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We are proud to announce the debut of new pro wrestling company Unity Wrestling on Friday 3rd July.

Owned by long time wrestling fan Freddie Prinze Jr, who has experience in the wrestling business, UNITY Wrestling will aim to bring wrestlers and wrestling fans from all over the world together. Based out of our home city of Los Angeles, we'll do our best to showcase the very best wrestling talent. UNITY Wrestling will be a home where new stars will be made.

What better way for all our American fans to celebrate Independence Day weekend than by watching our debut show, whether in person or on our livestream? Head over to UNITYWrestling.com for details of how to purchase the livestream.

Our debut show will take place at the LAX Hilton Ballroom in Los Angeles.

UNITY Wrestling will run monthly shows in various cities and countries. Here are the cities we hope to be using.

Los Angeles
New York
Chicago Ridge
Toronto, Canada
Dublin, Ireland
London, England
Oberhausen, Germany

If possible, we will look to run shows in more countries in time.

Our December show will be out biggest show of each year. Our July shows from 2021 onwards will be our Anniversary shows.

This is an exciting time in the world of pro wrestling. UNITY hopes to make a big impact on the wrestling world. Follow us on all the social media platform links to stay up to date with all news.

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Re: Debut Show on Fri 3rd July

Post by Puns » Sun Jun 07, 2020 11:10 am

“Mmmmmmmm ohhh yesss, I’d like to welcome one and all, but this definitely goes without saying, most specifically all you lovely ladies out there, welcome to the show,” the nasally baritone of Zachary Brimstead, Esquire orgasmically groans into his microphone. If there has ever been a voice to convey that it’s owner was absolutely morbidly obese, it is most certainly this one. It is almost as if you can hear his extra four or so chins groaning under the pressure they put on his neck and throat and the pressure his extreme girth and ridiculous heft places on his poor rib cage and circulatory system every time he speaks. “This will be episode 4 of the Talkin’ Shop With Zachary Brimstead, Esquire. We will be not only taking your calls as usual this evening, but first we will be doing a very special interview with one of the most legendary figures in Newbridge history!

That’s right! On the show tonight! We have....drum roll please...” No drumroll sound occurs. “I SAID!” he shouts angrily, “DRUM ROLL PLEASE!” Again, several seconds pass and no drum roll. Zachary Brimstead, Esquire screams at the top of his overworked and under appreciated lungs off mic, “I SAID DRUMROLL PLEASE, YOU FOOL! WHEN I SAY ‘DRUM ROLL PLEASE,’ YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO PLAY THE DRUM ROLL SOUND, YOU USELESS BUMBLING IDIOT!” His associate producer, AP Mike, nods quickly and apologetically. He presses a button on his mouse and the drum roll begins.

...”the one and only RACCOON FACE!”

“Hey there, everybody, it’s me, Raccoon Face,” says a very normal sounding voice with a hint of a New Jersey accent.

“So, tell me a little bit about yourself, Mr. Face. Should I call you Mr. Face, or Mr. Raccoon Face, Raccoon Face, or is there some other way you’d like for me to address you?” Zachary Brimstead, Esquire asks inquisitively.

“You can just go with Raccoon Face,” he answers.

“Okay, Raccoo-“ Zachary Brimstead is cut off quickly. “No, wait a second! I barely know you. Call me Mr. Face!”

“No problem, Mr. Face. Mr. Face, there are all kinds of rumors that have been circulating all throughout Newbridge for decades. People have called you all sorts of things over the years: a creature of the night, a demented psychopath, the Newbridge Exsanguinator, half man-part party machine, a demonic spirit that haunts the forest, the Newbridge Sassafrassquatch, some sort of failed genetics experiment from Kern Pharmaceuticals, among many, many other things. Can you fill everyone in on just who, or what, you really are?”

Raccoon Fave sighs. He answers in a dejected , yet serious tone. “You know, you’re the first person to ask me about myself since the sixties, just before I found myself living up in the Newbridge National Forest. I’d like to thank you for that. You treated me like an actual human being, and no one does that. Usually when someone makes the trek up the Newbridge Mountains into the Newbridge National Forest they run screaming for their lives when they see me. They think I’m a monster.”

Zachary Brimstead, Esquire nods along as Raccoon Face answers. “Can you please elaborate for our listeners on why on earth anyone would ever think that you were a monster? I just don’t understand.”

“Because I have a f**king racoon face?” Raccoon Face stares Zachary Brimstead, Esquire in the eyes. He narrows his eyes and ZB looks confused, but nods along. “I don’t think you are seeing me for who I am. Look at me.” Raccoon Face reaches over and grabs Zachary Brimstead, Esquire by his oversized cheeks and forces his face to stare directly at his. “LOOK AT MY FACE!” he yells. Zachary Brimstead, Esquire looks. “I mean,” he replies, “you look like a man to me. I don’t understand the big deal!”

“I’ve got a f**king raccoon sewed on my face, you big fat idiot! Look at it!” Raccoon Fave screams. Zachary Brimstead, Esquire studies the face of Raccoon Face for 15-20 seconds, leaving dead air the whole time. “Mmmm, you’re not the most handsome man I’ve ever seen, I’ll give you that, but your’re certainly no monster,” ZB replies finally. “I would like to know how the raccoon got on your face though. It’s a little odd a fashion choice to make.”

