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Re: UNITY Title Tournament Announcement

Post by Puns » Tue Jul 21, 2020 3:23 pm

“No! That’s not fair! You can’t do this to me! I’m the world’s greatest love maker, you dunce! Have you ever made love? It doesn’t sound like you have. Maybe a couple rounds with mmmmmmmmoi is just what you need. What do you say?” he asks as sensually as possible. “No,” the voice says. But I’m the world’s greatest barbershop singer, you ignoramus! You wouldn’t do this to the world’s greatest barbershop singer, would you?” he whines. “Yes,” the female replies. “Yes as in yes you’ll let Gorch wrestle! Oh that’s great!” he exclaims. “No, Mr. Brimstead, yes as in yes, I would tell the world’s greateat barbershop singer that the 87 year old man he wants to represent in a professional wrestling match is too old to wrestle professionally. He could get seriously injured out there,” she replies matter of factly. Zachary Brimstead, Esquire begins to whine again, saying “But I’m the world’s greatest wrestling manager, you little insignificant turd! I’m Zachary Brimstead, Esquire, you fool!” screams a very angry Zachary Brimstead, Esquire into his iPhone. The phone is on speaker. There is an audible sigh from voice on the other end. “I’m sorry, Mr. Brimstead,” the voice continues, “but as I’ve told you now FOUR TIMES, Roland Gorchnik, also known as The Gorch, cannot pass his physical. No athletic commission in the country is going to give an 87 year old man a wrestling license. No amount of arguing or insulting me will change that fact, Mr. Brimstead. You’re just going to have to find someone else to manage. Again, I’m sorry, but that’s just how it is. Now I hope you have a nice day. Goodbye.”

Zachary Brimstead, Esquire pouts and ends the call. He slumps his heavy upper half over the kitchen table where he sits and sighs. The wood of the table groans under the extreme pressure of his monstrous girth. “What am I going to do?” he wonders aloud to himself. “First Raccoon Face gets eaten by that stupid flagrant heinous 14 foot tall radioactive orange bear prowling the woods of Newbridge Forest, now they tell me The Gorch is too OLD to fight?” He again sighs exasperatedly and brushes his phone off the table and onto the floor in a tantrum.

He exaggeratedly sighs again and groans as he shifts his incredible weight to stand up. He scoots the chair back and walks to the other side of the table where he knocked the phone off. He again groans loudly as he bends down to pick it up. He can’t quite reach the phone on the first attempt and he stands back up. He takes a deep breath, bends over at at the waist and reaches down again, his fingers coming within an inch or two of the phone. He lets out another groan as he tries to work up the power to force those flabby arms down far enough to get his chubby little fingers onto the phone. He touches the phone, but just barely, and it moves a little bit to the left. He stands up again. Beginning to drip sweat, he takes another deep breath and bends down at the waist again. This time he lets out a yell as he bends down, using all of his energy to get all of his significant heft down and then back up again. He grabs the phone this time and tosses it back to the spot at the table where he was sitting, only it teeters momentarily on the edge of the table because Zachary Brimstead, Esquire doesn’t have very good throwing accuracy. It seems that a minute passes where gravity sorts out whether it will pull the phone down or not. It once again falls off the table onto the floor. Zachary Brimstead, Esquire walks stone faced around to his spot at the table and kicks the iPhone which skids into the wall. He pouts and storms off as quickly as a humongously blubbery, sweaty man that just used all of his energy picking up a cell phone can. He slams the door to his bedroom behind him. He yells several curse words from within the room followed by a few minutes of weeping.
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Re: UNITY Title Tournament Announcement

Post by RaYnE » Wed Jul 22, 2020 1:22 pm

The scene opens up and you see the palace that you have seen before, but it seems a bit different and somewhat darker and grainer. As the camera pans out, you notice you’re not looking at the real palace, but a picture of it. Of course there is a hand holding it. You then hear that slight accent, and you know RaYnE is talking.

”You see here, I wasn’t lying. This is nothing more than a façade….a…geojismal(Korean for lie) And yet Biff, you still act oblivious of me. At least with Lenny, I’m getting a reaction.

A smile comes across his face. Almost like being proud.

”That’s right Mr. Backstrom. I heard your little warning, but don’t expect me to go all Harry Potter on you. You know, call you He Who Must Not Be Named?

He chuckles as if the joke would be easily recognized.

”Unlike my opponent, Mr. Backstrom, I’m not afraid to speak my mind. You want to make threats of making my life a living hell, you have no idea what kind of hell I’ve been through, while you sit there drinking your alcohol, and your lonely nights with loose women.

His demeanor changes.

”I’ve defended my country, seen horrors no one would believe. I have done some terrible things to survive Mr. Backstrom, and all this by the time I turned 20. So I say, try to make my life anymore shitter than it already has been.

His look intensifies.

“Now, as for my opponent, there is a storm coming…and it will bring destruction. This is but just another warning…Be prepared.”

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Re: UNITY Title Tournament Announcement

Post by KingOfBrews » Sun Jul 26, 2020 8:02 pm

What's up, brewchachos! KoB Henry here, enjoying a breezy Oregon evening by the brewery patio. Before we ruminate on the upcoming excellence that raises the stakes for all of UNITY, I have a real important PSA-kinda deal to touch on, due to some heinous slandering spouted at the LAX at our debut show by one Zach Brimstead. Oh sorry, Brimstead Esquire.

During my bout with Mr. Raccoon Face he was psyching his man up, all good like a manager should, but then he pointed me out as a "despicable drunkard". Woah. WOAH, dude. Not cool. That is not what the King of Brews is about. I am not a despicable drunkard or a widely revered one for that matter.

Me as well as everyone at Brewsky Artisanal emphasizes drinking responsibly. Sure, I don't personally mind folks smashing cans and chugging in the audience, that's their prerogative. Party on. At least as long as there is a designated driver. But you won't see me with anything beyond non-alcoholic brews on match day before a bout. Even afterwards, win or lose, it's flavour over volume, cans delivered to the proper recycling spots. Lead by example and everyone elsecan make their personal choice after that.

Anyhoo, enough PSA. The big kahoona is about to ignite, the UNITY Heavyweight Title Tournament! Utterly bodacious, especially for the young bucks around making a name from scratch. Coming in on the sprouts of a winning streak, you can bet I feel as fresh as a passion fruit sour (Brewsky Artisanal's Pulp Fiction passion fruit session ale coming out for the late summer market) poured into a frosted pint!

Big Bump! You and your bud came out of LA with a big tag win but now you've got a solo project on your hands in Hotlanta. Though I'm coming in with a win against a super-time-tested opponent in Mr. RF, I'm not under any illusion about coming in as an underdog. I expect the setting to be bro to bro, no entourages besmirching the tourney setting, ok? My mission is to deliver a few cool ones for the Georgia fans and then cool off your swaggy momentum by bumping you out of the Title hunt!

A brave brew world is rising, hop on!

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Re: UNITY Title Tournament Announcement

Post by JonS » Tue Jul 28, 2020 5:50 pm

UNITY Wrestling interviewer Marla Newman: I'm here with one of the latest additions to the UNITY roster, John Vibe (pronouncing it Vee-bay). John, welcome. What can the fans of UNITY wrestling expect from you?

John Vibe: (adjusting his blue John Lennon glasses so he can make eye contact over them) Thank you, Marla. I like to take a few chances in the ring. Feel the energy from the crowd. Feel those good vibes, you know?

Marla Newman: You've been put into the tournament for the UNITY World Title. How do you think you'll fare?

John Vibe: Always shoot for the stars. You could be looking at the first ever UNITY World Champion.

Marla Newman: Are you concerned at your first round opponent? At Lets Get It Started he ...

John Vibe: Chicks dig a champion, don't they? Yeah, that belt would be good.

Marla Newman: Your opponent though ...

John Vibe: (not listening) That's one mighty fine looking belt, too. It'd look really good around my waist.

Marla Newman: I'm sure it would. But first things first, what do you think about facing ...

John Vibe: Time to usher in a new Summer Of Love, maybe.

Marla Newman: Your thoughts on your opponent Q -

John Vibe: Hitting them with Good Vibrations. Having my hand raised. Yeah, you've gotta shoot for the stars.

Camera Man: Mr Vibe!

John Vibe: It's Vee-bay!

Marla Newman: (seizing her chance now John's focus is back) Mr Vee-bay, are you at all concerned about your opponent Qadir?

John Vibe: (looking very worried) Qadir?!

Marla Newman: You didn't know that you're facing Qadir at the next show?

John Vibe: I didn't know they'd made ... Qadir?!!

Marla Newman: Well now you know, do you have anything to say?

John Vibe: (looking more and more worried by the second) I, er ... I've gotta go. Peace out.

He flashes a rushed peace sign and leaves in a hurry.

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Re: UNITY Title Tournament Announcement

Post by Amazing_Jos » Fri Jul 31, 2020 4:26 am

*July 7th 2020*
*Mayweather Boxing and Fitness
Los Angeles, California*

*Thunderous thuds echo in the gym as "El Intocable" Alexi Garcia destroys a punching bag. Floyd "Money" Mayweather assists him with strike drills as part of a private training session *

*Super Agent Manuel Saavedra is seen from a distance on his cell phone, flustured with management of UNITY Wrestling.*

Manny: I apologize, but my client, Mr. Intocable, is only willing to make another appearance if Qadir is considered for the title tournament.

*muffled arguing*

Manny: Rory Knight did what few have done and actually took the fight to Qadir before being defeated. You may have an inkling of "Intocables" attention, amigo.

*chatter on other line*

Manny: Whoever you choose, let's hope their performance against Qadir impresses Alexi enough to sign with you full time.

*As Manuel is still talking, he notices the loud thuds have stopped and turns to see Mayweather and Intocable throwing off their gear.*

Mayweather: *raises hands in the air* Do something then! You ain't gonna do shit "amigo"!

*Intocable grins as he begins to clench his fists and approach Money Mayweather. Suddenly, a few of Mayweathers bodyguards come in between the two*

Bodyguard: Aye yo, Money, what's going on?!

