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Re: UNITY 4 - Heavyweight Champion Of The World

Post by RaYnE » Sun Oct 11, 2020 10:28 am

The scene opens up with what looks to be a cemetery. We have seen this one before as it’s the cemetery where RaYnE’s father is buried. As the camera pans, you see a figure standing over a grave. It is indeed RaYnE, and he is looking down at his father’s headstone. You hear him speak.

Grandma tells me to tell you hi. I don't think she realizes that your not here anymore. But that's not why I'm here. I failed you father. I didn’t get the job done, and I don’t know what to do.

There is a look of sadness or depression in his eyes.

You have always been there for me giving me the encouragement to do the right things, and now, I’m lost without you here. I don’t know what is next for me. Do I ask for the tie breaker? I’ve beaten him, and he’s beaten me. We need that tie breaker so I can shut his mouth once and for all.

You can see some intensity in his face.

It’s not in my nature to want revenge, and I feel I need it. But I feel I have to work my way there. I have to be prepared, but I need help. I wish you were here, I know you knew a lot of people in this business but I’m not you father.

RaYnE lowers his head in shame and embarrassment.

My Korean side feels a shame and yet my American side wants me to get up and push on. I’m so conflicted…I need guidance. Please give me a sign. Neomubogo sip-eoyo abeoji.

RaYnE bows in respect to his father’s headstone, and walks off. As he is walking, his phone starts to ring. He looks at his phone and shakes his head. The camera zooms to his phone, and the letters ZBE are shown as the camera fades to black.

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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by JonS » Sun Oct 11, 2020 5:27 pm

UNITY 5 Announcement

We have our first ever World Heavyweight Champion!

Lenny Backstrom won two matches in one night in Detroit to become the inaugural UNITY champion. Congratulations to Mr Backstrom. And a big thank you to all our fans in Detroit and those online for making UNITY 4 another success.

Our next show is in Dayton on November 6th. Tickets are onsale now on our website.

While Lenny Backstrom was successful in his matches, we cannot condone his actions in his semi final against Jackson Browne. Lenny's first defence will therefore be against Jackson Browne in Dayton. Can the Australia exact revenge and become champion?

RaYnE will no doubt be wanting to get back into championship contention. Will he bounce back against Rory Knight next month?

Dayton will see the first ever three way match as The Grey, Bud Whitman and Andi Frost do battle.

The B Sides were impressive last time out. Will they get another win in November when they take on the Colorado Dudes?

Swag Crew will also be in tag team action, with their opponents to be named soon.

Zachary Brimstead Esquire has requested a talk show spot o the next show. UNITY is all for variety, so we've agreed. Who will be ZB Esquire's first guest?

Vivian Wendy Ramshackle is scheduled for another demonstration, ahead of her debut on the December show.

The line up for UNITY 5 so far is as follows:

World Heavyweight title match: Lenny Backstrom (c) vs Jackson Browne
RaYnE vs Rory Knight
The B Sides vs The Colorado Dudes
Swag Crew vs ?
The Grey vs Bud Whitman vs Andi Frost
Zachary Brimstead Esquire show
Also appearing - Silas Galloway, Qadir, Henrik Brewsky and Vivian Wendy Ramshackle

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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by KingOfBrews » Mon Oct 12, 2020 4:50 am

*Backstage at the Michigan State Fairgrounds & Expo Center, Henrik Brewsky is walking towards the locker rooms right after his bout against RaYnE. While cracking open a cool can of Brewsky Artisanal's Recovery Very Very Breaky Breaky Breaky Bishi Bishi Sour IPA to quench the sting of his muscles as well as the loss, Unity crew members spring up for some fresh thoughts post-match...*

*deep swig* They can't all be zingers, right? Much love for everyone tonight, Detroit! The atmosphere was electric but unfortunately my showing was not. In all honesty, this bodacious win streak of mine was on, how to say it, borrowed time. I've still got so much to learn about this craft. Wrestling that is, not craft beer which I already master pretty juicily. *another swig*

RaYnE, whenever you see this, I hope you see this as the new Unity champion. You were better tonight and I hope its you bringing that gold into the spotlight and not that skitstövel, Backstrom.

As for my next move...*goes down to one knee and breaths in deep*...whoever becomes the first champ, I can see the rest gunning to have a first Title shot. And I was in the Final Four, right? But no, I don't deserve an early shot.

Instead, I wanna shut down some whispers. I know there are those who still squeak out about my win against Qadir being cheap. Mr. Junior, or sorry Mr. Prinze, book us in there again. Next month in Dayton. And this time Qadir, I don't care if you bring that slimy manager and side-eyeing yoga instructor of yours with you. Bring 'em ringside and let them see me pin you or tap you out real close.

After that, I'll show you some damn etiquette with beers as well. Not pouring them on prone professionals, but quaffing them in unity.

It's going to be...*looks around but can't find his air guitar*...well it's going to be gnarly! *walks off*

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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by Annette1968 » Tue Oct 13, 2020 7:36 pm

(The camera fades on and finds the Unity World Heavyweight Champion resting comfortably on the edge of the ring apron at the Two Dollar Steak Training Center. The beautiful title belt resting on his shoulder, Lenny Backstrom has something to say.)

Lenny - When I was informed who would be the first challenger for this lovely lady on my shoulder, I thought for sure somebody in the Unity front office was ribbing me. I thought someone was having fun at my expense. I was wrong. (Lenny shakes his head) Jackson Browne will be my first title defense. That is unbelievable, even by the incompetent front office standards set by Freddie Prinze.

First and foremost, I beat Browne in the semifinals of the title tournament. Beat him. He lost. He's a loser. And he is getting the first shot at her. We're awarding title shots to losers. How is that even possible? Even that little bitch RaYnE has a better claim at getting the first title shot, and he is a bigger loser than that dumb Aussie.

Another thing. How is Browne even medically cleared to compete this soon? I bashed his brains in. There is no way he could have cleared concussion protocol this fast. I find Unity Wrestling guilty of gross negligence in this matter. And as their world champion, I simply can't ignore this. I have contacted my attorney, the esteemed Jeffrey T. Spaulding, and he is going to file an immediate injunction to make absolutely sure all medical testing has been completed properly.

Until then, I will have no further comment on the matter.

Now if you will excuse me, the lady and I need some alone time. 

(The camera fades off) 

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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by Amazing_Jos » Tue Oct 13, 2020 8:55 pm

Voice in the Background: Aits!

*Qadir throws a haymaker at the punching bag in front of him. Taped to the bag is a picture of Henrik Brewsky*

Voice in the Background: Not strong enough. I need more power and consistency. "Aits"!

*Qadir throws another thunderous Haymaker*

Voice in the background: Beautiful... Beautiful... Aits!

*Qadir throws a monstrous elbow and rips the bag and picture in two.*

*Clap, Clap, Clap*

*At that very moment Mexico's Super Sports Agent Manuel Saavedra and "El Intocable" Alexi Garcia emerge from the shadows. Saavedra applauding Qadir's performance

Manny: Muy Bien, Qadir! You will be ready for a shot at the Unity Heavyweight Champion in no time!

*Qadir quickly looks at his agent, as if he is displeased with what he just heard.*

Manny: Mr. Darby... We thank you for "agreeing" to train our Monster and restore him to fighting shape! That Andrea Frost proved to be most ferocious.

*Former MMA, Tae Kwon Do and Professional Wrestling prodigy "Lightning Cat" Tom Darby reveals himself from behind the other side of the punching bag*

Lightning Cat: *Takes a drag from a fat cigarillo* First off, you threatened to burn down my dojo if I didn't agree to train him. You know how tired I am of my damn dojo's getting torched? If I had a dollar for every time I had a dojo burnt down, you know how many I would have? I'd have 2 dollars!!

Manny: Let's not get too meta over here, Senor Darby.

Lightning Cat: Number 2 off, Mr. Untouchable over there is a very impressive MMA prospect. I'm more interested in training him and taking him to the next level. He could be unstoppable, they BOTH could be unstoppable! One in MMA and one in Pro Wrestling!

Manny: You have a point, Senor Darby. A true compliment from you. Mr. Intocable was a huge fan of "Tito Rosa" growing up as a child in Mexico. He knows the important role you played through out "El Hijo De Mexico's" career.

Lightning Cat: Tito... *Darby Sigh* If you let me train both of them, I won't fail you like I failed others in the past.

Manny: We have no "love for failure", Senor Darby. It is imperative that you strive for perfection from now on. Mr. Intocable has one last chance to get a contract in Japan for 1-K Kickboxing. It seems that piece of mierda "Money" Mayweather has contacted nearly every martial arts and combat sports organizations to black ball my client.

Lightning Cat: He could just fall back on Professional Wrestling like his Aztek buddy. Can't he?


*El Intocable is angered by "Lightning Cat's response and punches a hole in the wall*

*Both Darby and Garcia lock eyes quickly, Saavedra interrupts*

Manny: Senor Cat, please don't insult my clients natural god given athletic ability. His potential is beyond that circus in Unity!