“It’s not a fashion choice you idiot! It’s my f**king face!” RF yells. “Please, please, Mr. Face,” ZB asks, “we try to keep in PG here on Talkin’ Shop with Zachary Brimstead, Esquire.” “Sorry about that,” Raccoon Face replies. “I’m not really that used to being around people anymore.”

“Mmmm, yes. You made mention of living up in the Newbridge National Forest at the top of Mount Newbridge. How did you find yourself living up there?” asks ZB.

“It’s a long story. You ever hear of Woodstock?” Raccoon Face asks. “No, never heard of it,” ZB answers. “What is Woodstock?” Raccoon Face looks stunned. “It was a giant musical festival that took place in New York in 1969, idiot. Ah, sorry I called you an idiot there. So yeah, I went to Woodstock. I was having the time of my life. My first time outside of Newbridge, my first time seeing Canned Heat, Janis Joplin, The Band, I was having the best time. Then I took the brown acid. The bad stuff.” He pauses briefly before continuing. “I started really feeling it, you know? The music, the colors, the people, the acid. I was tripping balls, my man. Then I hear THE SONG. Creedence Clearwater Revival starts playing “Keep on Choolgin’. Before I know what’s going on I’m up on stage with CCR dancing my buns off. The band is really laying down that deep southern swamp boogie like only a band from the Bay Area can, and all the sudden I’m ripping my clothes off. Of course I’m flipping on doses and don’t have a single clue that the band had stopped chooglin’.” Raccoon Face pauses. “Please, continue, Mr. Face,” ZB says politely.

“Before I know what was happening I had my dink in my hand and was doing a little chooglin’ of my own, right there on stage in front of 500,000 people. John Fogerty actually threw his guitar at me, which is what snapped me out of my choogle. And trust me, I was really, really chooglin’.”

“We’ve all been there,” Zachary Brimstead, Esquire says.

“Yeah, so John Fogerty hits me with his guitar And he yells into the mic ‘lets get this pervert!’ And all hell breaks loose. John and Dan Fogerty start punching one another over who gets to kick my ass. I grab my clothes and jump off the stage as the whole concert chases after me. I run as fast as I can for as long as I can. I really was in great shape back then. I outran them all. I ran and I ran and I ran and I didn’t stop. Before I knew where I was, I’m standing at the tippity top of Mount Newbridge. I’m looking out over Newbridge Lake and it occurs to me, I can never go home. I’m so ashamed. I mean, I was chooglin’ my dink in front of half a million people. So I stayed up in the mountains.

What’s worse is that as I’m living up in the mountains, my clothes eventually start to tear. They get caught on sticks and branches, rocks, sticker bushes, all kinds of stuff. My pants are torn from knee to crotch, my shirt has basically disintegrated from wearing it every day for years. I need to get some new clothes but I can’t show my face in public. So I wait until night. I sneak out of the Newbridge Forest and I steal a bunch of clothes off of Mrs Dowrimple’s clothesline and go back to my cave. And remember, it’s night time when this is happening. I’m maybe a quarter mile from my cave when one of the 14 foot tall radioactive orange bears that prowl the Newbridge Forest sees me and wants to eat me. At the last moment before the orange monstrosity clamps his ferocious jaws down on me I trip over a tree root and fall down a steep embankment. I flip head over heels and, believe it or not, I skidded down the entire 1397 foot embankment on my face. The whole way. I don’t know how it’s physically possible for that to happen, but I slid 1397 feet on my face. I hit everything. Rocks, trees, boulders, roots, tiny pebbles, turkey nests, patches of poison ivy, everything, man. My face was completely ripped off my head. I’m hurt real bad, too. I’m stumbling all around, my face gone, blood everywhere, I can’t see. It was a massacre. I passed out due to the pain and likely thanks to blood loss. When I wake up, the first thing I see is this dead raccoon. I catch my reflection in a creek and I know what to do. I’ve already become a monster. I skin the raccoon and using a tiny rock and my shoelaces I suture the raccoon skin onto my face.”

“Hence the name?” Zachary Brimstead, Esquire asks stupidly. “Yes, idiot!” Raccoon Face snaps. He sighs. “Sorry I keep snapping at you like that. I’m just so used to people thinking I’m some kind of freak, some kind of antediluvian monster prowling the forest looking for souls to steal or children to eat. But that’s not true! I wasn’t a monster! I was just a man! Just a man who likes Creedence Clearwater Revival and likes to take the odd hit or four of strong acid. But I’ve become what people have made me. They made me a freak. They made me into a monster. And now....thanks to you, big guy, I’m finally going to take my revenge. No one is safe. I’m going to get everyone back for forcing me to live in the forest like some kind of animal. I’m gonna get everybody back for freaking out when they saw me and making me feel like an animal. For forcing me to have to steal clothes off of Mrs. Dowrimple’s clothesline. Her husband was way fat and his jeans didn’t even fit. I’m gonna get everyone back for all the rumors they started about me being some sort of freakish flagrant heinous mutant prowling the Newbridge Forest looking for children to eat. I’m gonna get them all back. No one is safe from,” he pauses for dramatic effect and hisses, “RACOON FACE!”
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Re: Debut Show on Fri 3rd July

Post by ICEMAN KING PATSON » Sun Jun 07, 2020 10:08 pm

pitch black

Television turns on. the only light in a pitch black room

Television turns off. Back to total darkness

"click. click......POP"
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Re: Debut Show on Fri 3rd July

Post by Annette1968 » Mon Jun 08, 2020 5:43 pm

(A nightclub somewhere in Philadelphia - The cameraman works his way around several tables towards the back of the club. In a booth to the right of the stage, Lenny Backstom sits with a bodacious brunette named Belinda. Lenny sees the cameraman approach and turns his head to his arm candy.)