Mayweather: This punk ass wants to come into my gym, talk shit to me about my technique and then challenge me to a fight. He is not on my level and wants to disrespect me? I'm the greatest fighter in contact Sports history. Im not putting up with this shit.

* Manuel frantically hangs up his cell phone and runs towards the situation taking place.*

Manny: Guys, what is the problema?!

Mayweather: Your little nobody wants to talk shit in Spanish. Like i ain't learn that shit when I whooped on Canelo, Oscar De La Hoya, Cotto or even that punk bitch Arturo Gatti! At least those guys beat someone, ya boy over here didnt even win his last MMA fight. He got disqualified!

*Alexi drops his grin and once again tries to walk up to Mayweather. Before he gets close, a guard extends his arm to stop "El Intocable".*

*Before he can touch Intocable, out of nowhere, a giant hand grabs ahold of the guards wrist.*

* the Aztec monster Qadir has now made his presence known to everyone and begins to crush the man's wrist.*

*The guard drops to one knee and begins to cry in Agony. Alexi smirks in satisfaction as Manuel begs Qadir to release the hold.*

*The other bodyguards rush at Qadir. The Monster head butts one of the charging guards, breaking his nose in the process. While still holding on to the wrist, Qadir ducks a right hook from another guard, grabs him by the face and slams him to the floor.

The sight of Floyd Mayweather causes Qadir to release the wrist of the bodyguard and walk towards him.

Mayweather has nowhere to go in the empty gym and prepares for the fight of his life.

"No mas, Qadir."

*The Monster halts as the voice of Alexi Garcia commands him *

Alexi: *bows at Mayweather*Tienes razón... no me derrotado a nadie... *begins to walk away with Qadir.* Vamos Manuelito...

Manny: *collecting Alexi's gear as he looks apologetic* Im so sorry Mr. Money. He said you are right. He has defeated no one . *hurries behind his two clients*

Mayweather: *scans the destruction that just took place* Maaaaan, fuck doing a favor for Freddy Prinze Jr!

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Re: UNITY Title Tournament Announcement

Post by Grundy » Sat Aug 01, 2020 3:58 pm

For those of you who don't know, let me introduce myself. I'm Silas Galloway. My back story? You don't need to know.

Well....I take that back. I'll tell you a little something about me. I'm a monster. A military trained, no quarter offered.....MONSTER.

Now you may say, Silas you're not the only big, bad scary Monster in UNITY. True, there's an Aztec monster, but he has a handler. There's an Australian monster, but he thinks he's Dog.

Then there's others who think they're monsters or can slay monsters.

But here's how I'm different. Not only am I a military trained monster, but I am also a monster with no handler and no delusions of who and what I am. I'm a monster with brains. With power and pain threshold to match. I am like no other Monster. I study and learn everything about who or what I have to destroy. And I have no reservations on doing what is necessary to achieve and complete my task.

And my task is to go through the UNITY Championship Tournament and become the first UNITY Champion.

The first item on the checklist to become the champion is to put you down Bud Bundy...I mean Whitman. Actually I do mean Bundy. You're a lot like that character. Trying to find the easy way to a payday. And I saw your match against the Aera 51 escapee. Trying, and that's a loose term, to use weapons to win. Didn't work for ya did it, Lil' Bud?

Well, Bud all I have to say is go ahead bring your toys. Because it will not help you. I've been put through and survived worse. And fair warning, if I get a hold of one of your little toys....I'll introduce you to your own personal hell.

So there's nothing else to say, but come one, come all....and see the burial of Bud. Courtesy of the Monster.....with Red Hands from Black Deeds.

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Re: UNITY Title Tournament Announcement

Post by chaosphere » Mon Aug 03, 2020 5:12 am

Enter scene inside a jacuzzi where 2 smokin' hot broads in swimwear with glasses of bubbly sit under each arm of Rory "The Diamond" Knight. Rory has his max size aviators on wonky half hanging off his face whilst he himself is holding a glass of the bubbly.

Haya getting orn? (How are you?)

As yer can see, I been a busy little boy since Loss Angle-lees...HICK...

...it's clear this bender has lasted a while...

I bin a bit orn a bit of a downer, my day-boo (debut) dint quite goo as what I wanted. That was my big US day-boo, my dream, my families dream - to goo abroad and....

He stares off into the distance for a brief second...HICK...then he swigs at the half empty prosecco bottle before he snaps out of it remembering he's in front of the camera

Anyway, that car-deer (Qadir) chap was a unit (large object) wut he. HOOOOGE! (huge) I nearly had him n all! Next time my man, next time. He winks at the camera.

Now then onto this tournament to croown the fust (first) ever younity (Unity) champion. I bin drawn against some bluck (bloke) called "Little Bubbly". I never 'erd (heard) on him but I av learned from the ol' car-deer that if I'm gorn be a staaaaar then I gotta make sure I'm prepared approooopriately.

He takes another gigantic glug from the bottle of fizz.

And thass why am here in TRAY-NIN! (training).

Yer see Litt-ull Bubbly, in order to be victorious over you I gotta become one with the bubbly and despite my best efforts I aren't quite there yet...

He finishes off the bottle and hurls it out of shot until a smashing sound occurs a second later. The broad on his left reaches into the a giant ice bucket and pulls out another bottle.

YES MY WOMAN! Git that open!

Bubbly, I'll see you orn the....when is it?

He looks at both the ladies to check...



Camera goes black but the audio is still on....

Fuck am arse-hoooooled. (very drunky drunky)

Do either on yer know how to make a kee-bab (kebab)? Ass gorn be chunder city in har (here) in a minute...HICK

Heavy breathing commences....

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Re: UNITY Title Tournament Announcement

Post by YourTornAlive » Mon Aug 03, 2020 8:43 pm

Freddie and official UNITY Foreman Mac Guyver have a discussion as they wind their way through a warehouse.

"Well, Freddie, I'm gonna be real sorry to see her go. She's made my job a helluvalot easier, and slashed our vehicle repair budget by almost half with her improvements. Not to mention all the trucks and buses are probably in better shape than when we got em. Hell, she's even knocked these knuckleheads down a few pegs. Haven't had a fight in 10 days from these hotheads." Mac gestures to a small group of men with bumps and bruises in the brown/yellow healing stages.

Freddie grins and pats Mac on the back. "Well Mac, I honestly don't think I'm going to be able to keep her away entirely, even if I wanted to. And if a special project comes up, you let me know and we'll work something out."

"You know I appreciate that, Freddie. Still gonna miss her around here." Mac approaches one of the workers with a particularly harsh black eye. "She around?" The crew member nods and gestures nervously to a pair of boots sticking out from under a truck engine.

Freddie looks as Mac curiously. Mac chuckles. "He thought it would be funny to steal her clothes from her locker while she showered. He did not anticipate her willingness to kick his butt while only wearing a towel. Two others who took the opportunity to look have matching shiners. She came to me about it, but the others refused to make any sort of report." Freddie smiles. "Lemme guess - 10 days ago?" Mac nods.

They arrive at the boots, and Mac gently nudges one with his toe.

"Finally!" Vivian slides out from under the engine. "Remember how I said she didn't sound quite right? Well I started to take er apart and- Oh! Mr. Prinze!" She hastily gets up and tries to dust herself off. "I apologize for not looking presentable, if I-"

Freddie waves her off. "You know why I'm here Vivian." Vivian looks at Mac, crestfallen. "You told him about what I did with the buses, and the budget?" Mac nods with a disappointed smile. Freddie sees the mutual disappointment, and takes a deep breath. "Vivian, everything you have done here is fantastic, and I and everyone else in UNITY is so proud of you, and appreciative of what you've done for us. But you are way too exciting to not be in front of a crowd! You can be a real role model for kids!"

Vivian sighs. "But I'm good at THIS. This is who I am, not some flashy, flirty, girly-girl in a miniskirt. They tried to put me in a miniskirt and heels for the show, Mr. Prinze. How in the damn hell was I supposed to secure anything in a damn miniskirt?" Mac and Freddie try to contain smiles.

"You're absolutely right, Vivian. But as much as you're trying to tell me that you aren't ready for the world of wrestling, what I see is that wrestling is not ready for YOU. Wrestling has made a lot of progress in recognizing how diverse and talented women can be, but it's not quite the norm yet. Which means it needs people like you to push it forward even more. The mold is yours to break."

Mac puts a hand on her shoulder. "He's right. You are good at this - damn good. But it's also the only thing you've really tried. Better to try something new while you're young, see how far you can get. If it goes sideways, this'll still be here." Freddie give an appreciative nod to Mac. Mac continues. "Mr. Prinze is well aware that I would eat my hat before seeing you let go, so rest assured if you don't have a job in the ring, you can always come back here." Freddie masks his surprise at the statement, but takes note of the the message as Mac looks him in the eye.

Vivian seems swayed by Mac's words. Freddie sees his opportunity. "You know, Vivian, you can't really give wrestling a chance if you're hiding under engines all day. All I want to see is you giving this a real effort. Which is why I will be ordering you to sit ringside at our next show. People are eager to see you again, and we have to give fans what they want! Dress how YOU want to impress."

Freddie notices the crew has gathered afar to eavesdrop behind Vivian, and that they are looking relieved and celebratory. He raises his voice for all to clearly hear him.

"After the show, your training will begin. But until then, she's all yours boys." The blackest eyed crew member audibly gulps as Vivian furiously spins around. "And it ain''t like I'll be going far neither so I better not hear about no more trashy, pigheaded stunts!" They scatter as Vivian looks satisfied.

"You gave me a chance, and so now I'll trust you and give wrestling a chance, Mr. Prinze." Vivian turns back to Mac and Freddie. "I'll be at the show. And Mac, I promise I'll get er back together and working perfectly before I go. If you'll excuse me, gentlemen." Vivian lowers herself down and slides back under the engine as Mac walks Freddie out of the warehouse.

