Match announcements for UNITY 5

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Re: UNITY 4 - Heavyweight Champion Of The World

Post by RaYnE » Sun Oct 11, 2020 10:28 am

The scene opens up with what looks to be a cemetery. We have seen this one before as it’s the cemetery where RaYnE’s father is buried. As the camera pans, you see a figure standing over a grave. It is indeed RaYnE, and he is looking down at his father’s headstone. You hear him speak.

Grandma tells me to tell you hi. I don't think she realizes that your not here anymore. But that's not why I'm here. I failed you father. I didn’t get the job done, and I don’t know what to do.

There is a look of sadness or depression in his eyes.

You have always been there for me giving me the encouragement to do the right things, and now, I’m lost without you here. I don’t know what is next for me. Do I ask for the tie breaker? I’ve beaten him, and he’s beaten me. We need that tie breaker so I can shut his mouth once and for all.

You can see some intensity in his face.

It’s not in my nature to want revenge, and I feel I need it. But I feel I have to work my way there. I have to be prepared, but I need help. I wish you were here, I know you knew a lot of people in this business but I’m not you father.

RaYnE lowers his head in shame and embarrassment.

My Korean side feels a shame and yet my American side wants me to get up and push on. I’m so conflicted…I need guidance. Please give me a sign. Neomubogo sip-eoyo abeoji.

RaYnE bows in respect to his father’s headstone, and walks off. As he is walking, his phone starts to ring. He looks at his phone and shakes his head. The camera zooms to his phone, and the letters ZBE are shown as the camera fades to black.

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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by JonS » Sun Oct 11, 2020 5:27 pm

UNITY 5 Announcement

We have our first ever World Heavyweight Champion!

Lenny Backstrom won two matches in one night in Detroit to become the inaugural UNITY champion. Congratulations to Mr Backstrom. And a big thank you to all our fans in Detroit and those online for making UNITY 4 another success.

Our next show is in Dayton on November 6th. Tickets are onsale now on our website.

While Lenny Backstrom was successful in his matches, we cannot condone his actions in his semi final against Jackson Browne. Lenny's first defence will therefore be against Jackson Browne in Dayton. Can the Australia exact revenge and become champion?

RaYnE will no doubt be wanting to get back into championship contention. Will he bounce back against Rory Knight next month?

Dayton will see the first ever three way match as The Grey, Bud Whitman and Andi Frost do battle.

The B Sides were impressive last time out. Will they get another win in November when they take on the Colorado Dudes?

Swag Crew will also be in tag team action, with their opponents to be named soon.

Zachary Brimstead Esquire has requested a talk show spot o the next show. UNITY is all for variety, so we've agreed. Who will be ZB Esquire's first guest?

Vivian Wendy Ramshackle is scheduled for another demonstration, ahead of her debut on the December show.

The line up for UNITY 5 so far is as follows:

World Heavyweight title match: Lenny Backstrom (c) vs Jackson Browne
RaYnE vs Rory Knight
The B Sides vs The Colorado Dudes
Swag Crew vs ?
The Grey vs Bud Whitman vs Andi Frost
Zachary Brimstead Esquire show
Also appearing - Silas Galloway, Qadir, Henrik Brewsky and Vivian Wendy Ramshackle

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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by KingOfBrews » Mon Oct 12, 2020 4:50 am

*Backstage at the Michigan State Fairgrounds & Expo Center, Henrik Brewsky is walking towards the locker rooms right after his bout against RaYnE. While cracking open a cool can of Brewsky Artisanal's Recovery Very Very Breaky Breaky Breaky Bishi Bishi Sour IPA to quench the sting of his muscles as well as the loss, Unity crew members spring up for some fresh thoughts post-match...*

*deep swig* They can't all be zingers, right? Much love for everyone tonight, Detroit! The atmosphere was electric but unfortunately my showing was not. In all honesty, this bodacious win streak of mine was on, how to say it, borrowed time. I've still got so much to learn about this craft. Wrestling that is, not craft beer which I already master pretty juicily. *another swig*

RaYnE, whenever you see this, I hope you see this as the new Unity champion. You were better tonight and I hope its you bringing that gold into the spotlight and not that skitstövel, Backstrom.

As for my next move...*goes down to one knee and breaths in deep*...whoever becomes the first champ, I can see the rest gunning to have a first Title shot. And I was in the Final Four, right? But no, I don't deserve an early shot.