Lenny - Babe, you need to split for a second. I got some things to talk to this guy about.

(A bit glassy-eyed, Belinda offers an angry look to the incredulous cameraman. She removes her left hand from between Lenny's thighs and moves out of the booth slowly. Lenny waits till she is gone and glances back at the cameraman.)

Lenny - Beautiful girl. Puts out like an army of rabbits.

(The cameraman shrugs his shoulders)

Lenny - You're late.

(Another shrug)

Lenny - Just keep that camera focused on me. I got some things to say.

(The cameraman nods and flips the camera on. And Lenny Backstrom comes to life.)

Lenny - Let's get this out of the way first and foremost. "Luscious" Lenny Backstrom didn't call Unity Wrestling looking for work. Unity Wrestling called me. That D-List celebrity Prinze Jr. told me that we was looking for a face to represent this place. And no better face to do that then mine. (He lets out a laugh) But you don't get this face cheap. There are no discounts in the Bank of Backstrom. So Fred had to cough up some serious coin for my luscious services. (Another chuckle.) Once my attorney, the esteemed Jeffrey T. Spaulding, had looked over the contract, I put pen to paper. That means on July 3, Lenny Backstrom makes his way to L.A. for the debut show of Unity Wrestling.

The last time I graced the streets of La-La-Land, me and Leo partied till 4 in the morning. We could have gone longer, but Leo was tired of romancing Lenny's leftovers and went home. (Another hearty cackle). Pitt would've hung with me longer. Just saying.

(Lenny sees movement from behind the cameraman. Belinda is waving to him from the bar. He gives a nod in her direction, then turns quickly back to the camera.)

Lenny - One final thing. I had a chance to look at some of the names being talked about for the Unity Wrestling roster. What in the hell is that all about? That has to be the sorriest collection of talent I have ever see. No wonder they wanted the luscious one to be the headline name on the marquee. I am the only one who is going to drive the business.

(Lenny glances back to Belinda, who is now chatting with a male admirer at the bar. He motions for the cameraman to stop filming.)

Lenny - Damn, interview over. Beat it. I got work to do.

(And with that, the camera fades to black.)

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Re: Debut Show on Fri 3rd July

Post by Annette1968 » Mon Jun 08, 2020 9:01 pm

(Ian Scott taps away at his keyboard and glances at the multiple screens on his office desk. Numbers and charts move from side to side, and he processes everything as quickly as he can. In his twenty-years as a professional wrestler, Ian lived as frugally as possible, much to the ribbing of his friends and fellow wrestlers. He invested much of that money for his future away from the business. In the end, his savings allowed him to join a group in purchasing a multi-sport complex in Tampa. That gave him the opportunity to use a corner of that building to start the Takedown Wrestling Academy. Ultimately, that would lead to the moment that would change his life in the best way possible. The moment he met his wife, Andrea "Andi" Frost. Their twenty-five year age difference posed great challenges to the growing attraction they felt for one another. Challenges that still extend three years into their marriage. A chime rings out in the house indicating that someone has driven on the driveway. Ian touches a key and the security camera shows that his bride has returned home. Seconds later, she steps into his office.)

Andi - Hey

Ian - Hey back.

Andi - What are you up to?

Ian - Running some business numbers. The guys are talking some expansion plans for the complex. Tentative stuff, but I am seeing if it is feasible right now. How was the visit with mother?

(Ian watches for a physical reaction from his wife. Andi's mother Margaret has done her very best to complicate the life of her daughter and son-in-law since they married in 2017. The entire dynamic grew even worse in 2018 when Andi's father Andrew passed suddenly due to a heart attack.)

Ian - Andi?

Andi - She's okay. Same old stuff. It just gets old after a while. Y'know?

(Ian rises from behind his desk and moves to her. He pulls her into an embrace and feels her melt into his arms. No words are spoken. No words are needed. This is the moment that matters. When he feels the time is right, he speaks.)

Ian - I have gone over the contract Unity Wrestling sent us. Everything is in order. Just needs your signature.

(He motions to the document sitting at the end of the coffee table in his office. She moves to a chair and stares at the contract for a moment.)

Ian - You don't have to do this if you don't want to. We are doing well and that won't change. Having said that, I know this means a great deal to you. Either way, I am behind you 100%. You know that.

Andi - I know. I do. That's why it makes it easy for me to do this.

(Andi signs her name to the contract and hands it to her husband.)

Andi - It's time to prove myself. Time to show the world who Andi Frost is.

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Re: Debut Show on Fri 3rd July

Post by ICEMAN KING PATSON » Sat Jun 13, 2020 7:57 pm

Oooooooowwwww! This is the Wolfman, coming at your ears! Very soon you've got the greatest rock n roll tag team of ALL time coming at ya, full steam ahead and locked and loaded, rock n rolling, ALL night long! In the meantime, listen to the late, great, Little Richard, as he serenades and rocks you with a little...slippin and sliding! Owwwwww!