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Re: UNITY Title Tournament Announcement

Post by Puns » Mon Aug 03, 2020 9:14 pm

“Thank you for calling the office of Unity Wrestling, how may I direct your call?” the receptionist at the Unity office politely answeres. “Mmmmm, yes, this is Zachary Brimstead, Esquire, the world’s greatest barbershop singer, the world’s greatest love maker and the world’s gereateat wrestling manager calling for Freddie Prinze Jr. He’ll know what this is about. Just mention my name and he’ll pick right up,” Zachary Brimstead, Esquire says arrogantly into his iPhone with the classic barbershop pole red and white diagonal pinstriped case. “And hurry it up,” he adds in his nasally baritone. “I’ve got important things going on, not like you would know anything about that. You just answer phones for a living! But stop all your blathering on and get me Freddie Prinze Jr, you fool,” he says before rudely adding “I don’t have all day.” The receptionist paused momentarily. “One moment, I’ll see if he’s available,” the receptionist say as professionally as possible. “Hold please.” A classical song Zachary Brimstead, Esquire recognizes plays faintly in the background and he hums along loudly as he waits.

“This is Freddie Prinze Jr, how may I help you?” Freddie Prinze Jr answers. “Mmmm, yes, this is Zachary Brimstead, Esquire, the world’s greatest love maker, the world’s greatest barbershop singer and the world’s greatest professional wrestling manager, speaking. I have a replacement for that stupid dead Raccoon Face,” he says. “I met him at a high stakes back room card game,” he braggs ignorantly. “I won $75,000 dollars playing high stakes back room strip poker with only the very most influential people in Newbridge. You wanna know who all was there, don’t you?” he says, wanting to brag about the powerful people he knows. “Maurice Kern, Hot Rockin’ Ronny, Judge Montgomery Davies, Corey Harris from Mother 13, Craig Cooper the owner of Radio Hut, Police Chief Giuseppe Harrupps, Power Pop Pop-Pop, Marky Ramone from the Ramones, Newbridge Hardcore scene legend Hammerhead, lawyer another Esquire, Roderick J Martinez, Esquire, reverend Ken Miller, Matthew Tompkins from the Shout! Network, Mike Sajack, Pat Sajack’s older brother and Gene Simmons from Kiss, just to name maybe three or four people. It turns out, I might be the world’s greatest card player, too. I might just have to look into that in the future. But I’ll do that after I show you and everyone else in the world that I am not only the world’s greatest love maker, mmmm oh yes I surely am-just ask your mother, and I’m not just the world’s greatest barbershop singer, but I am also the world’s greatest professional wrestling manager.”

“But here is what’s important about all those racks on racks on racks of sweet, sweet cash I was making in the high stakes back room strip poker game I was playing with all the heavy hitters from Newbridge. Yes, that’s right, I’m one of the heavy hitters, you know” he brags. “But Gene Simmons had this big, kinda quiet guy with him. He talked weird. I don’t know where somebody that talks like that even comes from, but I’ve never heard words sound like that when they come out of someone’s mouth before. Nobody in Newbridge talks like that. But Gene Simmons and I were talking about all the ladies we’ve both made love to, and while we finished swapping back and forth telling the most erotic and passionate love making stories you’ve ever heard, we started talking about how I need to find someone to kick the absolute S-Hit out of that no good pervert Jackson Brown-Hole so that’s everyone knows that I’m the world’s greatest wrestling manager. You know what happened next?” ZB asks and immediately began speaking again without waiting for an answer. “Gene Simmons so kindly, generously, magnanimously and graciously offered me the services of his bodyguard, SomethingSomething Jackinov. He’s European,” he brags. “I said ‘His name is SomethingSomething Jackin’ Off? What kind of complete and total idiot names their kid ‘SomethingSomething Jackin’ Off?’” The big guy didn’t like that and Gene Simmons had to calm him down. He said ‘it’s pronounced YACKIN-OFF,’ but when he gave me his very official bodyguard business card it’s spelled J-A-C-K-I-N-O-V. Looks like Jackinov is churching it up, just like Joe Dirt did in that one movie I can’t remember the name of. But do you know what, Freddie Prinze Jr? That total pervert you have us facing, what’s his name again?” Zachary Brimstead, Esquire inquires and Freddie Prinze Jr barely gets Jackson Browne” out before Zachary Brimstead, Esquire rudely begins speaking again, saying “Mmm, yes, Jackson Brown-Stain is going down just like a dirty, crack addicted, $3 back alley Oldbridge skank at the show this weekend, courtesy of SomethingSomething Jackinov. You can congratulate me later on being the world’s greatest wrestling manager. Late.”

Freddie Prinze Jr sighs and places the phone back on the receiver.

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Re: UNITY Title Tournament Announcement

Post by ICEMAN KING PATSON » Mon Aug 03, 2020 9:53 pm

pitch blackness. a low pitch whine

an unidentified screen switches on. Its the only light in the room.

on the screen...

The New York Times

No Longer in Shadows, Pentagon’s U.F.O. Unit Will Make Some Findings Public
For over a decade, the program, now tucked inside the Office of Naval Intelligence, has discussed mysterious events in classified briefings.

A gloved hand grabs the screen...and throws it. we hear a loud crash. its back to pitch blackness


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Re: UNITY Title Tournament Announcement

Post by Annette1968 » Tue Aug 04, 2020 7:55 pm

(The camera flashes open to find "Luscious" Lenny Backstrom standing in Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Georgia. A beautiful brown-haired woman has her arms wrapped around him. She nibbles at his earlobe and he grins from ear to ear.)

Lenny - Hotlanta. The ATL. The Dogwood City. Badstreet U.S.A. Call it whatever you want. The Luscious One is calling it home for the next few days. Given the fact this is my first time in Atlanta, I needed to find the best tour guide possible till Friday. (He glances to the woman on his left.) And I did just that. Let me introduce to you this radiant Georgia peach, Miss Constance Shepherd. (Blinding white teeth are flashed, as a small hand with manicured nails makes a causal wave)

Constance - Hey y'all.

Lenny - How blessed am I?

(Lenny laughs to himself.)

Lenny - While Constance spends the next few days showing Lenny everything this city has to offer. And I mean everything. Let me assure you that my mind will be on the task at hand on Friday night. Round one. The Unity Wrestling Title Tournament. Cody, it would have been better for you that you never entered this tournament. You are just an obstacle on my path to greatness. The Backstrom beatdown commences in three days. 

(Lenny points to his cheek, and Constance follows with a kiss. Lenny blushes for a moment. He runs his eyes over her body)

Lenny - Time for me to check out the scenery. 

(The camera fades as Lenny laughs)

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Re: UNITY Title Tournament Announcement

Post by Annette1968 » Tue Aug 04, 2020 8:40 pm

(Takedown Wrestling Academy. Tampa Indoor/Outdoor Sports Complex. Andrea Frost is sparring in the ring with indy wrestler Ken Joyce. The action is steady, with several repetitive sequences taking place. From the corner of the room, TWA head trainer Johnny Grey watches intently. A few minutes later, Ian Scott moves next to him.)

Ian - How's she doing?

Johnny - Really good. She's moving well. Endurance seems to be there. Looks positive from here.

Ian - You let Ken know what I wanted, right.

Johnny - Yep. He is doing his best to mimic that Grey guy. But that is easier said then done.

Ian - I know. As long as he tries. The rest is up to her. 

(Johnny turns to Ian)

Johnny - You don't mind me saying, you seem a bit distracted. Everything okay?

(Ian exhales for a moment. He motions to his wife in the ring.)

Ian - I'm worried about her.

(Johnny studies Andrea)

Johnny - Worried. Why?

Ian - From a physical standpoint, Andrea couldn't be better. She is in the best shape possible. 

Johnny - But?

Ian - My wife is carrying a lot of emotional and mental baggage. Most of it personal, but it is starting to bleed over into her professional life. I have tried to help in what ever capacity I can, but I am running out of options on my end.

Johnny - I am assuming you have considered professional help.

Ian - I have a friend who has offered to help. I'm just struggling with how to approach Andi about it. She could understand and accept the help.

Johnny - Or.

Ian - Or she could withdrawal even more, and I lose my wife forever.

(Ian turns and walks back into the office.)

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Re: UNITY Title Tournament Announcement

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Everyone at UNITY is saddened at the untimely passing of Raccoon Face. Our condolences go out to Zachary Brimstead Esquire and any other friends/family of Raccoon Face.

This leaves a spot in the UNITY Heavyweight Title Tournament open. Mr Brimstead has already found a replacement, Jackinov. What will the unknown Jackinov bring to the table tonight? Watch us in the venue/online to find out.

The amended card for tonight's show is

Bracket 1
Lil Bubbly vs Rory Knight
Cody vs Lenny Backstrom

Bracket 2
Jackson Browne vs Jackinov
Silas Galloway vs Bud Whitman

Bracket 3
Henrik Brewsky vs Big Bump
John Vibe vs Qadir

Bracket 4
Andrea Frost vs The Grey
RaYnE vs Biff

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Re: Hot Right Now

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UNITY 2 - Hot Right Now

Center Stage Theatre, Atlanta
Attendance 1000

At precisely 8 PM on the dot the lights go out in the Center Stage Theatre. Hot Right Now by DJ Fresh ft Rita Ora plays over the soundsystem and the crowd goes wild, clapping, cheering and wooing. The fans chant YOU-NUH-TEE YOU-NUH-TEE YOU-NUH-TEE! The song stops and the large LED screen above the stage entrance lights up with the image of a thing copper topped spinning red and white pin striped barbershop pole. The nasally baritone of Zachary Brimstead, Esquire calls out from the darkness.

“MMMMMMM!!!” he groans into the mic as a spotlight shines down on his massive girth. He wears a diagonal red and white striped vest, unbuttoned to show his humongous oily man breasts and his acre or so if stomach, a white top hat with white and red pinstripes on the underside, black slacks and shoes and a red and white pin striped cummerbund. The light shining off his disgustingly oily gargantuan gut casts a shiny glare, showcasing the fat rolls between his back and chest as the spotlight makes his crevices ever more of a focal point than normal.