*Qadir growls at his Agent.*

Manny: No offense to our Monstro Azteca! *Laughs akwardly*

Lightning Cat: I'll get Qadir ready for his next match, we need to focus on getting him used to absorbing offense. He was always used to dishing it out, he never really learned how to take it. As for Mr. Untouchable over there, let me know when he is signed to 1-K. I'll make a call or two and see if we can speed up that process.

Manny: I'll let you two get back to training. Remember, Senor Lightning Cat, "Sin amor por el fracaso".

*El Intocable and his Agent begin to leave. He takes one last good look at the Martial Arts Prodigy and walks away.*

Lightning Cat: *Thinking to himself* Yeah, yeah, yeah... Tacos and Enchiladas... *Looks up at the Monster* Hey, big guy, let's show these guys you're the real star!

*Qadir nods his head, ready to do what it takes to get to the next level*

Lightning Cat: *Pulls out a tazer* You ever been hit with 20,000 watts of electricity?!


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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by Grundy » Wed Oct 14, 2020 9:42 am

Ok folks. I'm keeping this short and to the point. Bud, I'm satisfied. I got my burial. And that second trip Hades Bound...was a reciept from the first time we fought. I'm through with you.

So UNITY, I want to create more chaos and destruction! I'm ready to snack on danger and dine on death! In whatever form of opponent you have for me next! So says the Monster...with Red Hands...from Black Deeds.

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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by JonS » Thu Oct 15, 2020 2:10 pm

More UNITY 5 Announcements

* Henrik Brewsky has asked to face Qadir again! Even we were surprised. Does Brewsky know what he's doing here? Regardless of that, you have to admire the young wrestler's intestinal fortitude. Brewsky will get the match he wants in November.

* Silas Galloway has issued an open challenge. In an unorthodox move, the UNITY management are throwing this challenge in Zachary Brimstead Esquire's direction. Does Zachary Brimstead Esquire have a challenger for Mt Galloway among his many contacts?

The updated card for UNITY 5 is as follows:

World Heavyweight title match: Lenny Backstrom (c) vs Jackson Browne
RaYnE vs Rory Knight
The B Sides vs The Colorado Dudes
Swag Crew vs ?
The Grey vs Bud Whitman vs Andi Frost
Zachary Brimstead Esquire show
Qadir vs Henrik Brewsky
Silas Galloway vs ?
Also appearing - Vivian Wendy Ramshackle

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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by ICEMAN KING PATSON » Sat Oct 17, 2020 12:35 pm

Camera opens on the woods. midnight. we push through the trees towards an Erie light, peaking through the trees.
There is a small clearing, with a bonfire in the middle.

next to the fire, there are two, what appear to be dummies/effigies, dresses in camping gear with hoodies.

A slender, grey finger reaches into Camera view. It pulls up the hoods....one, then the other. a printout of Andi Frost's face is attached to the face of one, Bud Whitman's attached to the other. A step back.

Blinding light.

Both figures are gone. The bonfire is burned down to embers.


The embers go out and fades to black.

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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by Amazing_Jos » Wed Oct 21, 2020 4:05 pm

*Monterrey, Mexico*

*Up and coming MMA fighter Alexi Garcia and his agent Manuel Saavedra sit at a long white table alongside a few other gentlemen. Everyone is taking shots of tequila, smoking cigars, listening to corridos emanate from an old juke box.*

*The older gentleman at the end of the table is strong, burley and wears a white suit. Everyone in the country knows him as Paco Lozano, aka the kingpin of sports in Mexico. Others know him by his grisly reputation outside the sports world. He is surrounded by an army of men that protect him at all times. This group of dangerous men are known as el "Puño de fuego".*

Paco: *Takes a puff from his cigar* I've been watching you train since you were a young man, Alexi. Your father has always had an arrogance about you, I never understood why until your first fight, professionally.

Alexi: *Grins at the reminder of his first professional knockout win*

*Paco's servant pours both of them a shot of mescal*

Paco: Not only are you tough, but the way you know how good you are is remarkable. You are more arrogant than your father ever was! *Laughs before taking a shot* You've earned that right, mijo, but that's not all you have earned. *Gets up from his seat* Follow me, I have something special I want to show you!

*Garcia, his agent and Paco are escorted to a door that leads to the back of his mansion.*


*Screams in unison erupt as a circle of men are seen cheering on a brawl that is occuring in the back. A smaller figure is mounted and pummeled by a bigger one. The giant figure doesn't stop dropping elbows until a few of Paco's men have to pull him off.*

Paco: Bring him over here!

*After tazing him and handcuffing him, 7 men escort the giant to Paco and his guests. He possesses crushingly powerful arms, thighs the size of tree trunks, his height towering over all that surround him and tattered clothing. The mammoth's long black hair covers his scars and his face, but his eyes never lose focus of the young MMA hopeful he is about to approach.*

Saavedra: Who in the....

Paco: Alexi, I have high hopes for you. Not only have I invested a lot of time in to you, but i've also invested a lot of money. Because of that, I need to protect my investment, Mr. Saavedra. I want you both to meet my "Monstro Demonio", Qadir!

*Saavedra slowly approaches the monster*


Saavedra: Hijo de puta!

*Qadir headbutts and breaks the nose of the Sports Agent and downs him on all fours. *

Paco: *Bellowing with Laughter* His only purpose is to protect Alexi, everyone else will have to approach with caution, amigo!

*Alexi scoffs at the statement and walks up to his new body guard. He looks him straight in the eyes and stays locked on for a moment. Both men never lose focus and seem to be in sync.*


*Alexi slaps the taste out of Qadir's mouth. The Aztec giant barely budges. A sly grin comes over the face of the MMA hopeful*

Paco: His sole purpose is to make sure no one lays a finger on you before any of your fights, Alexi. He is meant for nothing more. Qadir, say hello to the one you are sworn to protect.

*Qadir reaches out to shake his hand*


*Qadir is hit with a tazer. He falls to one knee*

*Suddenly Paco signals for his men to attack Qadir with no remorse*

Paco: No! No one, not even you are allowed to touch the pride of Mexico! What pain you feel today, will be the pain you inflict on anyone that tries to touch Alexi! He is "Untouchable"!

*Suddenly everything is a blur and turns black. Qadir awakens and opens his eyes, he realizes he has a match to prepare for and gets up. Without missing a beat he walks up to a punching bag and begins throwing elbows at a picture of Henrick Brewsky*

*The Monster Qadir finally realizes he has a new purpose... For the first time, the Demon Monster is beginning to think for himself.*

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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by Annette1968 » Thu Oct 22, 2020 5:11 pm

The camera fades on to find Unity World Heavyweight Champion "Luscious" Lenny Backstrom sitting in a deserted locker room. The title belt resting comfortably over his shoulder. 

Lenny - Word has gotten back to me that my legal injunction against Jackson Browne has been denied. Apparently, he has passed all of his medical testing, and is cleared to face me on November 7 in Dayton, Ohio. I'm not sure if that is a ringing indictment against the health care in this country, or the quack medical staff Freddie employs. So be it.

Jackson, I know you are not going to cut one damn promo to hype this match. You like to say that you are a man of few words. You know what, you should be a man of no words, because that would be your best promo ever. Allow me to do the heavy lifting here.

(Taps the belt with his index finger)

She belongs to me. She is the best thing to ever happen to me. She is the love of my life. I am jealous of her. And as a jealous man, I am very protective of her. When someone such as yourself comes after her, that makes me very angry. It makes me want to defend her honor, whatever the cost.

Jackson, I don't like you. You don't like me. We both despise the morons called fans. With all of that being said, there is no reason for me to hold anything back in Dayton. I am coming for a fight. I am coming to keep her.

Jackson, you failed as a cop. You failed as a bounty hunter. You sure as hell are going to fail as a wrestler.

Luscious Lenny...OUT!

Camera fades to black.

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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by ICEMAN KING PATSON » Sat Oct 24, 2020 10:53 am

an old timey radio sits in the corner.
a voice blares

Ohhhhhh! Lord have mercy! Its the Wolfman here, and we got the hottest tag team in the world, right here, coming at ya...NOW!

the B sides walk into frame

Biff: Owwwwh yeah! We are on a roll! It was a rough patch there, but the B Sides are back, and nothing gonna stop us now! Ain't that right Cody?

Biff slaps Cody on the chest as Cody steps forward

Cody: Next show...we have...Colarado...dudes? Sound like cool guys...but we...will WIN!

Biff: Yeah...we're the chilliest! Come on Cody...let's blow this Popcorn Stand!

Cody walks out first, leaving Biff alone. He goes to turn off the radio

psst. hey kid....

Biff stops and listens for a second

You two did good. Listen... things are going according to plan...

Biff continues to listen as we fade to black

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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by Grundy » Sat Oct 31, 2020 11:10 pm

A camera shows Silas in a dimly lit room. Sitting in a chair, elbows on his knees, fingers interlaced in front of his face. He moves his hands and looks at the camera.....