Instead, I wanna shut down some whispers. I know there are those who still squeak out about my win against Qadir being cheap. Mr. Junior, or sorry Mr. Prinze, book us in there again. Next month in Dayton. And this time Qadir, I don't care if you bring that slimy manager and side-eyeing yoga instructor of yours with you. Bring 'em ringside and let them see me pin you or tap you out real close.

After that, I'll show you some damn etiquette with beers as well. Not pouring them on prone professionals, but quaffing them in unity.

It's going to be...*looks around but can't find his air guitar*...well it's going to be gnarly! *walks off*

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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by Annette1968 » Tue Oct 13, 2020 7:36 pm

(The camera fades on and finds the Unity World Heavyweight Champion resting comfortably on the edge of the ring apron at the Two Dollar Steak Training Center. The beautiful title belt resting on his shoulder, Lenny Backstrom has something to say.)

Lenny - When I was informed who would be the first challenger for this lovely lady on my shoulder, I thought for sure somebody in the Unity front office was ribbing me. I thought someone was having fun at my expense. I was wrong. (Lenny shakes his head) Jackson Browne will be my first title defense. That is unbelievable, even by the incompetent front office standards set by Freddie Prinze.

First and foremost, I beat Browne in the semifinals of the title tournament. Beat him. He lost. He's a loser. And he is getting the first shot at her. We're awarding title shots to losers. How is that even possible? Even that little bitch RaYnE has a better claim at getting the first title shot, and he is a bigger loser than that dumb Aussie.

Another thing. How is Browne even medically cleared to compete this soon? I bashed his brains in. There is no way he could have cleared concussion protocol this fast. I find Unity Wrestling guilty of gross negligence in this matter. And as their world champion, I simply can't ignore this. I have contacted my attorney, the esteemed Jeffrey T. Spaulding, and he is going to file an immediate injunction to make absolutely sure all medical testing has been completed properly.

Until then, I will have no further comment on the matter.

Now if you will excuse me, the lady and I need some alone time. 

(The camera fades off) 

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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by Amazing_Jos » Tue Oct 13, 2020 8:55 pm

Voice in the Background: Aits!

*Qadir throws a haymaker at the punching bag in front of him. Taped to the bag is a picture of Henrik Brewsky*

Voice in the Background: Not strong enough. I need more power and consistency. "Aits"!

*Qadir throws another thunderous Haymaker*

Voice in the background: Beautiful... Beautiful... Aits!

*Qadir throws a monstrous elbow and rips the bag and picture in two.*

*Clap, Clap, Clap*

*At that very moment Mexico's Super Sports Agent Manuel Saavedra and "El Intocable" Alexi Garcia emerge from the shadows. Saavedra applauding Qadir's performance

Manny: Muy Bien, Qadir! You will be ready for a shot at the Unity Heavyweight Champion in no time!

*Qadir quickly looks at his agent, as if he is displeased with what he just heard.*

Manny: Mr. Darby... We thank you for "agreeing" to train our Monster and restore him to fighting shape! That Andrea Frost proved to be most ferocious.

*Former MMA, Tae Kwon Do and Professional Wrestling prodigy "Lightning Cat" Tom Darby reveals himself from behind the other side of the punching bag*

Lightning Cat: *Takes a drag from a fat cigarillo* First off, you threatened to burn down my dojo if I didn't agree to train him. You know how tired I am of my damn dojo's getting torched? If I had a dollar for every time I had a dojo burnt down, you know how many I would have? I'd have 2 dollars!!

Manny: Let's not get too meta over here, Senor Darby.

Lightning Cat: Number 2 off, Mr. Untouchable over there is a very impressive MMA prospect. I'm more interested in training him and taking him to the next level. He could be unstoppable, they BOTH could be unstoppable! One in MMA and one in Pro Wrestling!

Manny: You have a point, Senor Darby. A true compliment from you. Mr. Intocable was a huge fan of "Tito Rosa" growing up as a child in Mexico. He knows the important role you played through out "El Hijo De Mexico's" career.

Lightning Cat: Tito... *Darby Sigh* If you let me train both of them, I won't fail you like I failed others in the past.

Manny: We have no "love for failure", Senor Darby. It is imperative that you strive for perfection from now on. Mr. Intocable has one last chance to get a contract in Japan for 1-K Kickboxing. It seems that piece of mierda "Money" Mayweather has contacted nearly every martial arts and combat sports organizations to black ball my client.

Lightning Cat: He could just fall back on Professional Wrestling like his Aztek buddy. Can't he?