“OHHH YESSS! Drink me in, ladies!!!” he calls out to the female fans. “Drink me in, just like you would a cold glass of water after an all night love making session with moi, the greatest love maker in the world. Let some dribble down your chins too, ohhhhhhh!” Zachary Brimstead, Esquire moans sexually into the microphone. The crowd boos and Zachary Brimstead, Esquire brushes his vest to the side and tweaks his nipples and points to a woman at the base of the stage and nods. He gyrates and pumps his pelvis in her direction, moaning erotically again. The poor fan gags and sits down into her seat as he walks closer to her.

“You see ladies? Just being in the mere presence of the worlds greatest love maker turned her knees into absolute jelly and she couldn’t even stand! If I can make you feel that good just by walking towards you imagine what I could make you feel tonight after the show! Room 102 at the Days Inn,” he says coyly, winking as he tosses the room key in her general direction as he continues walking to the ring. “You can come rub me down with Persian oil I imported all the way from Persia. It’s not even legal in America! You can come rub it in all my crevices, ohhhhh! Just wait a few minutes though, this match is going to be quick!

Jackson Browne vs Jackinov

I present to you a man hailing all the way from somewhere in Eastern Europe! He’s a 6 foot tall, 230 pound brutal A double S kicking Russian or Roman or Romanian or something like that. He is also the bodyguard of Gene Simmons from KISS. Yes, that’s right you fools, I know Gene Simmons.” The crowd cheers for KISS and Zachary Brimstead, Esquire mistakenly thinks they’re cheering for him and he moans again as he twists at the nipple of one of his massive, extremely oily man breasts and revels in the cheers of the crowd. “Anyways, I introduce to you, the man who is not only going to make your panties drop, but he’s going to kick the S-hit out of that guy Jackson Browne.” He grunts as he bends over to duck between the top and middle ropes, climbing into the ring. As he enters the ring his massive stomach hangs down and gets oil all over the middle rope.

“Oh yeah, I saw Jackson Browne backstage before the show. He was naked, putting on his jock strap and I just happened to walk into the room as he bent over to pull the straps up and I see why they call him Jackson Browne! And OH MY GOD! Jackson, you disgusting creep, haven’t you heard that it’s 2020? Wouldn’t you know this jerk has the hairiest butthole I have ever seen! I mean, who even has pubes anymore? Ugh! You do know that at manscaped.com/ZacharyBrimsteadEsquireWorldsGreatestLoveMaker you can get 20% off your first order, getting the Perfect Package 3.0 to trim up those hairs all around your brown hole? You should take a page out of MY book and just shave off every single bit of body hair like a real man. I like to keep things smooth for all the ladies. Your ladies, and your balls, and more specifically my eyes will thank you.

But finally, I introduce to you, SOMETHINGSOMETHING JACKINOV!” He hits the J in the name instead of pronouncing it as a Y sound. “And that’s definitely NOT what we will be doing after the show because when we win tonight, we’re going to be absolutely swimming in the ladies after the show. Ohhhhh!!!”

Out marches Jackinov, a scowl on his face. He has shortish, wet, slicked back black hair and has on black tights and black boots and knee pads. His hands and wrists are taped and he punches his right fist into his left hand as he steps between the ropes and is immediately standing next to the unbelievable girth of Zachary Brimstead, Esquire. “Now bring out Jackson Browne to get his butt whipped! ZB demands I to the microphone. Jackinov leans in and says in his thick Eastern European accented English “Hello, my name is pronounced Miro-Slav Yackin-Ov, thank you for having me here to fight. I will win tonight for you Zachary Brimstead to be the greatest manager of wrestling. Come to fight me, Jackson. I will break you.”

Bounty Hunter by Buddy Brown begins and Jackson Browne bursts through the entrance curtain. At 6’6”, 265 pounds, he is much larger than Jackinov. He also wears a scowl across his face and he jogs to the ring, sliding under the ropes. He immediately rushes over and punches Jackinov right in the mouth. Referee Francisco del Mar signals for the bell and it rings, beginning the contest as Jackinov stumbles backwards and falls onto his back. Zachary Brimstead, Esquire yells “don’t touch me!” and scrambles as fast as a morbidly obese barbershop singer can as Jackson Brown takes off after him. He squeals not unlike a hog and tries desperately to run and Jackson Brown grabs ZB by the collar of his vest.

Thanks to the gallon or so of exotic Persian oil he rubbed all over himself before coming out, the vest slides right off and he is able to squirm out of Browne’s reach between the ropes, down the ring steps and to the floor. Jackinov is back to his feet and clubs Browne on the back. Browne turns angrily around and clobbers the European with a hard clothesline, sending him crashing back down to the canvas. Jackinov shakes it off and is quickly back up to a knee. Browne hits the far ropes and unfortunately hits the patch of ropes covered in Zachary Brimstead, Esquire’s exotic imported Persian oil and slips between the ropes as he hits them, spilling hard to the floor on his upper back and shoulders. He rolls backwards in a heap onto his stomach and clutches the back of his head.

Jackinov runs to the ropes to keep the advantage, but referee Francisco Del Mar stops him from exiting the ring. He slides out to check on Jackson Browne. Francisco Del Mar slides back into the ring to keep Jackson Browne from exiting the ring. As he is distracted by Jackinov, Zachary Brimstead, Esquire waddles stealthily over and kicks Jackson Brown in the ribs twice and waddles quickly(ish) away to the opposite side of the ring. Jackinov pushes the referee aside and jumps to the floor. He grabs a handful of Jackson Browne’s hair, pulling and jerking him up to his feet and rolls him back into the ring. He climbs to the top rope and quickly dives off with a splash. He soars through the air and crashed chest, stomach and legs first onto the mat as Jackson Browne rolls out of the way. Brown is up to his feet, shakes off the cobwebs, hits the ropes just as Jackinov makes it up to a knee and delivers a vicious Yakuza kick to the face of Jackinov. He grabs Jackinov by the back of the neck and hauls him back to his feet. He picks him up and delivers a back drop suplex. Jackinov writhes in pain on the mat, arching and clutching at his lower back. Jackson Brown stomps several times on the stomach and chest of Browne.

Jackson makes a cut throat motion signaling that the match is over. Zachary Brimstead wails “NOOOOOO!!!! STOOOPPPPP!!! JACKINOV!!!!!!!” from the outside of the ring. Jackson Browne jerks Jackinov back to his feet and hooks him in a full nelson. He tries to lift Jackinov up for his finisher, Lockdown, but Jackinov headbutts Brown in the face with the back of his head. Browne grabs his face and sees blood on his hands. His nose has been busted! Jackinov kicks Brown in the gut and jabs him twice on the top of his head before throwing a haymaker. Jackson Browne ducks under, hooks the full nelson again, lifts Jackinov in the air, turns him and slams him face first into the mat! That’s his finisher, Lockdown! It’s over! He climbs on top for the academic three count and Zachary Brimstead, Esquire wails in defeat, pounding on the ring apron and throwing a tantrum.

Your winner -
Jackson Browne (6:32)
After the match Jackson Browne grabs the mic. “Hang on just a sec. I’ve gotta clear something up, mates. Just for the record,” he says in his Australian accent, “I don’t have a hairy anus. He’s lying! And now I’m gonna kick his ass!” The crowd cheers loudly. He then throws the mic at Zachary Brimstead, Esquire, hitting him in the stomach and jumps out of the ring, chasing the disgustingly oily, insanely obese ZB to the back.

Vivian Ramshackle, sitting ringside behind the UNITY officials, shakes her head at Zachary Brimstead’s antics.

Cody vs Lenny Backstrom

Cody, one half of the B-Sides tag team, hears the cheers of the fans as he makes his way to the ring. He’s introduced by legendary Rock N Roll DJ, The Wolfman, with a big “Ooooooooooow!” He leaps into the ring and acknowledges the applause. Cody is accompanied by his tag partner Biff. Sugar by Maroon 5 cues the arrival of "Luscious" Lenny Backstrom. The heat from the audience is instantaneous, and Lenny soaks it all in. He pauses for a moment on the ring apron, looking at Cody with disdain.

Stepping through the ropes, he charges wildly at Cody, who quickly sidesteps the attack, sending Backstrom crashing into the corner. Cody delivers a series of quick right hands. He tosses Lenny into the ropes and sends him flying in the air with a back body drop. Cody follows with a scintillating pair of standing dropkicks, sending Backstrom out of the ring. Lenny smacks the ring apron in absolute frustration as the crowd buzzes with joy. Cody motions for Lenny to get back in the ring.

Backstrom enters the ring and catches Cody with a series of kicks into the midsection. Cody reverses a whip into the ropes and catches Lenny with a big hip toss. He follows with three consecutive deep arm drags, finishing the run with a tight armbar. Cody's speed is creating serious issues for Backstrom, and his technical prowess sets the tone for the next few minutes. Cody attempts to increase the tempo again with a running clothesline. Lenny ducks the attempt and fires a big right hand that has Cody reeling against the ropes. Lenny connects with his own clothesline. sending Cody over the top rope to the floor below. Backstrom wastes no time, connecting with a suicide senton that sends both men crashing into the barricade.

Lenny slams Cody headfirst into the ring apron. He tosses him back into the ring and begins a simplistic assault. Punches and kicks. Elbows and knees. Slams and suplexes. The cumulative effect of each move creates problems for his opponent. Every rally by Cody is cut off by Backstrom's brutality. Lenny applies a modified camel clutch, taunting Cody and fans as he does so. Backstrom gives Cody a slam and moves to the second rope for a double axe handle. As he leaps, Cody greets him with a right hand to the gut. A dropkick sends Lenny sprawling into the corner. The crowd reacts with cheers as Cody fires up.

Cody whips Lenny into the far corner. Backstrom flips upside down, then right side up back in the ring. Cody catches him on the rebound with an inverted Atomic Drop. He follows with a quick clothesline off the ropes. He goes for the pin. 1...2...Kick out. Cody drags Lenny to his feet. Backstrom pokes him in the eye. Lenny tries for a piledriver. Cody backdrops him. Cody goes for a suplex, but Lenny floats over and tries for a release German Suplex. Cody lands on his feet and moves quickly to hit a Russian Legsweep. Lenny grabs onto the top rope, leaving Cody to crash to the mat. Cody grabs the back of his head as he is pulled to his feet.

