you will get a 1 on 1 match with me where you will have a shot to potentially win the this 45,000 ring and free yourself from your own stupid stipulation. But if you do not win the 2 on 1 match then your done with me. You never have a shot at me, the World Title you go back to the stars ...Stardust. So at the PPV you will finally get it. I am MJF i am better than you and you know it.

As MJF leaves the ring music hits and we are getting ready for the 4 way Women's title match. Out first is Nyla Rose who is back from Suspension. She's followed by Britt Baker, the person who lost a number 1 contender match to Kris Statlander, Out following Baker is the last challenger Hikaru Shida. They are then joined by the AEW Woman’s Champion Riho.

Match Number 2: AIW Women's Championship
Riho © vs. Britt Baker vs. Hikaru Shida vs. Nyla Rose

This match really comes down to trying to see if Riho can survive the disadvantage the winner of this takes on Kris Statlander next week on this show. Nyla uses her size advantage to gain an early upper hand on all 3 of the other woman. Baker, Shido and Riho decide they have work together to gain the upper hand on Rose. The three women get Rose out of the ring and seem to take her out for the time being, leaving the other three women to have it out. Shida Baker and Riho all exchange pinfall attempts on one another with the other woman breaking up the fall. Baker hits Shida with a DDT and goes to lock in the lock jaw on Riho when Nyla makes her return and hits all three women with power bombs. She looks to have the title in her grasp when out runs Shanna who Rose’s attack have been directed at. These two women fight their way towards the back leaving all three women laid out. All three go moments without moving before out from the crowd comes a hooded figure that grabs Baker and drags her on top of Shida ref counts and we have a new AEW Women's Champion.

Winner and New AEW Women's Champion Britt Baker (1-0)

Post-Match the hooded figure picks up the lifeless Baker and gets her to wake up. Baker starts to smile as she notices that she's the new champion. The figure under the hood is revealed and its former ROH Women of Honor Champion Kelly Kline. Kline and Baker walk away together as Baker celebrates being the new champion.

We go to the back we see The inner circle talking as we have Dustin versus Sammy Guevara. We will also find out if Jon Moxley will join the inner circle.

Back from commercial outcomes Guevara he is flanked by Ortiz, Santana and Hager. He is followed by his opponent Dusin Rhodes who is flanked by Cody and the Bucks.
Match Number 3: Sammy Guevara vs. Dustin Rhodes

This match had a long feeling out process with neither guy being able to really gain the upper hand. Guevara tried to use inner circle distractions to gain the upper hand but was unable to as they were dwarfed by Cody and the Young Bucks. Eventually ref Aubree Edwards had enough and sent all 6 men to the back. While they are being forced to the back Chris Jericho slides in and hits Dustin with the Judas Effect knocking out the older Rhodes. Guevara moves Rhodes into place and hits a nice shooting star splash on Dustin for the victory.

Winner: Sammy Guevara (1-0)

Post-Match The Inner circle comes back to the ring as Dustin is helped to the back. Jericho asks Jon Moxley to come out for a decision on his role in the inner circle. Music hits and out comes Jon Moxley. Moxley grabs a microphone and looks like he has a decision on his future when he is interrupted by his opponent for tonight Trent.

Trent: Jon Jon Jon everyone is awaiting your decision but how bout we wait to see if your going to be best friends with these guys and have our match that is planned and I can show you about some real best friends. Like Orange Cassidey and Chucky T.

Moxley: Whatever lets do it.

Match Number 4: Jon Moxley vs. Trent

Moxley charges right at Trent takes the fight right to ⅓ of the best friends! Moxley kicks Trent in the stomach picks up Trent and hits Death Rider! He covers Trent and gets the win

Winner: Jon Moxley (1-0)

Jericho and the Inner Circle climb in the ring to ask Moxley for a decision on there invitation to join the inner circle.

Jericho: Mox great work there buddy! You are kicking ass man! Now with all your momentum joining the inner circle you will be unstoppable.

Mox: Chris you are absolutely correct! If i join the inner circle we will be really unstoppable. I have made a real decision on this. I am

Here comes Dustin The Bucks and Omega. They make a path towards the ring. They are met by the inner circle. The 4 of them square off with Sammy, Jake and Proud and Powerful. Jericho and Mox just stand around while everything is going on.

Mox: Hey Chris ...Chris…. I'm out!

Mox kicks Jericho and hits him with the Death Rider!

Mox: Chris… Chris…. While you're waking up just let me let you know. Cody and Kenny told me earlier today. Mox vs. Jericho AEW Revolution. See you soon buddy

Mox dips in the crowd and makes an exit as the Inner circle comes running back.

We go to the last commercial break as we head for our main event.

Main Event Match Number 5: Darby Allin vs. Cody

On last weeks show Allin and Cody came together to defeat the Butcher and the Blade. Tonight they have the rematch that Darby has been fighting for. Allin and Cody start feeling each other out and start to counter each other. Darby has an early edge he throws Cody to the outside and hits a dive on Cody. Allin fired up as he has the early edge. Allin can't keep the edge as cody counts a top rope maneuver. Cody starts to wear down the younger fast Allin. Cody hits a big spinebuster driving the air out of Darby. Cody tries multiple covers but can't get more than a 2 count on him. Darby starts to charge up and gets the upper hand once again. Darby drops Cody and he goes to the top for the coffin drop when music hits and out walks the Butcher and the Blade. Darby is stopped dead in his place he goes and picks up the woozy Cody they get ready for the Butcher and the Blade. The ref has his back turned trying to keep them away from the ring when MJF and Wardlow slide in from behind. MJF hits cross rhoads on Cody While Wardlow hits a big chokeslam on Darby. Wardlow drags the lifeless body of all onto Cody they both bail while the referee turns around to see this he makes the count Darby Allin gets the victory and qualifies for the Flash title tournament.

Winner: Darby Allin (1-0)

We close the show as the camera follows MJF out the building and we see the lifeless cody and Darby in the ring as we fade to black.

AEW Dark Results

The Dark Order (Greyson and Uno) over Private Party in a competitive match after Alex Reynolds and Jon Silver led interference.
Bea Pressley over Big Swole
Scorpio Sky over Sonny Kiss

AEW Rankings

Jon Moxley (1-0)
Kenny Omega (1-0) (0-0 singles)
MJF (0-0)
Darby Allin (1-0)
Cody (0-1)

Kris Statlander (0-0)
Riho (0-1)
Nyla Rose (0-1)
Emi Sakura (0-0)
Bea Pressley (1-0)

Tag Team
The Young Bucks (1-0) (0-0 tag team)
Proud and Powerful (0-0)
The Lucha Brothers (0-0)
The Best Friends (Trent 0-1) (0-0 tag team)
The Dark Order (1-0)

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