*El Intocable is angered by "Lightning Cat's response and punches a hole in the wall*

*Both Darby and Garcia lock eyes quickly, Saavedra interrupts*

Manny: Senor Cat, please don't insult my clients natural god given athletic ability. His potential is beyond that circus in Unity!

*Qadir growls at his Agent.*

Manny: No offense to our Monstro Azteca! *Laughs akwardly*

Lightning Cat: I'll get Qadir ready for his next match, we need to focus on getting him used to absorbing offense. He was always used to dishing it out, he never really learned how to take it. As for Mr. Untouchable over there, let me know when he is signed to 1-K. I'll make a call or two and see if we can speed up that process.

Manny: I'll let you two get back to training. Remember, Senor Lightning Cat, "Sin amor por el fracaso".

*El Intocable and his Agent begin to leave. He takes one last good look at the Martial Arts Prodigy and walks away.*

Lightning Cat: *Thinking to himself* Yeah, yeah, yeah... Tacos and Enchiladas... *Looks up at the Monster* Hey, big guy, let's show these guys you're the real star!

*Qadir nods his head, ready to do what it takes to get to the next level*

Lightning Cat: *Pulls out a tazer* You ever been hit with 20,000 watts of electricity?!


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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by Grundy » Wed Oct 14, 2020 9:42 am

Ok folks. I'm keeping this short and to the point. Bud, I'm satisfied. I got my burial. And that second trip Hades Bound...was a reciept from the first time we fought. I'm through with you.

So UNITY, I want to create more chaos and destruction! I'm ready to snack on danger and dine on death! In whatever form of opponent you have for me next! So says the Monster...with Red Hands...from Black Deeds.

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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by JonS » Thu Oct 15, 2020 2:10 pm

More UNITY 5 Announcements

* Henrik Brewsky has asked to face Qadir again! Even we were surprised. Does Brewsky know what he's doing here? Regardless of that, you have to admire the young wrestler's intestinal fortitude. Brewsky will get the match he wants in November.

* Silas Galloway has issued an open challenge. In an unorthodox move, the UNITY management are throwing this challenge in Zachary Brimstead Esquire's direction. Does Zachary Brimstead Esquire have a challenger for Mt Galloway among his many contacts?

The updated card for UNITY 5 is as follows:

World Heavyweight title match: Lenny Backstrom (c) vs Jackson Browne
RaYnE vs Rory Knight
The B Sides vs The Colorado Dudes
Swag Crew vs ?
The Grey vs Bud Whitman vs Andi Frost
Zachary Brimstead Esquire show
Qadir vs Henrik Brewsky
Silas Galloway vs ?
Also appearing - Vivian Wendy Ramshackle

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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by ICEMAN KING PATSON » Sat Oct 17, 2020 12:35 pm

Camera opens on the woods. midnight. we push through the trees towards an Erie light, peaking through the trees.
There is a small clearing, with a bonfire in the middle.

next to the fire, there are two, what appear to be dummies/effigies, dresses in camping gear with hoodies.

A slender, grey finger reaches into Camera view. It pulls up the, then the other. a printout of Andi Frost's face is attached to the face of one, Bud Whitman's attached to the other. A step back.

Blinding light.

Both figures are gone. The bonfire is burned down to embers.


The embers go out and fades to black.

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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by Amazing_Jos » Wed Oct 21, 2020 4:05 pm

*Monterrey, Mexico*

*Up and coming MMA fighter Alexi Garcia and his agent Manuel Saavedra sit at a long white table alongside a few other gentlemen. Everyone is taking shots of tequila, smoking cigars, listening to corridos emanate from an old juke box.*

*The older gentleman at the end of the table is strong, burley and wears a white suit. Everyone in the country knows him as Paco Lozano, aka the kingpin of sports in Mexico. Others know him by his grisly reputation outside the sports world. He is surrounded by an army of men that protect him at all times. This group of dangerous men are known as el "Puño de fuego".*

Paco: *Takes a puff from his cigar* I've been watching you train since you were a young man, Alexi. Your father has always had an arrogance about you, I never understood why until your first fight, professionally.

Alexi: *Grins at the reminder of his first professional knockout win*

*Paco's servant pours both of them a shot of mescal*

Paco: Not only are you tough, but the way you know how good you are is remarkable. You are more arrogant than your father ever was! *Laughs before taking a shot* You've earned that right, mijo, but that's not all you have earned. *Gets up from his seat* Follow me, I have something special I want to show you!