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Re: Debut Show on Fri 3rd July

Post by Oracle » Sun Jun 14, 2020 6:41 am

The camera pans across the Pacific shoreline somewhere near Daytona Beach, Florida. It eventually settles on a man wearing a Hawaiian shirt with 3 buttons undone, khaki shorts, socks and sandals. It’s Bud Whitman and he’s sitting on a bench looking out into the horizon before turning to the camera.

They say ‘Merica is the land o’ opportunidies. Well, it is. But ya don’ get given dem opportunidies. They ain’t handin’ ‘em out at the welfare office, or the Cidy Hall. Nah, if you want dem opportunidies y’all gotta take em. There’s pleny if ya know where to look and how ta take em.

UNIDY Wrasslin didn’t come looking for me. They came dahn ta Florida ta look it some otha guy. They came fer some flippy guy and they left wi mah name on the contract. I took the opportunidy and it weren’t even mine. I stole dat spot, I stole mah match and I stole dat winners purse.

Now I’m off ta Cali-Fornia. I ain’t evah been out west. Hell, I ain’t ever been outta dis State. This is mah time to make mah name and get those sweet, sweet winners purses. See Y’alls later.

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Re: Debut Show on Fri 3rd July

Post by Annette1968 » Mon Jun 15, 2020 4:25 pm

(1:00 PM - The dive bar on the south side of Philly won't open for another three hours. The cameraman pushes the button by the entrance. A minute passes before a short white-haired man answers. They exchange brief words before the man steps aside and allows the cameraman to enter. He motions to an area out of the line of sight from the front of the bar, and the cameraman moves towards there. As he clears the corner, he is taken aback by what he sees.

A red haired woman is straddling Lenny Backstrom in a corner booth. Their mouths and tongues are moving all over one another in some profane chorus. The strapless leather mini dress the woman is wearing tests all forms of restraint, like sausage stuffed inside of a casing. Her freckled shoulders pulse back and forth as her arms slide over Backstrom's torso. For his part, Lenny's hands are groping the woman's ass, holding her firmly in place for the work that needs to be done.

And then he sees the cameraman.)

Lenny - Sonofabitch, what the hell are you doing here?

(The cameraman flashes his Unity Wrestling credentials)

Lenny - Yeah, I know who you are asshole. I just want to know why you are here. The promo shoot wasn't supposed to start till 1:00.

(The cameraman shakes his head and holds up the watch on his wrist. Lenny glances at it, then lifts his phone off the table to check the display.)

Lenny - Shit.

(Lenny looks at the woman resting on his lap.)

Lenny - I need a minute Joanie. Could you give Lenny a minute?

Joanie - But I'm not done.

Lenny - Neither am I baby. Neither am I. It will only be a minute. I swear.

(Reluctantly, Joanie rises. She tugs at her disheveled dress to straighten it.)

Joanie - I'm gonna fix my face.

Lenny - You do that baby. Fix that beautiful face for me.

(The woman walks away to the restroom. Lenny watches her every step of the way before turning back to the cameraman.)

Lenny - That broad is a stallion. Last night, I rode her so hard, I think I won the Triple Crown.

(He cackles to himself before noticing the look of absolute disgust on the cameraman's face.)

Lenny - What? You telling me you wouldn't hit that if you had the chance.

(The cameraman, a married father of two children, feels a spasm in his gag reflex, but keeps it together as he shakes his head in disapproval.)

Lenny - What are you, some bible-thumpin boy scout? Nevermind. Just fire up that camera.

(The cameraman lifts the camera to his shoulder and gives Lenny the countdown.)

Lenny - Less then three weeks away from Lenny Backstrom taking Los Angeles by storm, and showing Unity Wrestling they could not have placed their trust in a better person than me to carry this company. I can say that with all certainty because the rest of this roster looks like something straight out of backyard wrestling. (Lenny pulls some promotional photos out of his satchel.) What the hell is the Grey? Who let this freak show in? Does that make me Agent K? Some fat guy. A raccoon? (Lenny cackles with delight) A couple of Mexicans. Build that wall, Chico. A bounty hunter. Okay, Mando. Look at this chick. That is some body on her. Face ain't much though. And women shouldn't wrestle. Some guy from the UK. I hate the Brits. A Korean? Boring. Bud Whitman. Now there is a guy who Lenny might like. The King of Brews? (Another cackle) The B Sides? Lenny knows a girl, who knows guy, that is more than willing to come in and be my tag team partner if I choose to. So B Sides might as well be a one-hit wonder. (Lenny tosses the photos across the table.) The bottom line is, this roster is not going to cut it. I know it. You know it. This stupid cameraman knows it. On July 3, the whole world is going to know it.

(Lenny laughs as the camera fades to black.)

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Re: Debut Show on Fri 3rd July

Post by Annette1968 » Mon Jun 15, 2020 8:12 pm

(Ian Scott has always been a light sleeper. He always blamed this on a twenty year wrestling career that saw him spend many a night in everything from rental cars to cheap motels. It was almost impossible to get comfortable in a new location every night. His body always seemed to be on a constant state of alert. It had it's disadvantages to be sure, but in the last two years, it proved to be a godsend. His wife Andrea suffered from nightmares. Since the death of her father in 2018, the nightmares had become more frequent. There are some she could remember in the morning. There are some that she didn't. Ian had encouraged her to seek some help to deal with the issues, but she often balked at any idea of counseling. Ian understood that his role now was to provide support until his young wife was ready to finally address her issues.