Fernando Pessoa once said, "No intelligent idea can gain general acceptance unless some stupidity is mixed in with it."

I never thought that quote would ever apply to something in my life. I put out a challenge. Intelligent in its simplicity. To gauge UNITY's next move, and see how serious they took my challenge.

What did they do? They stupidly pass the buck to Zach Bumstead S-square! Really?! The 500 lb. walking doughball?! Do you really think he his going to have a challenger for me?

I have no time, nor patience for this. But if this is the hand UNITY wants to deal me.....so be it. Bumstead, you better find me my next victim....sorry...challenger. Because if you don't....the next person in my path of rage and destruction....Will Be You. And that is not a threat, that is a promise. Courtesy of the Monster. With Red Hands...from Black Deeds.

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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by KingOfBrews » Thu Nov 05, 2020 4:35 pm

*Henrik Brewsky is kicking up and down pads at the ends of wooden poles at the EGO wrestling school in the heart of Oakland, California, while his half-trainer Mega Leviathan stares intently - and silently - through his mask. Occasionally he nods, then twirls his hand in recommendation to do it again. Mega Leviathan firmly believes that if something is worth doing, it's worth overdoing. Especially Curb Stomps. The other half-trainer, Mastersword, walks in and gives a quick clap.*

Mastersword: Very good form, Henrik. Why not call it a day? I think you should save time for recovery as well.

Henrik Brewsky: But I can still stand, Sensei. Gotta get max reps to be at my swollest over the weekend. I can't put my trust in ring posts for a second time to gimme an assist on getting Qadir to the ground.

M: I understand, Henry, but you need to restrain your base urges at moments like this. That way leads to futility.

HB: Futility...you mean like wanting to 3D-print effigies of Qadir's head and posting them on top of the poles for kicking practice?

M: Exactly. No reputably peer-reviewed study has shown that painting the face of your enemy on targets has any effect on actual performance. *cracks open a can of Brewsky Artisanal's Recovery Very Very Breaky Breaky Breaky Bishi Bishi Sour IPA, turns stage left with an advertising smile as the carbonation sizzles, then hands the can to Henrik* It is like shake weights, keto dieting or electronically measuring your caloric intake and then frantically yelling STOP THE COUNT!#%¤&!! at the machine when the numbers no longer please you.

All of these acts may make you feel good as long as you don't use your brain. And it's so indecent to waste the marvel of a human brain.

HB: *swigs deeply from the can* Pretty deep, Sensei. *swigs again* Been bingeing on Foucault again?

M: *sighs* I wish. Anyway, hit the shower. You need to head to the airport early in the morning.

*As Brewsky grabs a towel and heads to the showers, Mega Leviathan walks over to his Expert Grappling Orangutan partner and stares at him in inqury*

Mastersword: I hope so, Megs. I duly hope so. Because Qadir is going to be a great deal angrier than last time.
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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by Annette1968 » Thu Nov 05, 2020 6:00 pm

(The camera fades on to find the Unity Heavyweight Champion, "Luscious" Lenny Backstrom, standing in an undisclosed location.)

Lenny - I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Pay attention, Jackson. If I was willing to bash your brains in, just so I could reach the finals of the Unity title tournament, what do you think I'm going to do to keep this championship? (He taps the belt with his index finger) I'll see you tomorrow night, you Aussie asshole.

Luscious Lenny...Out!

Camera fades off.

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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by Annette1968 » Thu Nov 05, 2020 7:01 pm

(Takedown Wrestling Academy - Tampa, Florida - Ian Scott sits in the center of the training ring. He towels the sweat from his head. He looks at his wife Andrea resting in the corner. A month ago, Andi faced off against the monstrous Qadir. In Ian's mind, she wrestled brilliantly, perhaps the best he has seen her look in her short time wrestling for Unity. Unfortunately, Qadir's aggression and power proved a little too much for her, and she lost in a brutally swift display. As a result, Andi suffered a concussion and a knee contusion. The next day, Ian made a decision. They needed to get away. They needed to hit the reset button. So they drove to one of their favorite getaway spots in South Carolina. They enjoyed their time together, talking about anything but wrestling. Upon returning, Ian kept her as far away from a wrestling ring as possible, despite some growing frustration on her part. Ian asked her to trust his judgement, and she did. This past week, they headed back to the ring to prepare for her triple threat match against The Grey and Bud Whitman. The sessions have been strong enough to validate Ian's decision.)

Andi - Penny for your thoughts.

Ian - Thinking about you.

Andi - Really? 

Ian - Yes. I am thinking about how proud I am of you. How you took the time to get well. How hard you worked this week to get ready for tomorrow. 

Andi - Well, I had the best teacher. 

(Ian smiles) 

Ian - Just don't tell anybody that you are sleeping with the teacher.

(Now it is Andi's turn to smile)

Andi - Your secret is safe with me.

Ian - How do you feel about tomorrow night?

Andi - I feel ready to go. I feel strong and healthy. 

Ian - Good, because you are going to need it. The one guy nearly ripped your leg off the last time you faced him. And the other guy. Well, I am not sure he would know how to apply a simple wristlock. You have to be ready for a little bit of everything. 

Andi - That is why we worked hard this week. I'll be ready. 

(He rises from the center of the ring and moves towards her. He pulls her to her feet and kisses her.)

Ian - I know you will. Let's go home. We'll grab some takeout on the way.

Andi - Sounds like a plan. 

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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by RaYnE » Fri Nov 06, 2020 4:34 pm

The feed cuts to the house of RaYnE. He is seen looking at his phone, and a bit perplexed and you can tell he hasn't much sleep. He starts typing something into his phone. A few seconds passed, and you hear the phone beep or buzz. A smile comes across his face, as he places his phone down on the table, and he gets up and heads off camera. The camera comes into view of the phone, and then you see the message.

Don’t worry about tomorrow. You got this. See you there! - CC

Camera fades to black!

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Re: Match announcements for UNITY 5

Post by Amazing_Jos » Fri Nov 06, 2020 11:11 pm

*Dayton, Ohio*


*The Aztec Monster and his Sports agent Manuel Saavedra are backstage of the arena, at the UNITY fan meet and greet. No one approaches the booth, as everyone is too afraid to approach the "Demon Servant" Qadir or his loud mouth agent. *

*UNITY cameras approach them both for a promo to post on their website.*

*Absent from the festivities is "El Intocable" Alexi Garcia, who is finalizing his deal with 1-K Kickboxing.*

Saavedra: Senor Brewsky, salutations! Me amo Manuel Saavedra, Mexico's Super Sports Agent and standing with me is the Monstro Demonio, Qadir!

The story of Qadir and Henrik Brewsky is not over, we merely started a new chapter! After defeating the volatile, Andrea Frost, our camp assumed the Monster Qadir would fight "El Campeon" Lenny Backstrom.

Senor Prinze Jr. has contacted us and informed us that "The Professor of over priced Alcohol" DEMANDED a rematch. This is obviously a boost to his ego after FAILING to capture the Unity Heavyweight Title. Unfortunately, this will be a wake up call from your drunken slumber, Senor Brewsky.

My lawyers that represent "El Intocable" and Qadir are still speaking to Unity officials to ensure there are no legal repercussions should something "drastic" happen in Ohio. Qadir is not going in to Dayton to wrestle, he's going in there to break you, cabron! With a new "reputable" trainer, Qadir is ten times stronger than he was, the last time you did battle!

*The Agent reaches for his back pocket, he then rifles through an endless stack of photos and pulls out a picture of Henrik Brewsky. Qadir begins to mutter in Latin as the photograph is held up in front of the camera *

Qadir: "Omnes una manet nox. El Diablo estas vivanta ene de mia korpo! Mi glutos vian animon!"

*The Aztec Demon lets out a loud roar as his agent begins to tear the picture slowly.*

Saavedra: The story of the Warrior versus the Demon ends this weekend, Senor Brewsky. Make a toast and say goodbye to the world you once knew... Adios, Amigo. *Motions as if giving a toast* There will be no love for "failure" tomorrow in Dayton.

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Post by JonS » Sun Nov 08, 2020 3:32 pm

UNITY 5 - Blinding Lights
Montgomery County Fairgrounds, Dayton
Attendance 1000

At precisely 8pm the lights go down and the fans cheer and start banging on the barricades. The Weeknd's Blinding Lights plays over the sound system. The fans cheer "U-NI-TY! U-NI-TY!" and bang on the guard rails as the officials make their way to ringside.

The B Sides vs The Colorado Dudes

The Zombies' Time of the Season plays as John Vibe and Tom Goode make their way to the ring, slapping fans hands on the way. They roll into the ring and pose to good applause.

A voice blares over the loud speakers " Owwwww! Lord have mercy! Tonight I'm gonna play a song from the King of Rock N Roll himself, its the other side of a number I know all you know, Jailhouse Rock! This is Elvis Presley with Treat Me Nice, and it will accompany the two men who will be the KINGS of Unity Wrestling...Cool Cody and Big BIFF!"