Cody is whipped into the ropes. He tries to catch Lenny with a surprise Thesz Press, but Backstrom catches him, reverses his position, and drives Cody throat first on the top rope. Cody clutches at his neck as he crashes to the mat. The referee moves quickly to check on him. Lenny pushes him away and drags a distressed Cody into a sit-down piledriver. Cody convulses on the mat. Lenny moves to the top turnbuckle. He waits for a moment before leaping off with the Boozy Floozy. Cody goes limp as Lenny hooks the leg for the three count.

Winner –
Lenny Backstrom (14:29)
The crowd lustily boos Backstrom, who rises from the mat with both hands held high. He wipes the sweat from his brow onto a prone Cody and leaves the ring. It takes a minute or two before officials can aid Cody out of the ring. He is greeted by respectful cheers from the audience.

Lil Bubbly vs Rory Knight

Lil Bubbly is out first to Turn My Swag On by Soulja Boy. He's accompanied by his crew of manager Ryan Crystal and bodyguard Earl "the Pearl" Monroe, though not his tag team partner Big Bump, who's in action later on tonight. Bubbly and his crew act above the fans as they get booed. Knights Of Cydonia then plays. But where is Rory Knight? He's taking so long to make his entrance that the UNITY officials start to worry and one of them makes his way to the back. Finally Knight appears, holding a bottle of bubbly. The fans give him a good reception and he holds the bottle up in the air in response.

As Knight faces off with Bubbly in the ring something doesn't seem quite right with his demeanour. He takes a gulp from the bottle before placing it at ringside. The referee calls for the bell and we're underway. Rory waves at a hot looking women in the front row. Lil Bubbly quickly takes advantage, laying into his opponent with strikes and following it up with a takedown.

Bubbly spends the next few minutes keeping Knight grounded on the mat and working him over. It's smart from the Swag Crew man. Knight isn't at home here, he wants to get his spots in. Bubbly goes for a few early covers, forcing Knight to use up energy as he kicks out.

Managing to roll away and put some distance between himself and his opponent, Knight looks around. He rolls under the bottom rope and goes to the bottle. He takes another swig and goes to get back in the ring. Lil Bubbly distracts the referee, allowing Ryan Crystal to trip Knight up on the apron by grabbing his legs. Knight hits the apron face first. Ouch! That had to hurt. Vivian Ramshackle leads the protests from the fans on that side of the ring as Lil Bubbly quickly grabs Knight and drags him back to the middle of the ring.

Lil Bubbly wears Knight down with more holds now. The Norwich man is stretched and twisted. He has no counters, but he eventually manages to get to the ropes to escape. Lil Bubbly launches himself through the air, but Knight shows great reflexes and dodges. Bubbly crashes into the ropes and then down to the mat. Ryan Crystal gets on the apron, trying to take the referee's attention. Knight is having none of it and throws Bubbly into his manager, who falls to the floor. The fans cheer. Knight now throws Bubbly over the top rope and he joins Crystal on the floor. Earl Monroe helps them both back to their feet. All three of them are wiped out as Knight flies through the air with a spectacular tope con hilo with middle rope springboard.

The fans are on their feet cheering and banging the barricades. Knight has turned the tide. But he wastes precious time going back to his bottle and taking another drink from it. It sounds like he's saying something about becoming one with the bubbly! He picks up Lil Bubbly and bundles him back in the ring. Showboating, Knight makes a big deal of tuning up for a superkick. But he's a bit off in his execution and Bubbly manages to duck it. Is Knight with it here? Has he drunk too much?

Bubbly gains control again. This time Knight fights his way back into it with some kicks and now a successful super kick. Knight seems to have some momentum at last. It's now Bubbly's turn to kick out of some pin attempts. His team get to work to stop this. Crystal yells at the referee, creating the opening. Monroe grabs the bottle and throws it to Lil Bubbly. This doesn't look good for Knight. Bubbly swings with the bottle, fizz goes everywhere ... but Knight ducks it. Super kick! And another! Lil Bubbly drops the bottle and falls to the mat. Knight leaps to the top rope and comes off with Have a little scrimmage (spiral tap). He hooks both legs for the cover. Crystal and Monroe try to get in the ring to break up the pin, but they're just too late.

Winner –
Rory Knight(12:15)
The fans cheer as Knight rolls out of the ring and holds his hands aloft. He grabs the bottle and tries to take another swig. Damn it! he says, as he finds it's empty.

Footage is shown on the big screen of RaYnE winning the main event at Let’s Get It Started.

RaYnE vs Biff

Over the loudspeakers, the voice of Wolfman Jack blares throughout the Center Stage Theater for the second time tonight.

Oooooooowwww! This is Wolfman coming at ya loud and ready to rock your ears off. Here he comes, one of the newest hits of the World of Professional Wrestling. He rocks…he rolls…and he’ll get you…slipping and sliding! Here he comes with his pal, Cody, this is Biff! Owwwwwwwwwww!

Out walks Biff, dressed in some 50’s attire, as his B-sides partner Cody is behind him. Biff looks confident as he makes his way to the ring. Being a bigger guy, he takes the ring step up to the apron, as the smaller Cody slides into the ring. Biff gets in and him and Cody do a few poses, and turns to wait for his opponent.

The lights go out, and you hear the Intro to Deachwita, by Agust D. The music has a big time feel to it still, and as soon as the beat kicks in, a spotlight shines on the stage. RaYnE stands in the spotlight, with some sort of pose, you would see from Kung Fu films. He is wearing a long white coat, that has the feel of ancient Asia. On top of his head is a Conical Sedge, which would look like the hat Raiden wears in Mortal Kombat.

The crowd ringside is banging on the guard rails in sequence with the beat. RaYnE slowly starts to make his way down. He also walks up the ring steps, and gets onto the apron. He walks to the middle of the apron, and looks at the hard camera, and does another pose. His eyes, which look pure, white, and a sense of intensity is seen in his face. He quickly turns his head a bit to see his opponent. He finally steps through the ropes, and Biff comes right up to RaYnE. The ref gets in between them, and tells Biff to get bac. RaYnE starts to take off the coat and hat as Kevin Burr tells Cody to get out of the ring, and stay in that particular corner.

As both competitors look ready, Kevin Burr finally calls for the bell. For a moment, the two just stare at each other. The crowd is so amped up that it’s so hard to hear. The camera shakes from all the noise and reverberation. Finally, the two start to circle each other, and finally lock up.

Biff, definably the bigger of the two, takes a small advantage and starts to back RaYnE up in the corner. Burr gets in the middle to back Biff up. It is a clean break. Biff just looks at RaYnE, who motions his head as if he’s popping his neck bones. Biff stare, and begs RaYnE to come at him. RaYnE doesn’t oblige as he’s playing a few mind games of his own. Biff runs after RaYnE, who ducks under and kicks Biff in the thighs.

Biff winces in pain, but the big man turns back to RaYnE. Charges again, and again, RaYnE ducks and again he kicks the thigh of the big man. Biff now looks mad, and again charges at RaYnE who could not duck this time and gets clotheslined hard. Biff immediately picks him up, and chokeslams RaYnE.

RaYnE lands hard, and you can see he is in pain. Biff looks at Cody, who’s giving him a thumbs up. He turns back to RaYnE who is slowly starting to get up. He’s getting up in a corner, and Biff runs at him, trying to end this match early, but RaYnE moves out of the way, and Biff hits chest first into the turnbuckle, and RaYnE tries to schoolboy him. He gets a two count, as Biff kicks out.

RaYnE knows that it’s going to take a lot to beat the big man. He has to use his speed, so he immediately goes off the ropes and dropkicks the sitting Biff. Another 2 count, as Biff sits up again, and again RaYnE goes off the ropes, and again connects to the face of Biff. Again RaYnE goes for a pin and again Biff kicks out but this time it was like 2 and ¾.

Again Kevin Burr goes to check on the big man, and RaYnE feels as if he has this one. Kevin Burr goes to check on Biff, but Cody is already checking on him. Burr wrongly thinks that Cody might be up to something and speaks to him. Cody assures him he was just checking. RaYnE goes over to warn Cody off. Biff takes advantage of the opening to hit RaYnE and drop him with a DDT.

This gives Biff time to recover, and picks up the downed RaYnE. A scoop slam, followed by a Side Walk Slam into a running elbow, and Biff goes for a bear hug. Biff has his opponent, tightly squeezed in his grasp, trying to drive the air out of RaYnE. His body goes limp, and the crowd sensing that the end could be near, make some noise. A noise which wakes RaYnE, as the ref goes to drop his arm. But his arm never makes it down, and with his new found adrenalin, RaYnE smacks his arms across Biff’s head a few times until he releases the hold.

Biff, staggers from the unexpected hit, as RaYnE drops. He is getting up, and with a new found wind dropkicks Biff’s left leg. Biff, surprised drops to his knees. RaYnE goes off the ropes and hits Biff with a V-Trigger. He goes down. RaYnE covers for the pin, but still only a two count. RaYnE can’t believe it.

He gets up and looks as if he’s going to try and hit the Storm Warning on the big man. It would take a lot of strength to get him up. RaYnE tries to lift the man, but he can’t get him up. The pressure from the bear hug has done too much damage. He grabs his back in pain. But he didn’t see the big boot coming as it connected with his face. Biff grabs the stunned RaYnE and hits a powerbomb. This has to be it. Biff goes to cover, but doesn’t seem to realize the area of the ring they are in. As Kevin Burr counts the 1…2..before 3, RaYnE has his foot draped on the bottom rope.

The cheer from the crowd is loud. Biff shakes his head and tosses RaYnE outside the ring. RaYnE yells at Cody to stay away from him, but Cody wasn’t going to take advantage. They start arguing. Biff follows his opponent outside and starts to pummel RaYnE. He tosses RaYnE into the ring post and steel chairs. He proceeds to toss RaYnE in ring.