3:00 AM - Ian felt the nightmare coming well before it fully manifested itself. He was fully awake and ready to assist if needed. Andi thrashed her body several times. Her arms flailed from side to side. She was sweating and talking in her sleep. He knew the worst thing that he could do is wake her, but it was difficult to watch her like this. He gently drew close to her, sliding an arm around her waist.)

Andi - Sorry...sorry...I...I...dad...tried...I...

(Ian felt Andi's body start to relax. He pulled her even closer and suddenly she was awake. For Andi, the nightmare she just had replayed in her mind. She started shaking and tears poured from her eyes.)

Ian - Andrea, talk to me

(Andi says nothing. She only pulls his arm tighter to her.)

Andi - Just hold me, Ian.

(And he does. As she falls back to sleep in his arms, Ian ponders the dilemma that looms large on the horizon. Andrea idolized her father. Even when they had their falling out over her choice of a career and relationship with him, she still revered him. It was represented in her choice of wrestling gear. it was evident in the necklace she wore into the ring, an item her father gave her for her sixteenth birthday. But the very thing that inspires her, may well be destroying her. The guilt she feels over his death is a stark contrast to the way she wants to honor him. Starting in a new promotion, Ian knows she will need to be 100% focused on the task at hand. He is just not sure that will happen.)

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Re: Debut Show on Fri 3rd July

Post by Amazing_Jos » Fri Jun 19, 2020 3:03 am

*Mexico City, Mexico*
*March 16th, 2020*

*Manuel Saavedra, the Agent of MMA fighter, "El Intocable" Alexi Garcia, is on the phone with local Fighting promoter Luis Anchondo *

Manny: Shows are canceled for the remainder of the year?! *Face drops in disbelief*
Are you fucking serious?! He needs that rematch, Luis! Who cares about "rumors" of a pandemic in Mexico!

*Muffled voice on the other side of the phone*

Manny: They reversed the decision and disqualified him, Luis! He's been ready to tear off someones head, ever since!

*Muffled chatter on the other line*

Manny: No, No, No! You promised him the rematch, you tell him the news. You know what he is going to do when he finds out? *Eyes widen in terror* Do you know what his "amigo" will do?! Remember the big guy who bit a mans finger off for touching Alexi?

*Muffled stammering*

Manny: *Seems caught off guard* Are you serious? New opportunity in California? *begins to write on a piece of paper quickly* You better hope this saves our asses, Anchondo!

*muffled chatter gets faster*

Manny: This almost seems like one big joke. Maybe the publicity will help him make a name for himself in America?

*Manny hangs up the phone. In what seems like an eternity, he stares intently at the piece of paper. Hands trembling as he attempts to search for the right words*

*He snaps out of the trance and begins to dial his phone with disdain*

Manny: Lexi... Its Manuel... If you want to fight, you're going to have to go to California...

*Manny begins to walk outside to explain the details. All that is seen is a piece of paper.*

Los Angeles, California
July 3rd, 2020*

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Re: Debut Show on Fri 3rd July - matches announced

Post by JonS » Sun Jun 21, 2020 3:40 pm


Here at UNITY Wrestling, we don't believe in beating about the bush.

You've been asking us for the matches on our first show. And here they are!

Lenny Backstrom vs RaYnE
Andrea Frost vs Jackson Browne
Henrik Brewsky vs Raccoon Face
Qadir vs Rory Knight
The Grey vs Bud Whitman
Swag Crew vs The B Sides

You can learn more about our wrestlers on our website. We certainly have some talented individuals from around the world. Including some unique characters.

Tickets are on sale now for our debut show at the LAX Hilton Ballroom in LA on Friday 3rd July. You can purchase the event to watch online on our live stream.

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Re: Debut Show on Fri 3rd July - matches announced

Post by Annette1968 » Wed Jun 24, 2020 7:08 pm

(The familiar laugh of "Luscious" Lenny Backstrom fills the air as the camera fades on. Lenny is seated at the end of a nightclub stage.)

I told you. I told all of you. Unity Wrestling needed me. They needed me to be their star. They needed me to be their main event. And on July 3rd, that is what they are going to get. The main event, in the main event. (Another prolonged laugh)

RaYnE, I don't really know much about you, and I don't really care to know much about you. When you and I step into the ring at the Hilton Ballroom, you are going to get a Grade A Backstrom beatdown.

And after I get done kicking some ass, I am throwing the biggest party ever to ring in the 4th. The guest list includes LeBron, Kawhi, Bellinger, Donald, and so many more.

That weekend...Los Angeles will be Luscious.

(One final laugh as the camera fades to black)

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Re: Debut Show on Fri 3rd July - matches announced

Post by Annette1968 » Wed Jun 24, 2020 7:38 pm

(Father's Day 2020 - Ian Scott leans against his car and stares across the cemetery field. Two rows up and 10 headstones in, his wife Andrea sits at the gravesite belonging to her late father Andrew. Ian joined her when they first arrived. He helped her to clean up any debris around the area, and then he quietly paid his respects to his late father-in-law. After that, he kissed his wife and allowed her the time to be alone.

Last year was the first father's day without him. That trip was devastating to Andi for many reasons. Grief and guilt collided in an emotional display that Ian wasn't sure he could pull Andi out of. Weeks passed before he saw anything that resembled the young woman he had married. Andi seemed to be holding up better this year than last, but he could gage that better on the ride home.