Elvis Presley's Treat Me Nice plays as the team of the B Sides make their way to the ring, also stopping to slap the hands of fans on the way. Cody starts to get on the ring apron and Biff stops to give the double bicep pose to the the camera...but Goode baseball slides into Cody, knocking him off the apron and into the back of Biff, tumbling them both over. As they make their way to their feet...Vibe hits a slingshot plancha on them both, smashing them into the railing. Vibe slides back into the ring and Tom and John pose then clap and play to the crowd to clap along. They wait for the Sides to make their way to their feet and both Goode and Vibe go for planchas...but Cody moves out of the way and Goode smacks against the floor...hard..and Biff cuts off Vibe with a punch to the face, Vibe landing right into it almost taking his head off. The fans quiet down and Biff pulls Vibe into the ring and the referee rings the bell.

Biff smiles as he dominates Vibe, not giving him a chance to recover from that devastating shot on the outside. Cody makes his way up to his corner as Goode is still laid out on the outside.

Cody eventually backs Vibe into the Sides' corner, big Nash style back elbows, dropping Vibe and goes for a choke with his boot...but Cody slaps his back for the tag. Biff doesn't seem happy but leaves the ring and Cody immediately gets Vibe away from the corner and grounds him in the middle of the ring with a snap mare into a reverse chinlock. At this point Goode makes it over to his team's corner.

Cody pulls Vibe up, quick tag back to Biff, they hit a double team and repeat, meanwhile Goode is recovered and is playing to the crowd by slapping his turnbuckle and encouraging them to get behind Vibe.

Now Biff has Vibe down, drops a big knee, then a fist drop, then tags back into Cody. Cody with the roll through Side Russian Leg Sweep...just a two. again he has Vibe down, but Goode gets the crowd behind him...Vibe powers up...jaw breaker on Cody! Cody and Vibe are both down. Cody gets the tag...Vibe does a front roll and makes the tag to Goode! He's a house of fire and knocks down Biff with a back elbow! Cody tries to get into the ring... clothesline on Cody, who rolls to the outside! Biff rushes Goode...into a kick to the stomach and Stunner! Biff falls straight back...cover by Goode.. two count!

Goode plays to the crowd who are going crazy and he tags Vibe and pulls the top rope, slingshotting Vibe over the top with a shoulder block, leveling Biff! Vibe celebrates and plays to the crowd before going for the pin...just a two! He might have had him if he hadn't been showboating. Frustrated, Vibe goes to tag back in Goode. Goode gets Biff up Shoots him off the ropes...blind tag by Cody...leg lariat by Goode. Goes for the cover but Cody is the legal man, ref won't count.

Goode turns around...walks into a Jeff Hardy style seated Jaw breaker from Cody! Goode is dazed..backs into Biff who smacks him upside the head then spins him around...inverted atomic drop. Biff picks him up for Cody...who runs the ropes and lands the clothesline for the 45! One. Two...Vibe dives for the save! The fans are electric as the referee makes Biff and Vibe leave the ring.

Cody and Goode square off in the middle of the ring. Cody with a strong righthand, but Goode blocks the left. Goode goes for a right, Cody blocks it. Cody shoots Goode off the ropes, drop down, blind tag by Biff, Goode runs into a kick to the gut by Cody...quick sit down Piledriver! Cody rolls over Goode, Biff to the 2nd rope...fist drop...Threading the Needle! Biff with the cover...One.. Two..Vibe tries to make the save..Cody cuts him off! Three!

The B Sides (12:08)
The fans cheer for The B Sides win. Cody and Biff are really building some momentum now.

The big screen shows Rory Knight sounding as confident as ever as he's intervewed ahead of his match.

RaYnE vs Rory Knight

Knights of Cedonya” by the Muse begins to play as out walks Rory Knight. He walks with charisma, and gets to ringside, where he notices a woman in the front row. He starts trying to talk to her and everything. But says something about after the match, and gets into the ring.

“Deachwita” by Agust D starts to blare. The crowd is hyped, as they beat the railings to the beat of the song. It’s a bigtime entrance, as RaYnE wears his traditional South Korean garb, and walks to the ring. He takes off his attire, and hands it to a ringside official, and slides into the ring. Knight looks at him with a smirk. RaYnE bows to Knight with respect, and then holds out his hand. Knight decides not to shake his hand, and RaYnE nods to him.

We get a bell and we're underway! Knight goes right at RaYnE from the start. He backs him into the corer and nails him with a couple of forearm shots. Knight irish whips RaYnE into the opposite corner, and then follows him and hits him with a flying elbow. RaYnE drops, and holds his face in pain. Knight picks up RaYnE and goes to whip him into the ropes. RaYnE ducks under a clothesline comes off the ropes and hits a clothesline of his own. Knight gets up and RaYnE hits him with another clothesline. Knight is up again. RaYnE hits the opposite ropes and springs off and hits a spear on Knight.

RaYnE tries to pick up a quick victory but only picks up a 1 and ½ count.

RaYnE grabs Knight by the hair, and lifts him up. The ref warns about the hair, and RaYnE nods and lets go. This gives Knight some space, and quickly kicks him in th e midsection. He double underhooks RaYnE’s arms, and picks him up for and hits a double underhook sitout powerbomb. This time Knight only gets a two count, as RaYnE kicks out.

Knight looked shocked thinking it was a three looking at the ref giving him a "come on." Knight gets up and grabs RaYnE and picks him up. RaYnE counters out and goes to run off the ropes, and hits with another spear. RaYnE looks to the corner, gets on the top turnbuckle, but he didn’t see Knight up already and hit him with a forearm. Knight climbs the top as well, and not both men are up there. This could be dangerous, as Knight connects with a hurricarana. However, RaYnE in midair flips and lands on his feet. Knight gets up and is near the corner, and then sees this. RaYnE runs to him but Knight sidesteps him and shoulder first into the ringpost.

RaYnE winces in pain as he hold his shoulder, he moves out of the corner and gets hit with a boot to his face. He falls back and Knight quickly gets a pin.

1….2….Kickout by RaYnE.

Knight is starting to get frustrated. RaYnE is starting to sit up, and Knight hits the ropes and leaps, hitting him with a dropkick to a sitting RaYnE. He goes for another pin, but the results are the same as RaYnE kicks out. Knight is so frustrated that he gets up and gets into the face of the ref. RaYnE starts to get up

Once RaYnE is on his feet, Knight goes right back on the offensive. He goes right in after RaYnE who somehow blocks his attack. Knight goes to irish whip, but RaYnE reverses it and sends him into the ropes. Once Knight goes off the ropes, RaYnE hits a beautiful running STO on him. Knight hits hard, and RaYnE goes to the top rope again. RaYnE can be a high flyer with his size, but hasn’t shown it much in his matches here in UNITY. RaYnE connects with a 360 splash,, but only gets a 2 count as well on Knight.

RaYnE seems determained, as he picks up Knight goes behind him and hits a couple of dragon suplexs. Knight hits the mat hard, and RaYnE drops a couple of elbows on him. He makes a cover and gets another 2 count before Knight pops his shoulder up.

RaYnE is now getting a bit frustrated himself. He picks up Knight, and looks to hit the Storm Warning. He underhooks Knight and lifts him up to put him on his shoulders, but somehow Knight wiggles out, and lands behind RaYnE and kind of gives RaYnE a reverse cutter. RaYnE is down, and it looks like Knight smells victory. He goes to the top rope and looks to hit his finisher “Have a little Scrimmage”, which is a spiral tap. Knight lifts up, but in mid air, notices that RaYnE has moved, and Knight hits face first on the mat. RaYnE recovers, and notices Rory getting up. He runs infront of Knight, jumping up on the second rope, and connects with a moonsault, landing on his feet and holding Knight in a reverse position, and goes down and hits the reverse DDT.

Knight hits hard, and RaYnE picks him up, sets him up for the Storm Warning. He connects, and immediately goes for the pin.


RaYnE (10:32)
RaYnE has his hand lifted in victory, but decides to check on Knight. He helps him up and Knight looks upset, but didn’t expect RaYnE to put his hand out to shake. Knight nods, and shakes his hand. As Knight gets out of the ring, he notices the lady from ringside, he takes her hand kisses it and tells her to head over towards the entrance area. RaYnE takes a deep sigh, and heads to the back.

Swag Crew vs ?

Swag Crew soon cut through their entrance music. Manager Ryan Crystal has a mic and he's complining about how unfair it is that his team don't know who their opponents are. He claims that UNITY is stacking the deck against his men. The fans boo throughout Crystal's rant.

The boos turn to cheers as the entrance music starts up and ... Motor City Machine Guns appear. It's Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin. The fans are on their feet for the veteran tag team. Swag Crew are not happy. Ryan Crystal protests to the match officials.

Despite Crystal's attempts, the match goes ahead. Big Bump gets the better of the opening exchanges, but soon Sabin fights back using his speed. The fans cheer as Sabin turns the match for his team. Bump manages to tag in Lil' Bubbly, but the Machine Guns remain in control. He and Shelley make some quick tags and use plenty of double team moves.