Biff goes to pick up RaYnE. As he bends down, RaYnE tries a school boy, but then decides to roll out of it and lock in the Crossface. Biff is stunned and shocked, as RaYnE wrenches the big man with all his strength. Biff is trying to get to the ropes, but RaYnE has the hold locked in tight. RaYnE leans back, putting more pressure on the big man that he has no other choice but to tap out. Kevin Burr calls for the bell.

Winner –
The crowd cheers as RaYnE is awarded the victory. The ref raises his hand, and the crowd cheers again. Then the crowd gets loud, as Lenny Backstrom slides into the ring. He looks as if he is sizing up his attack. As he comes up behind RaYnE, he locks in the Scranton Scrangler (Arm Triangle Choke). With the hold locked in, he modifies it with a slam to the mat. Boos come across the theater, as Backstrom stands over RaYnE for the second time in two shows. You hear him yell…”I TOLD YOU TO KEEP MY NAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!”

Intermission is announced

John Vibe vs Qadir

"Time Of The Season" by the Zombies plays on the speakers as John Vibe makes his debut for Unity Wrestling. His first match is the 1st round for the Unity title tournament. John’s facial expression for this particular moment does not match his groovy laid back wrestling gear.

The room goes dark as the beginning of El Cancion Del Mariachi plays. A red light shines on the "Servant of Death" Qadir as he and free agent Alexi " El Intocable" Garcia make their entrance. A rose is once again present in the back of Alexi's pocket.

Qadir gets in the ring before introductions are made. As the bell rings, the Aztec monster attempts El Lariato on Mr. Vibe to end the match early. Vibe instinctually ducks, hits a lethal enzuigiri and follows up with a huge drop kick! The momentum knocks Qadir to the outside, J.V. wastes no time and hits the ropes. He jumps over the top and uses the velocity to nail a tope con Hilo. The heels of Vibe connect over the head of the Monster and he crumbles awkwardly to the floor. He may have lost consciousness!

The look of surprise on Mr. Vibe's face says it all! He nor the fans can believe he has downed the monster Qadir so early in the match. (1) The referee begins his 10 count as J.V. tries to pick up the lifeless body of the Aztec warrior. The crowd cheers him to hurry, but the dead weight is too much for Vibe to lift and carry (3). Out of frustration, the crowd yells at Vibe to roll in the ring and let Qadir lose by count out (6).

Vibe rolls in and begins pandering to the crowd as the referee gets closer to counting out his opponent (9).

Just before the ten count, "El Intocable" jumps on the apron and begins arguing with the ref about John Vibe's taunting. The crowd can't believe Garcia is going this low to save his partner! John runs at Alexi to attack but misses as the free agent drops back down to the floor. They both lock eyes for a brief second before Vibe is dropped from behind by a running elbow from Qadir.

J.V. is in trouble as Qadir hits "El beso de la muerte" (Steiner Screwdriver) and gets the 3 count.

Winner –
Qadir (4:51)
The crowd cannot forgive Intocable for robbing John Vibe and boo intensely at him. Vivian Ramshackle joins in the booing.

Qadir does not care that the match is over, he continues to attack the lifeless body of John Vibe and throws him outside, near the production table. He picks him up and chokeslams him through the table!

They have proven that they aren't world class athletes, they are bullies. At that moment, the crowd not only boo them but begin throwing trash at the two, as well.

Alexi whispers something in the ear of Vibe and places a rose on J.V's chest. El Intocable grabs a beer from the crowd and pours it over Vibe then mockingly bows at the crowd before he and Qadir exit.

Vivian Ramshackle speaks earnestly to the UNITY officials in front of her about what just happened.

Andrea Frost vs The Grey

As both competitors stand in their respective corners, introductions are made to the crowd. Andi gets a nice pop from the Center Stage faithful. The response to The Grey is a bit mixed, as if the fans just aren't quite sure what to make of him yet. The referee signals for the bell, and we are under way.

Andi and Grey circle the ring, cautiously sizing up the other. Grey suddenly dives towards her, snatching her up in a single leg takedown. Andi quickly spins away, freeing herself and rising to her feet in a guarded position. Grey turns his head curiously, a clicking sound emitting from somewhere inside his attire. For the next few minutes, they play a game of cat and mouse. Holds are exchanged, but neither Andi or Grey can maintain an advantage for any period of time. Andi shoots for a leg and trips up Grey. He tries desperately to free himself, but she maintains a solid toe and ankle hold on him. Andi tries to transition into a spinning toe hold, but Grey kicks her through the ropes to the floor. Andi lands on her feet.

Grey reaches through the middle ropes to bring her into the ring. Andi snatches his leg and drags him outside. She steps up the aggression by whipping him into the guardrails. She charges in with a big boot, sending Grey backwards into the crowd. As the referee nears a ten count, Andi rolls in and out of the ring to break the count. Grey is already slinking over the barricade. Andi greets him with a series of forearm smashes. Andi tosses Grey into the ring. As she climbs up on the ring apron, Grey is quickly on his feet and greets her with an elbow. Andi barely stays on the ring apron. Grey moves towards her. Andi catches him with a boot. Grey teeters on the ring apron. He delivers a stiff European Uppercut. Andi's head snaps back as she grabs the ropes for support. Shaking off the cobwebs, she tries for another boot, but Grey anticipates it. He snatches the leg, and in one swift motion, Dragon Screws Andi off the ring apron. Andi crashes with a thud to the floor below. She clutches her knee and cries out in obvious pain.

The referee jumps to the floor and immediately checks her condition. Grey chirps to himself from the ring apron, then quickly moves to the floor. Ignoring the referee's objections, Grey drags Andi to her feet. He grabs the injured leg and delivers another Dragon Screw, this one driving Andi and her knee directly into the barricade. The sound reverberates throughout the Center Stage Arena. Andi slumps to the floor. The referee gets in Grey's face, who merely contorts his body in a strange motion, then slides back in the ring. The referee again checks on Andi. Fearing she may be injured, he climbs back in the ring, and starts his count. Remarkably, Andi is standing on one leg at the count of seven, and rolling into the ring by nine.

Andi struggles to get to her feet. Grey swiftly moves in and snatches the ailing appendage. Grey begins stretching her knee in ways to maximize the most pain possible. He transitions from hold to hold, each move building the damage. Andi struggles to reach for the ropes, but Grey's master class in joint manipulation has her going nowhere. The referee is constantly asking her if he should stop the match. Grey works to apply some form of a modified Indian Death Lock. From her back, Andi slams her boot repeatedly to the side of his head. Grey staggers for a moment. Andi rolls to the ropes. She desperately tries to get to her feet. Grey moves in for the leg. Andi pulls the leg back, snatches Grey's oversized head, and spikes him on the mat with a DDT. A cheer from the crowd rises as Grey gyrates on the mat. Buying herself some time, Andi works her way up on one good leg.

Grey staggers to his feet. Andi grabs him and DDTs him a second time. Grey lies motionless on the mat. Andi tries to flex her knee as the crowd implores her to go for the pin. Andi crawls over and lays her back across Grey. 1...2...suddenly the Grey reaches across and applies a deep choke hold. Andi flails helplessly on the mat as the ref tries to check on the legality of the hold. Andi manages to reach the bottom rope with her foot. The ref calls for the break. Grey reluctantly does so, as Andi struggles for air. Grey moves towards Andi. She lunges forward and takes him off his feet. She straddles him and fires a series of forearms to his head. The crowd appreciates her fire.

Andi painfully rises to her feet. She reaches for Grey. He throws a European Uppercut. She staggers against the ropes and fires back with a forearm. They repeat the process two more times, the crowd's cheers rising with each blow. Suddenly, Andi catches Grey with a blow that drops him to his knees. Sensing a moment, she moves in for Frostbite. She tries to get him up, but her injured knee buckles and she loses him. Grey lunges forward and chop blocks her knee. Andi collapses to the mat, her cries stifled by the pain. The ref screams at Grey, who ignores him as he reaches for Andi's leg. He hooks in a Stretch Muffler. Andi hopelessly tries to reach the ropes, but Grey has all the leverage. Andi starts to fade in the hold. Sensing this, Grey takes a free leg and begins kicking her in the back of the head. Andi goes limp as the referee calls for the bell.

Winner –
The Grey – (13:45) (Stretch Muffler)
Grey has his hand (?) raised in victory, as moderate boos greet the outcome. He chirps a few times before spinning up the aisle. A ringside doctor joins the referee in the ring. Minutes pass before Andi is helped from the ring to an appreciative response from the crowd.

Henrik Brewski vs Big Bump

“Beer” by Reel Big Fish starts ringing over the PA and Henrik “King of Brews” Brewsky enters through the curtain. The amber bandana and shades blazing, he whooos at the crowd and immediately reaches into the small blue cooler slung over his shoulder. Walking down the ramp to the ring, he pulls out a six-pack of Brewsky Artisanal’s Pulp Fiction passion fruit session ales. He passes them to fans one by one along the isle who very soon start chugging, many in the crowd cheering them to do so. A few go in to "SKÅL" Brewsky who asks them to wait a touch, then pulls a on-alcoholic variety can of Pulp Fiction from his back pocket, cracks it open and joins the chug. Much love from the crowd. Henrik puts his empty can back into his cooler and jogs into the ring.

As the bouncy ska dies down, it’s replaced by Turn My Swag On. Big Bump steps out from behind the curtain with manager Ryan Crystal and a muscle-bound enforcer, Earl "the Pearl" Monroe, in tow. Smatterings of fans pump their fists for the Bump, who seems to largely ignore them. A larger number of fans boo and hoot at the crew to keep this match one on one, no shenanigan entourage ringside to besmirch the Tournament. Brewsky comes to the ropes and points at these calls while staring at Big Bump. Crystal swipes his chin at the fans and jaws back at them with heady insults about ”slack-jawed Georgia yokels” to spare.