He hated himself for the thought that was now dancing in his head. In less then two weeks, Andi would be stepping into the ring for the first time as a member of the roster for Unity Wrestling. Her opponent was a gentleman know as Jackson Browne. Ian scouted the imposing Mr. Browne and came away impressed and concerned. Under normal circumstances, he would present problems for Andi. But these were not normal circumstances, and Andi was not mentally focused on the task at hand.

He watched as she rose from the grave and turned to walk towards him. Even from this distance, he could see the tears staining her face. He met her halfway, and she collapsed into his embrace. As she cried gently, he did his best to comfort her. Two weeks would have to wait for another time.)

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Re: Debut Show on Fri 3rd July - matches announced

Post by chaosphere » Thu Jun 25, 2020 5:45 am

The intro to Knight of Cydonia begins as we see a the exit of a commercial aeroplane as it leads passengers down the steps onto the runway. The flight attendants, both male and female impecibly dressed in their British Airways attire, are all dolled up with their sparkly white teeth, spray tans and bright red lipstick.

As the image slows down into a 24 frames per second pan motion, they laugh together as the super spangly diamond coloured rhinestone jacket first appears out of the doorway in front of them. It's followed by a clean shaven young face sporting some garish red flat top 80s style aviators with Peaky Blinders style 1920's military haircut and lollipop stick hanging out of the corner of his mouth. His right eye brow raises as he makes eye contact with the female flight attendants who smile playfully back at him.

We see a shot from behind him over his, right shoulder is a huge old duffal bag with the logo of the family wrestling promotion World Association of Wrestling and as it sways we see lettering on the back of his jacket reads THE DIAMOND KNIGHT.

He approaches the flight crew, and immediately locks onto a leggy blond who greets him by eyeing him up an down...

The young man without even looking takes the lollipop out of his mouth and tosses it gently right into the lips of blond flight attendant as all the other (male and female) gasp in amazement.

Upon hearing the gasp, a wry cool smile appears on the young man's face as he reaches the tarmac. Another flight attendant runs out of the plane to the top of the stair and shouts longingly....

Welcome to Chicago sir, hope you had a great flight!

He stops and turns as the music stops and we go into normal 60 frames per second with a record scratch sound effect.

Wait...What? Shi-cah-goooooo? (Welcome to Rory Knight's thick farmer style Norfolk accent)

Camera zooms out to see the whole young man head to toe and we see now the super cool charismatic heartthrob Diamond Knight is actually standing there in his spangly purple wrestling trunks, knee pads and boots.

F#$%in hell buh(boy...it's common where Rory is from that everyone is reffered to as boy....regardless of gender). How far is it ta LOSS ANGLE LEES?

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Re: Debut Show on Fri 3rd July - matches announced

Post by ICEMAN KING PATSON » Sat Jun 27, 2020 5:32 pm

camera opens on pitch darkness. We hear a buzzing. camera pans down a hallway, and a nightlight. we come onto a window, in a living room. the blinds are opened, we see a road, with a long field behind it, a line of trees behind it, everything lit by stars and moonlight...this is out in the country.
The buzzing continues. A light shows in the distance. It gets closer...and closer... it drops into the field.

Heavy breathing

We stare at the field. A blinding white light

A teenager awakes. He opens his mouth to scream, but can't. Silent Scream.

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Re: Debut Show on Fri 3rd July - matches announced

Post by JonS » Mon Jun 29, 2020 12:04 pm


The following video was shared via Unity Wrestling social media and Freddie's personal social media as well.

Freddie is doing a selfie video with the best sunshine California's got in the background with a luxurious looking pool in the background.

Hey Guys, Unity Wrestling Founder Freddie Prinze Jr. here! I am here on site at LAX Hilton to make sure that we provide the best experience possible for all of our employees and fans.

A stylishly attractive and diverse group of men, women, and nonbinary folx in their finest pool wear pass behind him.

Like I said, only the best!

He then continues moving inside as he continues to speak.

I am so excited to give you a peek of the ballroom where we're going to make history! We've got big plans for the talent we have hand selected and know we are destined for success.

Freddie finally arrives to the door of the ballroom. You guys ready?

He opens the door and reveals a huge ballroom complete with 16' ceilings and crystal chandeliers. He slowly spins to allow a full view of the room, including a young woman in a janitor uniform dutifully waxing the floor. A few people in the corner of the room, some in suits, some also in janitor uniforms, consult some pages and point around the room, presumably discussing setup for the event.

This beautiful place is where we will not only host the first ever Unity Wrestling event, it is also the place where I will be unveiling the best looking belt in the history of the business! I have used my industry connections to get the best designers on the job, and been monitoring their progress as the date approaches. I have been absolutely blown away by their talent, and I know you guys will be too!

A mild buzz comes into the audio as the red haired woman appears once again behind Freddie, continuing her duties.

Well, it looks like it's time for me to get out of her and let these incredible staff of the Hilton finish perfects this place! Keeping checking in for more updates on all the excitement we have in store. Freddie out!

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Re: Debut Show on Fri 3rd July - matches announced

Post by Puns » Mon Jun 29, 2020 4:37 pm

Two months ago. Newbridge, New Jersey:

Lake Newbridge is fifteen and a half miles up the winding gravel and dirt roads that lead up Mount Newbridge. It was once a very popular spot for hiking because it has a variety of paths leading to beautiful scenic overlooks where you can see for over 50 miles into the surrounding areas of Oldbridge and Southbridge. There are biking paths for the warmer months, skiing paths for the colder ones, glass bottom boat tours, multiple cabins by the lakeside where you can go fishing off the pier directly outside your back door. Despite its scenic beauty, seemingly perfect location and a bevy of entertaining activities, the place is a ghost town. Multiple recent sightings of the 14 foot tall flagrant heinous mutant hybrid orange bear roaming the area have caused the location to be shut down until further notice.