With Shelley in control of Lil Bubbly, Ryan Crystal sneaks round the ring and grabs Sabin while he's on the apron. Sabin avoids any damage as he falls from the apron. Now he chases Crsytal round the ring. They run round the corner. Earl "the Pearl" Monroe flattens Sabin!. The fans boo as Monroe picks Sabin up and hurls him into the barricades. Sabin is out.

The referee had his back to all this as he called the action in the ring. He turns around to see the aftermath and warns Swag Crew. Lil Bubbly takes full advantage. He hits Shelley with a low blow and quickly rolls him up. The referee turns back round again and starts a three count. Bubbly has a handful of tights for good measure, out of view of the official.

Swag Crew (5:17)
Swag Crew are ecstatic, celebrating like they just won the Super Bowl. They ignore the loud booing from the fans. They let everyone know that they just beat a legendary tag team "easily." Will we ever hear the end of this?

Zachary Brimstead Esquire Show

The lights shut off. The crowd hushes. A spotlight hits the curtain and out prances the disturbingly fat Zachary Brimstead, Esquire. The crowd collectively groans and rolls their eyes at the same time. His gelatinous bare belly and chest shine with a fresh coating of Hippie Johnny’s Farm Fresh Baby Oil. Zachary Brimstead, Esquire of course holds a mic in his hand. “Mmmmmmm!” he groans in a nasally baritone that can actually convey that it’s owner is in fact, horrifically, morbidly obese. “Yes that’s right ladies!” he bellows. “Feast your eyes on 100% pure, oozing sexuality in its very most carnal incarnation!” He licks exaggeratedly over his top and bottom lip and then runs his tongue across his teeth. “I am, in the most basic of terms, the absolute human personification of pure dripping wet sexual ecstasy packaged within the body of the world’s greatest love maker! I’ve done every single sexual position that there is and even helped create a few of my own!” he brags gladly. “I’ve got places most of you don’t thanks to the heavenly blessing of my curves and significant girth!” He pumps his groin a couple times and marches down the ramp and speaks again.

He unfortunately keeps talking. “Tonight is the debut of your favorite new segment: ‘Zachary Brimstead Esquire presents: The Zachary Brimstead, Esquire Show!!!!’” He brushes aside his red and white pin striped vest and tweaks his nipple in the direction of a female fan unfortunate enough to have an aisle seat. She quickly sits down in disgust and the crowd boos. Zachary Brimstead, Esquire makes a disgusting licking motion between two fingers at a male fan on his way down to the ring who reciprocates and ZB moans into the mic. “Mmmmmmm! Ohhhhhhhh! I’m staying at the Comfort Inn, room 106. That’s on the first floor, baby. Come help me turn that place into a car wash after the show! Mmmmm! That goes for all of you ladies, and definitely this guy but maybe some others guys too!” He grunts directly into the mic as he bends over entering the ring. He wipes sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand. “Is it hot in here or is it just me?” he asks and the crowd boos and yells mean things.

“Tonight I’m going to be interviewing the wrestler RaYnE! I’m going to ask him all the hard hitting questions that everyone wants to know! We want answers, we need answers and we are going to get them here tonight! Let’s everyone welcome to the ring, RaYnE!”

RaYnE’s music hits and he comes through the curtain to cheers from the audience. He holds his hands up and the crowd applauds and say encouraging things like “you’re the man!” and “yeah, dude!” He walks to the ring and high fives fans down the aisle. He slides into the ring and Zachary Brimstead, Esquire waddles over and extends his hand. RaYnE shakes his hand but immediately wipes it off on his pants and has a disgusted look on his face. “Oh don’t worry,” ZB says, “it’s all natural! Hippie Johnny’s Farm Fresh Baby Oil, manufactured and sold exclusively in Newbridge! Go ahead, smell your hand!! It smells like looooove.” RaYnE looks cautiously at his hand and shakes his head no. ZB motions for a mic and the timekeeper hands it to ZB who hands it to RaYnE.

“Mmmm, yes, so before we get started I wanted to give everyone in the building a special present celebrating the debut of Zachary Brimstead, Esquire presents: The Zachary Brimstead, Esquire Interview Show! Hit it!” he yells into the mic. Suddenly several hundred adult toys of a variety of colors, shapes and sizes are released from the rafters of the building and float down into the crowd with little red and white pin striped parachutes. Some buzz. Some shake. Some flop. Some twirl. Zachary Brimstead, Esquire dances elated in the middle of the ring and RaYnE looks horrified and bails to ringside. “Free toys for everyone! These toys are brought to you directly from Newbridge! ‘Who does dildoes? Dill does! Dill does dildoes at www.dilldoesdildoes.com!’ Shop online and get $10 off your first order over $400 with promo code ‘Brimstead.’ Yay!” ZB cheers! “Hooray!” he hoots. “Yippie!” he guffaws. He spins and twirls fancifully in a circle as the parachuted adult toys rain down on everyone.

Someone throws a blue one of the flopping toys into the ring and it slaps the oiled up belly of ZB with a disgusting splat sound. It flops on the mat like a fish out of water and ZB looks a little upset. The crowd cheers loudly and several people jump up and down and high five the guy who threw it. “Now people,” he says in a lecturing voice, “that’s not what these are used fo-“ He’s cut off by a rather large neon pink toy whipping end over end through the air that strikes him directly in the face. The crowd erupts! It begins to rain parachuted dildoes of many shapes and sizes as all the fans start to throw them at the gigantic target standing in the middle of the ring. Zachary Brimstead, Esquire shrugs and holds his flabby arms out at his sides, palms up, looking to the heavens as the fake penises ricochet all over his fantastically monstrous girth. “If you can beat em, you might as well join them, I always say! Rain them down on me!” he shouts. “Ohhhhhhhh, yes!” He grunts into the mic as he at first sits, and then lays down and makes an adult toy angel.

He groans as he sits ups and calls for RaYnE to come back into the ring. “Please help me up RaYnE.” He holds his hand out. RaYnE slides back into the ring and uses both hands to pull as hard as he can and ZB makes it to a knee. He is winded. “Okay,” he breathes heavily into the mic as he stands. “First question, RaYnE! When was the last time you made love? I made love on the way to the building tonight.”

RaYnE looks disgusted at Brimstead’s remarks. But RaYnE stares at the very large man.

“Sir, my personal life is none of your concerns. I came here to make an announcement, and that is what I am going to do, so please ask the right questions." RaYnE looks at Brimstead waiting for a question.

“Mmmm, yes, the right questions.” Zachary Brimstead, Esquire strokes his massive chins. “How does it feel to be the very first loser in the very first Unity championship match? Couldn’t get the job done, hmmm?”

“First and foremost, I wasn’t the first loser. I think that accolade belongs to Jackinov. However, your right. I didn’t get the job done. However, I know you can hear me Backstrom! We aren’t done! We-” Zachary Brimstead, Esquire yells loudly into the mic, interrupting.

“You don’t talk to me about Jackinov, I talk to you about Jackinov! Since you wouldn’t answer my love making question I suppose that’s what you’ve been up to? Maybe that’s why you lost the championship? A little bit too much Jackinov, hmmmmm? I know your butthole is still very, very sore from not winning the Unity championship, but you don’t get rude with Zachary Brimstead, Esquire. How dare you speak ill of the dead! Jackinov was involved in a fatal accident just the other day. He bought a turtle without knowing he was highly allergic and he passed out holding the little guy and his throat closed up and he’s dead now. How dare you!?”

“Go ahead and tell everyone your little surprise. I’m tired of you now!” ZB says, annoyed.

“Tired of me? Listen to me real closely, Brimstead! You keep mocking me and you’ll end up worse than what I’m going to do to Backstrom. You hear me? Since I lost to Backstrom I’ve thought long and hard about what I needed to do. You see it’s ironic that I’ve come on the show of a no talent, fat, moronic manager like you, Brimstead-” He is cut off by Zachary Brimstead, Esquire shouting “ESQUIRE!” into the mic. RaYnE finishes his thought, “-to state that I am acquiring the services of a manager myself.”

Before he can finish, Lenny Backstrom walks out, championship belt around his waist, a mic in hand. RaYnE grits his teeth at the sight of Backstrom. “What did I tell you, you big mouth punk?” Lenny Backstrom asks incredulously. “You speak the devil’s name and he’ll appear.” Backstrom makes a beeline to the ring. “So, apparently you didn’t learn your lesson before and you want another beating!” He throws aside the mic and slides into the ring.

RaYnE and Backstrom engage in violent fisticuffs. They grab one another and fire piston-like shots to the head of one another. Brimstead squeals like a terrified hog and grunts into his mic as he drops to the mat and rolls underneath the bottom rope to the outside. “HELP! SOMEONE! SECURITY! HELP!” screams ZB into the mic. “THESE NINCOMPOOPS HAVE RUINED MY SHOW!!!!”