As Crystal slaps Bump on the back to head into the ring together, Bump slaps his shoulder back. Bump stares back at the young Oregonian, smirks to himself and says ”It’s aight, I got this punk alone.” Crystal protests intially but gives in to the demand – but not before he implores Bump to take a swig from a strange bottle. His client does so. With his manager and the enforcer returning behind the curtain, Big Bump wipes his mouth, yells ”that wasn’t some whack-ass craft beer swill, boy” at Brewsky and rolls into the ring with surprising agility for a big man.

The referee calls for the bell and the two combatants circle each other for a while. Brewsky stretches out a few flashy kicks at Bump who steers clear and mockingly OOOHHS at the swipes, even though he clearly felt the force in the air. Henrik calls for a test of strength in the middle of the ring but Bump laughs at him and dares Henrik to run the ropes instead, slapping hard on his own shoulder. Brewsky fires up and takes speed from the ropes…to *THUD* just run into a proverbial brick wall. Bump smiles and motions his opponent to try it again. Second attempt *THUD* same result. Brewsky grimaces lightly while holding his own shoulder and turns to run once more but Big Bump immediately runs after Henry to flatten him with a Thez Press on the rebound! Punches rain down! It’s an old-fashioned smackdown in Atlanta!

Bump follows with several pin attempts, but this early it only gets late one-counts. ”You’re not in against any old weasel-faced fool no more, youngblood”, Bump yells, gets up and stomps Brewsky several times. The next few minutes go by with Big Bump grinding Brewsky down with his power game, hammerfists raining down amid face and chin locks. His next pin attempts are mainly mocking lay-downs on Henrik’s chest that the youngin’ kicks out of at 1,5. A hard Belly-to-Back Suplex yields a much later 2 count, as does the following heavy Back Splash. The crowd tries to rally the youngster from Sweden with a ”HEN-RIK *clap-clap-clap* HEN-RIK *clap-clap-clap*” chant, only to find Bump spitting into the audience for their troubles, doubled by more yokel-based insults. Louder BOOOOing ensues.

For what it’s worth, that momentary distraction clearly gives Brewsky a breather. Bump returns to pick his opponent up but upon doing so, is caught off-guard by a ringing chop to his burly chest followed by an even more thunderous Ale Mary! spinning back chop! The Swag Crew behemoth is rocked but remains upright. Brewsky runs into the ropes and *SHOULDER BLOCKS*…still not getting Bump down! Brewsky roars, runs for speed again and this time leaps into Big Bump with a shoulder block, taking him down! The crowd cheers loudly as empty beer cans begin shaking in the air. Brewsky covers for a 1…twNO, Bump kicks out. The two continue into an exchange of lariats off the ropes, cut off by Brewsky catching Big Bump with the Hopinator Spinebusterrrrrr!

With both fighters now feeling the wear, Brewsky rises first and tries to surprise Bump by grabbing his legs, going for the Twist and Stout Sharpshooter! But Bump digs in for a slice of that deceptive agility to roll around Henry and pull him into a school boy pin! Handful of Brewsky’s jean shorts in hand, the ref out of position to see it! 1…2…thNO kick out! Both men roll onto their knees. *slap* into the face from Brewsky! *SLAP* in return from Big Bump! The front row is banging on the guard rail ad plackards as the two in-ring go nose to nose and rise staring at each other intensely. Chests redden as the slapfest goes standing!

Suddenly Bump pushes Brewsky into the ropes and pops him up on the rebound, seemingly going for a brewtal powerbomb! But Henrik somehow twists his body mid-air into an Enzuigiri right upside Bump’s head! Wax On! Big Bump falls, Brewsky covers…1…2…thrNOO, at the last second! The fans gasp in disappointment!

Bump instinctively grabs the referees shirt for support to rise up, which the official admonishes sharply. Brewsky scrambles in to separate them, grabbing Bump around the waist from behind, maybe for a German Weizenplex! Bump ”accidentally” slightly shakes the ref into the other direction and goes for a sneaky mule kick into Brewsky’s groin! But the former karateka feels the balance shift and ducks the backwards boot baaarely with a sidestep. Flowing with the motion and Bump off-balance, Henrik rolls down into a Small Package! 1…2…3!! Bump kicks our right after the third slap of the mat but too little too late! The young gun has overcome the early deficit!

Winner –
Henrik Brewski (16:01)
Big Bump pounds the mat in frustration and doesn’t take a second look at the extended hand of Brewsky, clearly wishing to shake his. Bump simply flips the bird (not the avian kind) at Henrik, rolls out of the ring and heads back with the loud disapproval of the front row. Brewsky shakes his head at this but proceeds to roll out himself, high five the folks in front row as cheers of ”BREW-SKY! BREW-SKY!” ring out and deal out the remaining beers in his shoulder cooler for the front rowers. This time, he also joins in on the mildly-alcoholic variety of chugging!

A video package plays on the big screen hyping Silas Galloway's debut.

Silas Galloway vs Bud Whitman

Bud Whitman walks out to boos as he smiles entering the ring. Silas Galloway strides out to Red Hands, Black Deeds by Shaman’s Harvest. He stands face to face with Whitman, or he would if he wasn’t a head taller than his opponent. Head referee Kevin Burr checks on both men before starting tonight’s main event.

The bell rings and Whitman keeps well out of Galloway’s reach. He tries to throw out leg kicks but his form is weak and Galloway just shakes them off before throwing his opponent across the ring. Galloway starts to show off his power with a series of impressive throws and suplexes.

The crowd start counting as Galloway has Whitman suspended with a delayed vertical suplex. Partway through Whitman flails his arm and grabs the referee’s shirt. While the official focuses on removing the Floridian’s grip, Whitman uses his left arm to chop Galloway in the throat. Galloway drops Whitman and clutches his windpipe before his opponent nails a nasty chop block to the knee. Whitman is utterly focused on the knee of his opponent, using a series of strikes, elbow drops and holds to weaken it and keep Galloway off his feet.

The big man manages to get in a few big power moves: a powerslam here, a black hole slam there but he’s unable to turn them into more than a solitary nearfall amongst a sea of leg work. Whitman catches a kick and turns it into a dragon screw before applying a Figure Four leg lock. Galloway thrashes around but his height means that he soon grabs the ropes. Whitman is incensed and tries to think of another submission which negates Galloways reach. He goes for a Boston Crab but Galloway’s good leg sends Whitman into the ropes. As he rebounds off the ropes the Floridian is caught with the Tour of Duty Powerslam (Tour of the Islands) for a huge nearfall.

A huge Lariat by Galloway flattens Whitman as he gets back to his feet but it only gets a 2 ½ count. A second Lariat is countered into a Crucifix pin by Whitman for a 2 count, which is immediately followed up with La Mahistral for 2 ¾. Whitman grabs hold of the leg and applies a single leg crab. Galloway eventually grabs the ropes and Whitman argues with the referee. He turns around and Galloway smashes him in the face with a Claymore kick. The big man signals to the crowd as Whitman gets back to his feet, only to grabbed and hoisted into the air with a head and arm choke. It’s the Hangman’s Tower and Whitman is literally swinging as his feet can’t reach the ground!

The crowd think it’s almost over as the Floridian hollers and gesticulates to Kevin Burr. As Burr checks the hold and looks for a tap out Whitman swings his legs and kicks Galloway square in the nuts. The crowd boo (Vivian Ramshackle joining in) but the referee didn’t see a thing as the Colorado Colossus falls to his knees and breaks the hold. Whitman immediately follows up with a Jumping DDT and makes the cover. As the referee moves to check the shoulder Whitman shifts his weight and an unseen knee pushes down on Galloway’s testicles as the referee counts 3 to a chorus of boos.

Winner –
Bud Whitman (14:16)
Whitman celebrates and screams “Payday baby!” before he looks at Galloway. The blood drains from Whitman’s face as his very angry opponent starts to stand and the Floridian high-tails it to the back. Galloway yells at Kevin Burr who insists that he didn’t see anything. More referees come out to calm down the incensed giant at the timekeepers table. The big man loses it and grabs the ring bell, hurling it at the entrance set and nearly hitting one of the screens!

The referees back away as Galloway takes the timekeepers table and swings it into the ring-post where it shatters into pieces! Galloway hurls the ring steps towards the ring where it bounces off the ropes and nearly hits a referee! Guardrails are being thrown around like empty take-out boxes as the locker-room empties to calm down the Colorado Colossus and the fans quickly leave the venue.

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Re: Hot Right Now

Post by Amazing_Jos » Tue Aug 11, 2020 4:10 am

*Inside a dingy bar, located on the outskirts of Atlanta, Super Agent Manuel Saavedra and "El Intocable" Alexi Garcia are having a meeting after what occured at "Hot Right Now" *

Waitress: I'm sorry for making you wait, gentlemen, can I get y'all started with a few beers?

Manny: I'm sorry but my client, Mr. Intocable, does not drink beer. As a matter of fact, he thinks that germ piss doesn't even get you drunk.

Alexi: *Smirks and nods his head in approval*

Manny: 3 double shots... Silver Tequilla, por favor.

Waitress: Anything else I can get y'all?

Manny: Bring lots of those green lemons. Como se dice en Ingles?

Alexi: "Limes"

Manny: Yes, Limes. Sorry!

*The waitress walks away*

Manny: Alexi, what you and Qadir did last weekend, "ruffled a lot of chickens".

Alexi: Feathers?

Manny: Yes. That...

Alexi: I don't care.

Manny: Qadir, he's... TOUGH. He's Huge. He can cause a lot of trouble, Alexi.

Alexi: *Grins at the thought of all the trouble that he can cause in Unity*

Manny: Lexi, focus. Bellatore pulled their offer because of what Qadir did at Mayweathers Gym. Nobody wants to sign you because Mayweather made a few phone calls. He is trying to blackball you.

*Before Alexi can respond, the Waitress arrives with the shots*

Manny: It's gonna be a while before I can fix this mess. Until then, the only offer you have is UNITY.