A series of moans, each increasing in volume and duration, came from within one of the cabins. A fully nude, seemingly mid 50s, gap toothed, overly tan, rail thin to the point you can easily identify every bone of her rib cage, bleach blonde woman rolls off of the gargantuan, absolutely revolting, sweat covered, retched, 503 pound blob of skin and fat, stretch marks, endless folds and flaps, moles and indentations better known as Zachary Brimstead, Esquire. She immediately began dressing.

Zachary Brimstead, Esquire’s chest heaves up and down, each breath comes in and goes out with an unhealthy wheeze. As the woman pulls up her pink skinny jeans ZB says, after finally catching his breath, “Mmmmmm ohhh my god I just rocked your WORLD! I’m the greatest lover you’ve ever had, hmmmmm? Tell me how it was to be with the world’s greatest love maker!” She pulls her shirt on, puts on her watch and checks the time. 9:04 pm. She rolls her eyes and plays along, but in a very dry, sarcastic manner. “Oh you rocked me alright, baby,” she says as she slips her bony feet into her pink flip flops. She walks over to the table in the kitchen and gets her purse. She roots around inside and pulls out a stick of gum and pops it in her mouth. “If you wanna chit chat it’s gonna be an extra $10, big guy. You know the rules.”

“Since you want to be RUDE about it,” Zachary Brimstead, Esquire answers rudely, “you can just take your money and go. But first I’m going to tell you a few things, you fool. You can take the extra $10 for the chat, if you want, you filthy woman.” At this she put her hand on her hip and looks at ZB side eyed. “You’re like a..” he struggles to come up with an insult for a few moments, then a few moments more before saying ...”a empty burrito shell looking for some meat filling.” At the mere mention of food his stomach growled almost on command. “Mmm, yes, a dirty tan old burrito shell filled to the ABSOLUTE BRIM with a HEAPING (he humps the air) helping (humps again) of Zachary (hump) Brimstead....” tries to hump but can’t manage to this time and he breathes heavily for a few seconds before saying, “Esquire. I’ll have you know I’m not only the world’s greatest love maker, I’m also the greatest barber shop singer in the world too. You just made love to a double legend. You’re welcome. Now begone.” She takes $30 from ZB’s red and white pin striped wallet sitting on the counter and marches to the door. As she grabs the knob Zachary Brimstead, Esquire says “same time next week?” She looks back at him over her shoulder and smiles, her multiple missing teeth making her appear almost like a jack o lantern in darkness from the night and the light from the somewhat dimly lit cottage. “Of course, baby,” she replies dryly. “You got the money, I got what you need.” She shuts the door behind her. He hears her car start and pull away through the gravel parking lot.

Zachary Brimstead, Esquire struggles for several seconds to roll his egregious mass of momstrous girth into a sitting position, grunting and groaning as he tries to gain the momentum needed to reach a sitting position. His gigantic belly hangs down between his legs as he finally is able to reach his bulbous behind, whose crack seemed to somehow reach the middle of Zachary Brimstead, Esquire’s gigantic back. There are suddenly a number thuds on the back porch. Then some thumps and a crash. “Owwww!” a voice cries out from just outside the back door.

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Re: Debut Show on Fri 3rd July - matches announced

Post by chaosphere » Tue Jun 30, 2020 7:10 am

We're pool side from the LAX Hilton. Sun's out, gun's out on the sun lounger for one pasty white English gentleman. 80's oversize aviators in place, he's rocking spangly lime green gear....even his boots are on for some reason. He smiles as he clocks the camera...

Haya gettin' orn? (How are you?) Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Rory Knight. Thass roight buh....the famous Knight family from Naaaaarwich, England. Known as "the Diamond Knight" where I'm from cuz when I staaarted in this business, they reeeeehckon I gawt unbelievable potentshull to be a staaar and maybe even a legend wun day.

Ass been
(It/that has been) a hellova ride sufar, lemme tell ya. I gone and done a lawtta fings in my foo yars in the ring. Fings some people han't done in their entire careers.

Winner of the King of Kings Lynn (remote market town know for it's low IQ inhabitants) tournament
Winner of the Rumble at Cromer (average sea side town) Collision
Headlined Yarmageddon at Great Yarmuff (Yarmouth - shitty tacky touristy sea side town)
Ended the 2 year long winning streak of the Canary Kid
Former WAW...

He's interrupted by a bar lady serving him a drink to his table by the sun lounger. He dips the sunglasses and glances to the bar lady...

Thankya darlin'

She smiles and walks out of shot.

Whut was I gorn orn about? (going on about). Ah yeah, so jus when I thought I'd reached the pinnacle of this business, I get a call from my man, Fredddie Prinze Jr. He go to me, "Is that you Ricky?"

I go "No, ass Rory".

He go "Can I speak to Ricky Knight?"

I go "Ricky's not about."

He go "Can I speak to Roy Knight?"

I go "Roy hint about either".

He go "Is Ray Knight available?"

I go "Ray's in the clink".

He go "Well is Reggie Knight there?"