Agents and security storm the ring and attempt to split up the two battling competitors. They continue flailing about, trying desperately to get at one another. Agents and security team members are thrown aside and they continue beating one another. Backstrom’s championship falls to the mat in the melee. The two combatants are finally held back by the agents and separated. Backstrom is pulled from the ring and is held back by security.

RaYnE reaches down and pick the championship up. “I’m coming for this, Backstrom! And this is the man that’s going to help me do it!”

“Soulfire” by 12 Stones begins to play, and there is a bit of a stir. Former LBCW heavyweight champion Christian Carter walks out onto the stage. “Oh god, not this jerk!” moans Zachary Brimstead, Esquire from ringside. “I hate this guy!” He kicks the ring steps and immediately grabs his foot in pain. Carter is wearing his traditional Armani suit and he smirks as he walks down the aisle. Carter gets in and grabs the mic from RaYnE. “Brimstead,” he growls, “I suggest you get your fat, stupid, useless ass out of here before you get yourself hurt.”

“THIS IS MY SHOW, YOU FOOL!” squeals ZBE. “You can’t kick me out of my own show! This is a bunch of Dayton made bull manure! You can’t do this to me! I’ve made love on five continents! I’m the world’s greatest-” Carter cuts him off. “Shut your damn mouth or I’ll rip your jaw off your face and you’ll never tell anyone you’re the greatest anything ever again you idiot! Now get out of here before I hurt you BAD.” Zachary Brimstead, Esquire pouts and hangs his head in disgrace. He waddles sadly up the aisle towards the back. Before he goes through the curtain he turns around and says “I’m the world’s greatest lover maker, the worlds greatest barber shop singer and the world’s greatest wrestling manager! I won’t forget this! One day! I’ll get you two one day! I promise!”

Carter smirks and grabs a mic. “I am here to help lead this man,” he motions at RaYnE, “to the UNITY championship. Whoever wins tonight’s championship match has the beating of a lifetime coming!” RaYnE and Carter laugh. “And there’s nothing any of you can do about it!”

Intermission is announced.

Vivian Wendy Ramshackle Exhibition

Freddie Prinze Jr is already in the ring with a mic in hand as the fans take their seats after the break. There's noticeably no entrance, no fanfare, nothing. It soon becomes clear why.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to keep this brief. I know you all want to get back to the in ring action and so do I."

"I'm very sorry to inform you that Vivian Wendy Ramshackle won't be able to appear tonight. I had hoped she might be able to make it, but personal circumstances mean that she can't. I promise you, you will see Ms Ramchackle make her in ring debut at our December supershow."

"So without further ado, let's get back to the show. Thank you for coming and I hope you all continue to enjoy tonight's show."

With that, Freddie exits the ring and leaves.

The big screen shows Bud Whitman telling us that he doesn't care if it's a one on one match or a three way match. All that matters is that it's another pay day for him.

The Grey vs Bud Whitman v Andi Frost

Queen's I Want it All plays as the despicable Bud Whitman makes his way to the ring, much to the dismay of the crowd and a hearty heep of boos. Whitman just smirks at the crowd, finding a chubby child who is loudly booing and mocks putting his fists up to fight him, then brushes it off and laughs before he rolls into the ring.

A Little Bit Off by Five Finger Death Punch hits and it's the exact opposite reaction. The crowd seems happy just to see Andi Frost, who stops at the entranceway and poses setting off a loud round of applause. She smiles as she enters the ring. Whitman blows her a kiss from across the ring as Frost just glares at him.

The lights go out and a spotlight hits the entrance as the X-Files remixed theme eerily plays. The spotlight follows the Grey to the ring as he crawls along the entranceway, slinking menacingly. The fans seem muted, still not completely sure what to make of the Grey and his erie entrance. The Grey rolls into the ring then stands up, facing Andi Frost and the lights come up. Bud Whitman is nowhere to be seen. The referee looks confused and looks around, but it appears Whitman has disappeared. Frost and the Grey are still standing face to face so the referee waits a moment...then shakes his head and rings the bell.

Grey turns his head to the side and clicks, appearing to size up Frost. Frost just takes a long look up and down... then rocks the Grey with a hard forearm to the face! Grey hisses and responds back with a hard overhand chop to the chest of Frost. Frost is incensed and responds back with another forearm to the Grey, this time almost across the bridge of (what could be) his nose. The Grey panics and grabs Frost by the throat, pushing her backwards towards the ropes.

Frost slaps his arms away and grabs him, spins him around and shoots him off for an irish whip...running back elbow decks the Grey, knocking him to the mat. Frost for the cover... just a one. She picks up Grey. Snap suplex. Picks him up again... another. Picks him up one more time...a total of three snap suplexes. This time she gets a two count. Frost then locks in a short arm scissors. She works the arm for a good 30 seconds, then transitions over into a Stranglehold Gamma...this might be over early...but as Frost has been working the arm, the Grey has been slipping closer and closer to the ropes, and he gets his toe on the bottom rope. Frost breaks the hold at four and the referee goes to stand both wrestlers up but the Grey rolls out under the bottom rope to the outside.

The referee starts the count, but Frost pushes him aside and slides under the ring as well. She goes to grab Grey but catches a whiplike strike to the throat, dazing her. Grey whips her hard into the railing, knocking her over the barricade and into the crowd. Grey goes to follow but out from under the ring...Bud Whitman with a double axehandle from behind, smashing the Grey gut first into the railing, then following up with a sucker punch to the back of the head. That no good snake in the grass was hiding under the ring!

Whitman points to his head like he's a genius, then rolls the Grey into the ring. Now it's time for Whitman to take over. He stomps the Grey in the face and head, then futbol kicks the Grey while he's down, following up with a choke for good measure. The referee tries to break it up, but instead of counting just pulls Whitman away. Whitman chuckles and backs up...measuring the Grey.... Whitman hits a Flair like rolling knee drop to the crown of the Grey's head. He then pulls the Grey's hamstring with a roll, then places Grey's knee on the bottom rope, drops his leg on the Grey's knee!

The Grey rolls toward the middle of the ring in pain, trying to avoid the damage that Whitman is doing to him...but leaves himself open to a submission in the middle of the ring...Whitman laughs and grabs the Grey's leg, Step over toe hold... he stops to mock the crowd and drink in their boos...but Frost has made it back up to the ring behind him and climbed the turnbuckle from the outside... HUGE dropkick from the top to the back of Whitman! Whitman is knocked away from the Grey and tumbles out of the ring!

The Grey lays prone and Frost goes to pick him up...but Grey with a quick double underhook... Huge double arm DDT spikes the top of Frost's head on the mat! The Grey scoops her up... gutwrench suplex... then hooks the arms again...Cattle Mutalation! Now Frost is stuck in the middle of the ring, trapped in a submission! The referee checks on Frost, who's trying to fight it, but she goes limp. The referee goes to check her arm... she seems out of it...Whitman dives back into the ring and nails the Grey in his exposed abdomen! The Grey doubles over in pain and Bud Whitman immediately rolls on top of Frost... one ... two... he's got the tights! but the referee doesn't see! Three!

Bud Whitman (13:03)
Whitman is beaming with pride as the referee goes to raise his hand...but The Grey is back to his feet and clocks him in the back of the head! Quick hook... The Grey drops him in the Crop Circles! Whitman is down! The Grey then goes towards Frost... to attack her...no...he appears to be trying to help her to her feet?!? Frost is up and looks confusingly at Grey...who looks to be extending his hand (?) towards her... but he clicks and shakes his head and rolls under the ring. Andi Frost looks confused but that doesn't stop the fans from applauding her efforts. She seems appreciative and responds back before leaving the ring.

The fans applaud. Their are some cheers, but they still don't seem to know exactly what to make of The Grey.

Silas Galloway vs ?

The arena lights go down and a single light shines as "Red Hands Black Deeds" by Shaman's Harvest booms over the sound system. Silas Galloway appears in the light. As usual he has a very serious, mean look on his face. Galloway approaches the ring and climbs over the top rope. His music stops and the lights come back up. The anticipation in the crowd is palpable.

Zachary Brimstead Esquire appears from behind the curtains. The crowd have had more than enough of him and boo him relentlessly.
"You people pipe down. You need to recognise greatness when you see it, fools! Now, Zachary Brimstead Esquire brings to you the man, the myth, the legend. The dreadlocked reggae wrestler from Jamaica ... Bob "Skanky" Lion!

Get Up, Stand Up plays as Bob "Skanky" Lion makes his way to the ring. He moves in a pretty cool manner, seemingly undaunted by the huge Galloway. Lion faces off with his opponent.

Lion tries some fancy footwork to start with. It keeps him out of harms way at least. But it doesn't get him anywhere. Once he tries his first offensive manoeuvre, Galloway catches him with a lariat. The Jamaican is knocked off his feet.
Galloway drags his opponent to his feet and hits a gutwrench powerbomb. Zachary Brimstead Esquire winces as Lion's body bounces off the canvas. Galloway scoops Lion up again. This time he hits a Black Hole Slam. Lion is barely moving. Galloway could easily make a cover, but he chooses not to.