*Glass shatters in the background. Manny and Intocable pick their heads up to see what is going on*

*It seems as if Qadir is having trouble trying to work the jukebox in the background, everyone stares for a brief second*

Manny: Alexi, keep your eyes on him. He's not just your bodyguard anymore, he has a chance to be Unity Champion. *Qadir grabs doorman by the face and rams him through the wall, near the juke box*

*Alexi and Manny take a shot, before getting up to leave*

Manny: Or he can be the reason you lose out on another big Payday...
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Re: Hot Right Now

Post by YourTornAlive » Wed Aug 12, 2020 8:53 pm

Camera opens at an undisclosed gym. The gym is empty except for Vivian and Cody. There is a boxing ring in the middle of the room, with weights to the left in a separate section, and speed bags/heavy bags to the side. Cody is demonstrating how he throws "wrestling" forearms, squaring up and extending his elbow, then rolling his forearm into the bag, slowing at first, one...twice, then quickly with impact.

Vivian is in her usual uniform of coveralls with the arms tied around her waist, tank top underneath. She observes Cody's movements intensely, then repeats his movements and Cody smiles, nodding his head.

Camera cuts to the ring. Cody has Vivian in the ring, doing bridging exercises, then shows Vivian simple rolls, then demonstrates a back bump. We see Vivian watch then repeat Cody's movements.

Camera cuts to the outside of the ring, Cody showing Vivian Hindu Squats. Vivian smiles and repeats Cody's movements, Cody nods and smiles back...Vivian keeps up the squats, out pacing Cody who stops and sits down and watches Vivian keep going. He shakes his head and smiles as Vivian is already able to do these effortlessly...she's like a machine!

Camera cuts back to the ring. Cody has Vivian in a hammer lock, he then tells her to apply it to him...she cinches it in a pulls his wrist upwards and he actually winches in pain.

Their concentration is broken by Biff, who steps into the ring and smacks Cody in the back of the head, laughing.

"Hey Code E! Looks like she's got you good! Are you going to take that from her?"

Cody just shakes his head.

"Cody...why don't you show her something actually useful? Here doll...check this out."

Biff grabs Cody by the nose, fish hooking his nostrils, laughing.

"See....he can't do not nothing now."

Vivian, whose fury had been growing at the rude interruption, has had enough. She marches up behind Biff and spins him around.

"Because I already know how to do that!" Before he can respond, Vivian promptly pokes him in the eyes, mimicking his bullying of Cody.

"Oh my eyes! What the..."

Cody dips behind Biff on all fours and Vivian pushes him over. Cody nudges Vivian on top and makes the count . one...two...three!

Vivian just pinned Biff! Biff looks flustered.

"I...I... remember I had somewhere to be! Cody...I'll see you later".

Biff almost trips getting out of the ring so fast. Cody and Vivian look at each other and laugh.

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Re: Hot Right Now

Post by KingOfBrews » Fri Aug 14, 2020 9:23 am

"...a real live winning streak, Mastersword, on top of advancing in the tourney! And the family brews are going off the refreshment stands like hot bakery products! I don't wanna play this off into a big head but this whole Unity deal has started way better than I dared even imagine", Henrik Brewsky raves into his vintage Nokia cell phone.

"We are verily proud of you, young one", ruminates the head of Expert Grappling Orangutan, Mastersword. "Ecstatic even. You have progressed much in a short period, but as we both know, the road is long. Remember your bracketology. You advancing now leads you to the Aztec mountain, Qadir."

* swallows a deep gulp upon recall * "Yeah you're right, chief. That's a lot of brawldacious human in one person. Not to mention that entourage he has with him to every show. I mean, that MMA goon that seems to be like Qadir's yoga teacher, or somethin'? You hear what he did to John Vibe post-match? Poured some perfectly good malts on him instead of letting them refresh his palate after a good bout. What a DOUCHE! Oh, sorry for the language. Anyway, can we like...like do a few extra strategy sitdowns once I get back to Oakland? I feel a collective like that isn't going to play fair even to the extent that the Swag Crew did in Atlanta."

"Naturally. You have proven yourself worthy to represent EGO cross country, but you have much more within you than mere representation. Once you return, we can... *a massive OOOOOHHHH echoes from the background* Ooof, apologies Henrik, I must cut short now. Seems like Mega Leviathan went in too hard again when demonstrating his Curb Stomp to the academy students."

"No biggie, chief. See you there! And crack open one of our Stay Frosty Double Dryhopped IPAs to the student once he regains consciousness! The restorative properties are totally righteous!"

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Re: Hot Right Now

Post by Annette1968 » Fri Aug 14, 2020 7:03 pm

The Pocono Mountains - The cameraman walks the small stone path around the unassuming cabin in the woods. As he clears the path, his line of sight catches Lenny Backstrom sitting around a fully engaged fire pit. Lenny sees him and casually motions him over. The cameraman notes how relaxed Lenny looks sitting in his camping chair, a red solo cup in his right hand. 

Lenny - Bro, welcome.. Any trouble finding the place?

The camera shakes his head no.

Lenny - Can I get you anything?

Again the cameraman indicates no.

Lenny - Well, maybe in a bit you'll change your mind.

The cameraman glances at the cabin and admires it's simple beauty. He looks back at Lenny.

Lenny - Belongs to my family. I grew up north of here in Scranton. Every summer, we would come down to the cabin for weeks at a time. Lots of memories in this cabin. Lots of good memories. 

Lenny continues to recount his time as a child at the cabin. Suddenly, his voice trails off. The cameraman studies Lenny's face. He seems lost in thought looking into the flames of the fire. He breaks the calm by asking Lenny about cutting the promo he requested.

Lenny - that can wait. I'll have plenty to say in due time. Right now, let us just enjoy this time around the fire.

The cameraman is totally perplexed. Of all the times he has covered this man, he has never seen him quite like this. Gone is the swagger. Gone is the bombastic nature of character. Gone is the audacious womanizer. What stands before him is a man who might actually be more than meets the eye. Now this...suddenly the back door of the cabin flies open. Startled, the cameraman jumps out of his seat. Two beautiful women in short shorts and halter tops emerge. The cameraman looks back at Lenny.

Lenny - What? You didn't think I would come alone did you?

The cameraman's jaw drops. He raises two fingers.

Lenny - Yep, two of them. One is for me, and one is for you.

The cameraman glares at Lenny. He points to the wedding ring on his finger.

Lenny - Oh please, she will never find out. What happens at Lenny's Lodge, stays at Lenny's Lodge.

The cameraman rolls his eyes and turns to head back the stone path. 

Lenny - Bro, where you going? Come back. C'mon. Hey, come back. You'll be fine.

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Re: Hot Right Now

Post by Annette1968 » Fri Aug 14, 2020 7:45 pm

Margaret - Why are you limping?

Andrea - Hello to you, Mother.

Andrea Frost maneuvers past her mother in the kitchen and places two plastic grocery bags on the counter. She starts to empty the contents of the bags to put them away.

Margaret - Leave them be. I can put them away. Answer my question.

Andrea - I told you on the phone. It happened last Friday when i was wrestling.

Margaret - And lost.

Andi drops her head and pauses for a moment.

Andrea - Yes, and lost.

Margaret - So it wasn't worth it then.

Andi shakes her head and glances at her mother.

Andrea - What are you talking about?

Margaret - You wrestled a match. You got hurt. You lost. I would think that is self-explanatory.

Andi just stares dumbfounded at her.

Margaret - You poor child. You have eyes, but you can never see the truth in front of you. That's not how your father and I raised you. 

Andrea - You know Mom, one of these days, I would like to just come over and have a nice simple mother-daughter conversation with you. Instead, I get all kinds of riddles and revelations from you. And a ton of guilt. That has got to stop.

Margaret - Or what? You brought all of this on yourself. You blatantly ignored the wishes of your parents. You got involved in this wrestling. You allowed some svengali to warp your mind. You marry him. You flaunt him in front of us...

Andrea - I did no such thing.

Margaret - And in return, your father had to pay the price. He couldn't handle what you were doing. It broke him. You and Ian broke him. And now he's gone. And now I am alone. 

Margaret's voice breaks. She turns to stare out the kitchen window. Andrea feels nausea rising in her stomach. She so badly wants to explode, but she can't.

Margaret - I'll take care of the groceries. You can limp your way out of here now. 

Without turning to acknowledge her, Andi walks out the door. The twenty-minute drive home is chaotic. Her stomach is in upheaval. Her head is pounding. She feels out of breath. She pulls into the driveway of her house. As she steps from her car, she turns and vomits into the grass. As she tries to straighten up, her world starts spinning. Things go black as she collapses on her front lawn.

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Re: Hot Right Now

Post by Puns » Sat Aug 22, 2020 10:17 am

Freddie Prinze Jr sits at his desk, typing away at something on his computer. There is a knock at his door. “Yes, come in,” he says politely. A short, elderly white woman with a short, curly salt and pepper afro enters. “Your mail just arrived, Mr Prinze,” she says, handing the stack of envelopes to him. “Thank you,” Freddie says as she exits, closing the door behind her on the way out. He shifts through the stack and sees one envelope it from Zachary Brimstead, Esquire. He shakes his head and sighs, muttering “again?” to himself.

He opens the letter.

Dear Freddie Prince Jr, I wrote you but you still ain’t callin
I left my fancy pin striped striped cell, my pager and my home phone at the bottom
I sent two letters back in July but you must not’ even got em
There probably was a problem at the Newbridge post office or something
Sometimes I scribble addresses too sloppy when I jot em
But anyways, F it, what’s been up man? How’s your daughter?
One of my many, many girlfriends is pregnant too, I’m bout to be a father
If I have a daughter, guess what I’ma call her?
I’ma name her Freddie
I read about your uncle Vince too, I’m sorry
I had a friend kill himself over some B that didn’t want him
You probably hear this every day but I’m your biggest fan
I even got that special edition of I Know What You Did Last Summer
I got a room full of your posters and pictures, man
I like the S you did with Rachel Leigh Cook too, that S was phat
Anyways, I hope you get this man, hit me back


Zachary Brimstead, Esquire
The world’s greatest love maker
The world’s greatest barbershop singer
The world’s greatest pro wrestling manager

Freddie Prinze Jr looks very puzzled. He puts the letter down, opens another envelope and continues reading.

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