*Garcia, his agent and Paco are escorted to a door that leads to the back of his mansion.*


*Screams in unison erupt as a circle of men are seen cheering on a brawl that is occuring in the back. A smaller figure is mounted and pummeled by a bigger one. The giant figure doesn't stop dropping elbows until a few of Paco's men have to pull him off.*

Paco: Bring him over here!

*After tazing him and handcuffing him, 7 men escort the giant to Paco and his guests. He possesses crushingly powerful arms, thighs the size of tree trunks, his height towering over all that surround him and tattered clothing. The mammoth's long black hair covers his scars and his face, but his eyes never lose focus of the young MMA hopeful he is about to approach.*

Saavedra: Who in the....

Paco: Alexi, I have high hopes for you. Not only have I invested a lot of time in to you, but i've also invested a lot of money. Because of that, I need to protect my investment, Mr. Saavedra. I want you both to meet my "Monstro Demonio", Qadir!

*Saavedra slowly approaches the monster*


Saavedra: Hijo de puta!

*Qadir headbutts and breaks the nose of the Sports Agent and downs him on all fours. *

Paco: *Bellowing with Laughter* His only purpose is to protect Alexi, everyone else will have to approach with caution, amigo!

*Alexi scoffs at the statement and walks up to his new body guard. He looks him straight in the eyes and stays locked on for a moment. Both men never lose focus and seem to be in sync.*


*Alexi slaps the taste out of Qadir's mouth. The Aztec giant barely budges. A sly grin comes over the face of the MMA hopeful*

Paco: His sole purpose is to make sure no one lays a finger on you before any of your fights, Alexi. He is meant for nothing more. Qadir, say hello to the one you are sworn to protect.

*Qadir reaches out to shake his hand*


*Qadir is hit with a tazer. He falls to one knee*

*Suddenly Paco signals for his men to attack Qadir with no remorse*

Paco: No! No one, not even you are allowed to touch the pride of Mexico! What pain you feel today, will be the pain you inflict on anyone that tries to touch Alexi! He is "Untouchable"!

*Suddenly everything is a blur and turns black. Qadir awakens and opens his eyes, he realizes he has a match to prepare for and gets up. Without missing a beat he walks up to a punching bag and begins throwing elbows at a picture of Henrick Brewsky*

*The Monster Qadir finally realizes he has a new purpose... For the first time, the Demon Monster is beginning to think for himself.*

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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by Annette1968 » Thu Oct 22, 2020 5:11 pm

The camera fades on to find Unity World Heavyweight Champion "Luscious" Lenny Backstrom sitting in a deserted locker room. The title belt resting comfortably over his shoulder. 

Lenny - Word has gotten back to me that my legal injunction against Jackson Browne has been denied. Apparently, he has passed all of his medical testing, and is cleared to face me on November 7 in Dayton, Ohio. I'm not sure if that is a ringing indictment against the health care in this country, or the quack medical staff Freddie employs. So be it.

Jackson, I know you are not going to cut one damn promo to hype this match. You like to say that you are a man of few words. You know what, you should be a man of no words, because that would be your best promo ever. Allow me to do the heavy lifting here.

(Taps the belt with his index finger)

She belongs to me. She is the best thing to ever happen to me. She is the love of my life. I am jealous of her. And as a jealous man, I am very protective of her. When someone such as yourself comes after her, that makes me very angry. It makes me want to defend her honor, whatever the cost.

Jackson, I don't like you. You don't like me. We both despise the morons called fans. With all of that being said, there is no reason for me to hold anything back in Dayton. I am coming for a fight. I am coming to keep her.

Jackson, you failed as a cop. You failed as a bounty hunter. You sure as hell are going to fail as a wrestler.

Luscious Lenny...OUT!

Camera fades to black.

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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by ICEMAN KING PATSON » Sat Oct 24, 2020 10:53 am

an old timey radio sits in the corner.
a voice blares

Ohhhhhh! Lord have mercy! Its the Wolfman here, and we got the hottest tag team in the world, right here, coming at ya...NOW!

the B sides walk into frame

Biff: Owwwwh yeah! We are on a roll! It was a rough patch there, but the B Sides are back, and nothing gonna stop us now! Ain't that right Cody?

Biff slaps Cody on the chest as Cody steps forward

Cody: Next show...we have...Colarado...dudes? Sound like cool guys...but we...will WIN!

Biff: Yeah...we're the chilliest! Come on Cody...let's blow this Popcorn Stand!

Cody walks out first, leaving Biff alone. He goes to turn off the radio

psst. hey kid....

Biff stops and listens for a second

You two did good. Listen... things are going according to plan...

Biff continues to listen as we fade to black

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