Lion is propped up in a corner, against the turnbuckles. Galloway runs across the ring and smashes him with a Claymore kick. There's an "ohhhh!" from the crowd. Lion slowly falls forward on to the mat.

Once again Galloway picks his opponent up. This time he uses The Iron Mask (Inverted full nelson with hands over nose and mouth, pushing back on the head). The referee checks on Lion, who's trying to yell a muffled surrender. Mercifully, he calls for the bell.

Silas Galloway (2:42)
There's a somewhat mixed reaction from the fans. Galloway stands with one arm raised over Lion's prone body. Lion has barely moved since Galloway dropped him after the decision.

Footage is shown on the big screen of Henrik Brewski's big upset win over Qadir in the Heavyweight Title Tournament.

Qadir vs Henrik Brewsky 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

“Beer” by Reel Big Fish starts ringing over the PA and Henrik “King of Brews” Brewsky hops out from beyond the curtain. He sports his amber bandana and signature shades which he gives to a fan next to the barricade. He whooos at the crowd and waves a six pack of Brewsky Artisanal's "Aztec Destroyer" Stout in his hand. AFTER checking proper ID, Henrik passes them to fans one by one along the isle, who very soon start chugging. Brewsky fans klink his fistbump and wish him luck as he enters the ring. Brewsky begins to stretch in the corner as he goes over his game plan in thought.

As "El Cancion Del Mariachi" begins, a red light beams over the entrance curtain. "The Servant of Death" Qadir, emerges to a roar of boos from the Ohio crowd. "El Intocable" Alexi Garcia follows behind the Aztec monster as Qadir leads the charge. Both men are all business as there is no aura of arrogance to be detected. They hurry down the entrance ramp when... *WHACK!*

Without fear and with monstrous velocity, Henrik Brewsky runs and jumps through the middle rope with a suicide dive! He not only knocks down Qadir, but also drops "El Intocable"! Qadir looks in shock as he witnesses the man he was sworn to protect, downed by the hands of Brewsky! An inferno of anger overcomes the face of the Monster as he rushes at Brewsky by ring side like a bull! *DING!*

Brewsky side steps and Qadir goes face first in to ring post. The monster stumbles back in to a running enzuigiri (Wax On) from Brewsky to the back of the head! Brewsky immediately goes for Wax Off (Black Mass Kick), Qadir shows resiliency and ducks the kick before getting back to his feet! Brewsky instinctively slides inside the ring, Qadir pursues, the referee quickly calls for the bell and the match begins, officially!

As he chases his prey, the eyes of Qadir's maimed face see nothing else but his opponent. Henrik hits the ropes and Brewsky immediately charges into the Aztec Demon with a shoulder tackle… But El Monstro feels this coming as he sidesteps, boots the Swedish "Brew-ser" into the ropes and elbows him hard on the rebound! King Henrik flies to the ropes from the impact, falls through and to the floor! Qadir roars in the ring and resumes the pursuit of Brewsky to the outside. Henrik rubs his chest, takes a deep breath and quickly slides back into the ring before Qadir can catch him.

Qadir is on the hunt and slides in after Brewsky. He quickly pays for it as "The Sultan of Sour Ales" hits a devastating curb stomp out of nowhere! This turns the tide as Brewsky begins an onslaught of offense to keep the monster worn down. He quickly realizes that the Demon Servant isn't staying down as easily as their last battle. Brewsky uses a variation of heavy strikes and submissions to the neck to fatigue the beast. The big man is in distress but gets to his feet and reverses an Irish whip in to a roaring European uppercut! The King of Brews has his crown rocked by the mammoth!

The Servant of Death goes to pick up his smaller foe off the canvas but is wrapped up into a Small Package! 1…2…no, kickout, followed by a thunderous slap in the face from Qadir! Brewsky spins around from this force but uses it to deliver a back kick close to the liver! Qadir is stunned for a second, allowing Henrik to run into the ropes and come off with the patented flying shoulder tackle! Qadir staggers backwards, Henrik tries to take advantage by running for speed again...Qadir extends his steel beam of an arm for El Lariato…but Brewsky ducks under and twists himself into a Sling Blade! Brewsky with another two count!

Henrik goes to the top rope in desperation and goes for a body splash, The Aztec Giant catches him in the middle of the ring, popping Henrik into the air with brute strength and lays in with a Muerto Uppercut!! Qadir covers for 1…2….th-NO, Brewsky kicks out, brutally dazed!

Qadir Irish whips Brewsky to the corner and unleashes a barrage of elbows to the side of Henrik's head. Beads of sweat flying with every smack. The Aztec Monster mounts his opponent from the 2nd turnbuckle and drops a few more elbows. Qadir signals for a lethal forearm when suddenly "El Intocable" gets to his feet and demands the brute make Brewsky suffer! Qadir pauses for a second to acknowledge his comrade's demand, but that brief hesitation helps the Count of Craft Beers slip from underneath and wrap his arms behind the waist of the big man. *Crash!* Brewsky uses all his strength to lift Qadir from the 2nd turnbuckle and land a gigantic german suplex! Qadir lands all that weight on the back of his neck!

Allowed some crucial breaths, both men get up, Brewsky goes from behind and grabs Qadir from his mountainous waist, trying to lift him for another German Suplex!! Hnnnnnggghhhhh there is simply no doing, the Monster is too damn big. Qadir tries to roll with a back elbow in the face but Henrik ducks and leaps up with the Wax On (enzuigiri)! The heavy thud brings forth cheers from the audience but the Aztec Warrior still stands! WAX ON for a second time!! But the southern granite pillar stands! Buh gawd, what's it gonna take this time?

Henrik wipes his face in disbelief, spins his arms into a classic karate stance and spins*WHIFFF* missing with the The Wax Off (roundhouse kick) as now Qadir ducks down…and on instinct lunges in with the El Lariato!! Brewsky is turned inside out, 720 degree twirl and all! Qadir is dazed as well after those kicks and stays on the mat, unable to roll over for a pin. Both men are prone while the crowd is going nuts, banging on the guardrails!!

The referee begins a double count out, no one shows life as he gets to 9 before "El Intocable" has had enough and climbs on the apron to argue. Alexi Garcia begins to verbally abuse the referee and interrupts the count to the dismay of the crowd. Brewsky arises to his feet and also is distracted by the interference of "Intocable". As the KOB interjects in the argument, Qadir arises to his feet and charges with a devastating elbow! Instinctually, Henrik ducks the elbow and Qadir connects to Mr. Untouchable! Garcia falls to the floor once again to the delight of the crowd!

Qadir is flabbergasted by the miscalculation and is rolled up from behind by his opponent for a pin! 1...2... the monster nimbly rolls out to one knee but is caught off guard by a knee smash to the face, Pain-Ay-Ye! The nose of the monster is broken, blood streaming like a fountain as Qadir is knelt down! Brewsky wastes no time and hits another running knee! Qadir roars as he tries to get up in defiance! Brewsky lands a sickening Enzugiri (Wax on) immediately followed by Wax off (Roundhouse Kick)! The Monster fights to stand on one knee but is hit with another Wax on and is finally downed by a face crushing Busaiku knee! Brewsky goes for the pin. 1...2...3!

Henrik Brewsky (16:58)
The arena erupts as The King of Brews has proven his valor and has slain the Aztec Monster in UNITY! The KOB takes a moment before getting up, realizing he not only survived but also defeated the mountain of evil! Brewsky rolls out of the ring as his fans embrace him in the crowd with a cold beer shower and cheer him as the referee escorts him to the back.

Inside the ring, Qadir slowly gets up on all fours, his long black hair hiding his blood covered face. "El Intocable" looks dissatisfied with his Monster, but extends his hand in forgiveness. Qadir reaches out to his comrade, accepting the tenderness shown by the closest thing he has to a friend. The crowd cheers as Alexi shows sympathy, *POW!*

Alexi Garcia betrays his bodyguard and pulls in Qadir for a knee to the face! Then another knee follows and another knee as "Intocable" has his hands interlocked with the Mammoth! The crowd is in shock as Qadir's lifeless body falls to the floor. Alexi grins as he rolls outside to the apron of the ring and pulls out a chain! He wraps it around his boot and returns inside the squared circle. The despicable free agent waits for his Demon to slowly get back up and pump kicks him in the face (Beso De La Rosa)!

Blood flies everywhere as the crowd now goes silent, Qadir falls to his back and no longer looks conscious. Alexi is not finished as he interlocks both hands with Qadir's and begins to stomp on his head with the chain attached to his boot! A deranged look of pleasure takes over his face as UNITY referees and officials try to rush in and restrain him. Alexi refuses to be touched and rolls out of the ring on his own accord. He begins to walk back to the locker room with a sadistic grin on his face, the crowd still in shock as to why Qadir suffered such a horrendous fate.

The big screen shows Jackson Browne being interviewed backstage. Browne says he's heard what Lenny Backstrom has to say. He's going to do his talking in the ring.