I go "Reggie's gorn fishing".

He go "What about Ronnie Knight?"

I go "Lord rest his sowl, Ronnie's not with us anymore"

He go "Oh I'm sorry for your loss, how did he pass away?"

I go "He din't pass away, he moved to Ipswich
(the nearest major town to Norwich and Norwich's natural sporting rivals)

He go "...well who do I talk to about bookin Paige for a fan fest in LA in July?"

I go "Tell you what, I can prolly sort suffin out".

He go "...oh yeah?"

I go "Yeah, I'll ring you back in a minute".

So I rings up auntie Paige and she's up for it but she do say, as we all do, yer gotta look arter the family fust.

So I rings up Freddie and I go "Freddie, you hint gunna believe this."

He go "Believe what?"

I go "She'll do it, and would you believe it, as yer one of her favourites frum that ol film She's All That, she'll do it for free!"

He go "Oh my, that'd be amay-zin"

I go "Yeah, just one thing thoo....yer gotta make sure I get a spot on the card too"

And then he go....quiet....and I go "Haya roight buh?
(are you ok?)"

And he go "Sorry, what?"

And I go "Haya roight Freddie?"

And he go "Sorry, I dun't understand ya"

And I go "Freddie, haya got confoozed about suffin? Book me, you get Paige free. Ass a no brainer hint it."

Rory stops to take a sip of his rediculous looking cocktail, covered in brightly colourful fruit and veg with at least 4 different umbrellas.

Anyway, we're here, in sunny LOS ANGLE LESS and this Fruydee, The Diamong Knight finally break into AMERICUH against some massive unit of a bluck (bloke/man) called KAR-DEER. Now I hint been to Mexi-coo, closest I bin as I had a Nadoos once. I hint done no loochadorin, I dunt know nuffin about no Aztecs but I tell you what I do know....

Rory's tone gets serious

All my life, I've ad to fight and scratch and claw my way to the top....to prove am worthy of being a Knight and prove am worthy of wrestling in front of all the people who spend their hard earned money on coming to see me.

Fruydee night, I will prove, not just to the family but to the whole world that I am The Diamon Knight and I deserve to be here.

The bar lady reappears with another stupid looking, almost undrinkable cocktail. She motions that this one's on the house and giggles as she walks off. Rory sits up, smiles and beings to scurry after her....

Now if you'll excooze me, I gawt I foo fings I gawtta sort out!

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Re: Debut Show on Fri 3rd July - matches announced

Post by Annette1968 » Tue Jun 30, 2020 7:32 pm

(Los Angeles, California. The cameraman approaches the hotel pool and scans the area. Before he can see what he is looking for, he hears the familiar laugh.)

Lenny - Hey! Camera guy. Over here.

(The cameraman groans as he walks to the far side of the pool. As he does, he spots a well-endowed blonde floating on a pool chair. She gives him a childish wave as he kneels down to greet a Lenny Backstrom.)

Lenny - Grab some swim trunks and hop in. The water is warm and there is plenty of entertainment here. (Lenny shoots a thumb towards the blonde.)

(The cameraman shakes his head. Lenny frowns.)

Lenny - Your loss. Look, I will keep this short and sweet. I'm spending a few days chilling in this beautiful city. A little relaxation before the business at hand on Friday night. Luscious Lenny is negotiating some big time entertainment deals. You see, all the power players know that the face of Unity Wrestling is going places. And it starts in three days when I take down RaYnE in the main event. All eyes will be on me. All eyes will be on Luscious Lenny Backstrom. And then the real party starts. (He laughs) Now if you don't mind, I need to pay some attention to Lola over there. May sure that her floatation devices are properly inflated, if you know what I mean.

(The cameraman rolls his eyes as the camera fades to black.)

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Re: Debut Show on Fri 3rd July - matches announced

Post by Annette1968 » Wed Jul 01, 2020 7:02 pm

(Andi Frost studied her mother's face and waited for the other shoe to drop. In recent years, she had become quite proficient at reading her mom's body language. Something was on Margaret Frost's mind. Time would tell if she would reveal what that is.)

Margaret - So you are leaving for Los Angeles tomorrow.

Andi - Yes.

Margaret - With Ian.

Andi - Of course with Ian.

(Margaret purses her lips and glances away for the briefest of moments.)

Margaret - I live for the day when you give up on this foolishness.

Andi - Foolishness? Was it foolish when you wrestled...what was it...25 or 30 years ago...I mean...

Margaret - Yes, it was foolish. I look back at it now and realize that for five years I sacrificed so much for so little. It's why your father and I were so adamant against you pursuing this. If you had just listened to us, none of this would have happened. The wrestling. Ian. Your father's death. All of...

(Andi jumps to her feet.)

Andi - Okay, that's enough. Every single time I come over here lately, you dump some sort of guilt at my door. I am tired of it. I am not the reason everything in the Frost family has gone to shit. Now, I have to go home and pack for tomorrow. I'll be back on Saturday. Hopefully, if I am in the right frame of mind, I will see you on Monday.

(Andi turns and heads towards the door.)

Margaret - There is so much you don't know about your husband.

(Andi stops in her tracks. There it was. The other shoe. She turns to face her mother.)

Andi - I am not going down this road with you again. All of your attacks against Ian. It's a broken record. And it is pretty tiresome.

(Margaret Frost glares at her daughter)

Margaret - When you get home, ask Ian why....

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