MLB 2020 Season

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MLB 2020 Season

Post by RaYnE » Thu Jul 23, 2020 10:25 am

SEASON STARTS TODAY....ENOUGH SAID. Not sure if I like the DH rule in the NL. I know its only for this season, but don't know if I like it. Also, if they go into extra innings, they start off with a runner at 2nd.

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Re: MLB 2020 Season

Post by Iamspiderman » Fri Jul 24, 2020 8:58 am

Lets go Yankees!!

And being an AL guy, I am 100% in favor of everyone having a DH. Pitchers batting is stupid and is embarrassing to watch.

And I hate the runner on 2nd to start extra innings. I went to a baseball game where that league was testing it out in 2019 and thought I missed the lead off batter. Took all the fun of extra innings out of the game for me.

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Re: MLB 2020 Season

Post by RaYnE » Fri Jul 24, 2020 11:33 am


Universal designated hitter:

While the American League adopted the DH rule in 1973, pitchers have continued to hit in games played at National League ballparks. That won't be the case in 2020, as both leagues will use the DH to avoid overtaxing pitchers by having them hit.

Runner on second to begin extra innings:

During the regular season, every half-inning after the ninth will begin with a runner on second base. If that runner scores, the pitcher won't be charged with an earned run.

The runner placed on second base at the start of each half-inning will be the player in the batting order immediately preceding that half-inning’s leadoff hitter, or a pinch-runner. However, if the player in the batting order immediately preceding that half-inning’s leadoff hitter is the pitcher, the runner placed on second base may be the player preceding the pitcher in the batting order. This rule will not be in place for the postseason.

Over the past five years, 8.26% of all regular-season games have gone to extra innings. There were 208 extra-innings games in the 2019 regular season, counting for 8.56% of all games.

Position players pitching:

There will be no restrictions on position players pitching in 2020.

A rule change installed this past offseason would have required teams to designate every player on the active roster as either a pitcher or a position player, and position players would have been unable to pitch unless it was extra innings, their team was ahead or trailing by more than six runs, or they had qualified for the "two-way" designation. That rule won't be in place during the 2020 season.

Suspended games:

If weather forces a game to be cut short before it is official, it will be continued at a later date rather than started from scratch.

Unsportsmanlike conduct:

Players and managers will be expected to maintain physical distance from all umpires and opposing players on the playing field whenever possible. Players or managers who leave their position to argue with umpires, come within six feet of an umpire or opposing player or manager for the purpose of argument, or engage in an altercation on the field will be subject to immediate ejection and discipline, including a fine and a suspension. Discipline will be consistent with past precedent, and shall not be reduced or prorated based on the length of the season.

Wet rag:

Pitchers will be permitted to carry a small wet rag in their back pocket to be used for moisture in lieu of licking their fingers. Pitchers will not be able to access the rag while on the rubber, and they must clearly wipe the fingers of their pitching hand dry before touching the ball or the rubber. Water is the only substance that will be allowed on the rag.

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Re: MLB 2020 Season

Post by rohspashley » Mon Jul 27, 2020 4:57 pm

after losing out on playing in Toronto. then Pittsburgh, then possibly Baltimore. the Toronto Blue Jays will be the Buffalo Blue Jays this season. Gonna be an interesting season. Lots of good young players with Biggio, Bichette, Guerrero, Guriel. plus finally some pitching.

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