The ring announcer hypes up the main event being for the UNITY World Heavyweight Title.

UNITY World Heavyweight Title match - Lenny Backstrom (c) vs Jackson Browne

Buddy Brown's "Bounty Hunter" heralds the arrival of the first challenger for the Unity World Title. The 6'6, 265lb frame of Jackson Browne storms to the ring with a mask of determined rage covering his face. The Dayton crowd is mixed in their response to him. The familiar guitar riff of the late Eddie Van Halen fills the arena, as Beautiful Girls starts playing. The crowd is a bit perplexed, until "Luscious" Lenny Backstrom steps through the curtain. The Unity World Champion no doubt honoring the guitar god with a change to his entrance music. Lenny reaches the ringside area and calmly starts walking the perimeter of the ring. Referee Kevin Burr does his best to restrain Browne from going after him. Lenny's stalling reaches almost two minutes in length. Browne has had enough. He shoves Burr to the side and moves swiftly to the outside.

Lenny starts running from Browne. He slides into the ring and raises the UNITY title belt as a weapon. Browne slides into the ring and ducks a charging Backstrom. Jackson rebounds off the ropes and levels Lenny with a vicious Yakuza Kick. The title belt goes flying in the air as Lenny lies motionless in the ring. Burr finally calls for the bell and pushes the title belt to a ringside attendant.
Browne rips off Lenny's ring jacket. He pulls the staggered Backstrom to his feet and drops him back to the ring with a massive chop, while still maintaining wrist control. He jerks Lenny back to his feet and chops him again even harder. He repeats the process several more times. Lenny's chest blisters and bruises immediately from the vicious assault. Jackson tosses him into a corner and hits a short savage clothesline that buckles Backstrom's legs and sinks him to the mat below.

Browne continues his attack with a variety of punishing strikes. Short stiff elbows. Thunderous boots to Backstrom's torso. Clubbing forearms to the back. Jackson is in complete control of the early portion of the match, as Lenny looks anything like a world champion should. Browne snaps a modified chinlock on, using his forearms to grind the hold even tighter.
Burr checks on Backstrom, who appears to be fading from the punishing early assault. Browne breaks the hold and chops Lenny again. Blood starts to pool on Lenny's pectoral. Browne swipes at the plasma and wipes it on his own chest. Jackson tosses Lenny into the ropes and catches him with a massive dropkick. Lenny crashes to the mat and rolls desperately to the outside. Browne doesn't hesitate to follow him.

Browne stalks Lenny as Kevin Burr yells at him to get back in the ring. Jackson jerks Lenny to his feet and sends him crashing into the barricade. Browne repeats the process again as Burr jumps to the floor and tries to regain control. Jackson sees the timekeeper's bell. He stares at it and then looks at Lenny. Burr warns him not to do what he is thinking. Browne grabs Lenny by the hair and drags him to his feet. He snags the Bell from the table. Burr tells Browne he will be disqualified.

Jackson shoves Backstrom's head against the ringpost. He grips the bell and swings for the post. Lenny dives out of the way and the bell smashes off the ringpost. The missed attempt stings Jackson's hands, as Backstrom seeks solace in the ring. Browne shakes feeling back in his hands as he tries to climb back into the ring. Fighting off the pain, Lenny jumps to his feet and drives a knee into the side of Jackson's head. He runs the near ropes and hits another knee. Browne lays limp across the middle rope. Backstrom snags him and hits a vicious draping DDT to the mat.

Lenny tries to shake off the cobwebs in his head. He pounces on top of his prone challenger and starts firing away with right hands. Adrenaline spiking, he rises to his feet and methodically starts stomping at Jackson's head. Burr warns him about the kicks, but Lenny appears to be in a different zone. Lenny pulls his knee pad down and hits a knee drop to the side of Browne's head. Jackson clutches his skull as he convulses on the mat in pain. Lenny goes for the first pin of the match and gets a one count.

Lenny stuns the crowd by hitting a suplex on the much larger Browne. Another pin attempt proves unsuccessful. Lenny continues his attack by dropping a series of running elbows. Another pin attempt garners a two count. Lenny tries for a piledriver. Browne sits down on it, before backdropping out of it. Lenny scrambles to his feet and charges Browne. Jackson sends him flying head over heels with a massive clothesline. Browne collapses to the mat. Both men are down as Burr starts to administer the count.

Both men slowly rise to their feet. They start trading punches. Browne's size gives him the advantage. He tosses Lenny to the ropes and hits a huge back body drop. He scoops Lenny up and tosses him through the air with a belly to belly suplex. Browne goes for the cover and gets a two count. Browne hits a side slam. Another two count. Jackson glares at Burr for a perceived slow count.

Jackson throws Lenny into the corner. He misses a charge and crashes into the turnbuckle. Lenny climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits a double-axehandle. Browne is stunned. Lenny runs the ropes, but is met with another sick chop on the rebound. Lenny drops to his knees. Browne levels Lenny with a kick to the chest. Another pin attempt nets two. Jackson pounds the mat in frustration.

Jackson tries for a high angle backdrop. Lenny floats over and pushes Browne to the ropes for an O'Connor Roll. Browne powers out at two. Lenny charges in and Jackson catches him for a chokeslam. Lenny powers out with a series of elbows to the side of the head. Lenny whips Jackson into the turnbuckles. He charges in with a clothesline. He tries to whip Browne into the opposite corner. Jackson reverses it and tries to send Lenny back into the corner from which they came. Kevin Burr can't get out of the way in time and he and Backstrom crash into one another. Browne watches Burr slump to the mat. He grabs Lenny by the hair, but Backstrom delivers a low blow that drops him where he stands.

Lenny works hard to quickly remove the top turnbuckle. He tosses it to the floor below. He sees Burr is still down and drags Browne to his feet. He tries to drive Jackson's head into the exposed buckle. Browne blocks it. Jackson slams Lenny's head against the steel and Backstrom staggers backwards before falling to the mat. Browne lets out a roar as he limps to the fallen champion. He powers Lenny to his feet and sets him for the Lockdown. In one powerful motion, he sends Lenny crashing face first to the mat. A portion of the Dayton audience rise to their feet thinking a title change was imminent. Brown covers Lenny, but Kevin Burr is just now trying to get to his feet, oblivious of a pin situation. The crowd counts well past seven before Burr even reacts. 1...2...Lenny barely kicks out. Browne is furious. He gets in the face of a dazed Kevin Burr and screams at him. Lenny crawls to the corner.

Jackson turns away from the referee in a blind rage. He sees Lenny pulling himself up in the corner. He storms in to deliver a clothesline. Lenny moves and Browne slams into the exposed turnbuckle chest first. He clutches at his sternum as he painfully tries to stay on his feet. Lenny quickly grabs him and slams his head into the unprotected area. Browne crashes to the mat like a big oak tree falling in the woods. Lenny wills himself to the top turnbuckle. He leaps high in the air and connects with the Boozy Floozy elbow drop. He wearily hooks Jackson's leg as Burr administers the three count.

Lenny Backstrom (17:20)
Lenny rolls off Browne and lies face down on the mat. Kevin Burr places the Unity title next to him. Lenny reaches out and grabs it with one hand. He rolls out under the bottom rope and staggers toward the back while clutching the championship. Jackson Browne slowly rises from the mat. The reality of what just happened becomes clearer. Kevin Burr goes to check on him. Browne punches Burr right in the face! Burr drops to the mat. The show ends with Browne angrily exiting the ring.

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*UNITY camera crew (CC) members scour the backstage area in Dayton, seeing Henrik Brewsky - sweat and delectable stout soaking his body all the way through to his beach trunks - stagger into the backstage area with medical personnel in tow immediately after his hellacious brawl against Qadir. Brewsky seems elated but at the same time is not looking straight ahead and loses his balance from sheer exhaustion. Two of the company medics grab Brewsky from his armpits and hoist one arm each onto their shoulders to carry him towards their office. The camera crew tries to inch a microphone in for a quick hot take as they pass.*

CC: ...Sorry, just a quick word from Henry, can we...

Medic 1: No can do guys, make way.

Medic 2: If this ain't a concussion, I'm a dental floss salesman from Montana.

Brewsky: UNDERBARwaayyno cmon guys chill, I'm good, just need one bodacioush mug of Bud Lite Lime and we'll rock the interviewoo...

*The camera crew backs off immediately, noting the seriousness of the situation.*

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Backstage from Blinding Lights just as the show goes off the air.

RaYnE is watching the finish of Lenny Backstrom and Jackson Browne as Backstrom just retained. A smile comes across RaYnE’s face. An interviewer comes up to him.

“RaYnE, a quick word please on the events of tonight…”

Before he could answer he looks past the reporter as Christian Carter comes into view.

“My client will address the events of tonight very very soon. And he will have words for The UNITY World Heavyweight Champion. But until then, this interview is over. Have a good night!”

Carter smiles then motions RaYnE to follow him as they both go off screen leaving the interviewer by herself as the camera fades to black.

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