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Re: Hot Right Now

Post by ICEMAN KING PATSON » Sat Aug 22, 2020 1:33 pm

do you remember?


the shade.. the quiet. then footsteps. breathing. then the waves. slowly beating against the beach.
I hear them.

I feel...at peace.


camera opens back to blackness

we hear....almost a sigh of relief.
the world is still black....empty. no waves. no breathing.

Just Darkness. And Silence

another sound...much like a sigh



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Re: Hot Right Now

Post by JonS » Mon Aug 24, 2020 10:10 am


Thank you to all our fans in Atlanta and online for making UNITY 2, Hot Right Now, a success.

We saw some great matches and a shock in the main event, where Bud Whitman caused a big upset against the debuting Silas Galloway. Mr Galloway has been warned as to his post match conduct. However as he didn't put his hands on any UNITY officials, we feel a warning is fair on this occasion, rather than a fine or suspension.

The next UNITY show will take place on September 4th in Houston. Tickets are on sale now. Be there or watch online to see the quarter finals of the World Title tournament.

Matches announced so far for UNITY 3 are as follows:

Bracket 1
Rory Knight vs Lenny Backstrom

Bracket 2
Jackson Browne vs Bud Whitman

Bracket 3
Henrik Brewsky vs Qadir

Bracket 4
The Grey vs RaYnE

plus more tba.

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Re: Hot Right Now

Post by Puns » Mon Aug 24, 2020 10:42 am

“Now just how in the H-E-double hockey sticks are you going to announce anything for any wrestling show without first announcing the world’s greatest professional wrestling manager?” whines Zachary Brimstead, Esquire into his iPhone with the red and white barber shop pin striped otter box case. “You can’t even have a show without me there! Nobody will show up! You DO want fans in attendance, right, Freddie Prince Jr? You won’t have a single woman at the show without me. The ladies come to see my hot, sexy body and what you’re doing is absolutely disgusting, depriving them of the Thanksgiving feast of pure, 100% grade A Newbridge sexuality I bring to Unity. The ladies come to see me and the men want to be me!”

“Well, Mr. Brimstead-“ Freddie Prinze Jr is immediately cut off.

“How dare you! It’s Zachary Brimstead, Esquire, Freddie Prince Jr. You can’t leave out the Esquire. I’m an Esquire, you can’t speak to me like that!” Freddie Prinze Jr sighs. “I apologize Mr Brimstead, Esquire. If you read the announcement it clearly states at the bottom that there is more to be announced. That includes you. I’m sorry that it upset you that you weren’t-“ Freddie Prinze Jr is again cut off. “It didn’t upset me!” Zachary Brimstead, Esquire exclaims. “I’m the world’s greatest love maker! I don’t get upset! I make love 17 hours a day, you fool! You don’t leave off the world’s greatest love maker from your show announcements! Why would you do something so disrespectful to the man who draws the crowds? You must be jealous of me. That’s the only thing I can think of. I bet you haven’t even made love today, have you? Disgusting! You’re probably impotent! You can’t maintain an erection, can you? Well lucky for you, Ihave a code for just that, thanks to my extremely popular podcast, Talking Shop With Zachary Brimstead, Esquire! If you go to bluechew.com/ZacharyBrinsteadEsquireWorldsGreatestLoveMaker you can put a little more oomph between your legs , feel like a REAL man again and stop ignoring the fact that without me this entire company would turn into one big turd in the punch bowl! You DO know that drinking turd punch will make you sick, right? That’s what you’re doing to ally adoring fans right now. You’re making them drink turd punch! You need to get back on the Unity website, stop farting around and tell everyone that their favorite manager in wrestling, the world’s greatest love maker, the word’s greatest barber shop singer and the world’s greatest wrestling manager will be appearing on the show, you pervert! Don’t make me steal your wife and show her how to make sweet, passionate love Newbridge style!”

Freddie Prinze Jr pauses momentarily before answering. “Mr Brimstead-“ He is again cut off by an “Esquire!” from ZB and he says “Esquire. I promise you I will announce what you will be doing for the show in short order. I apologize for the delay and any hard feelings it may have caused. You’re a valuable member of the roster and I’d like to keep you happy.”

“Mmmmmm,” ZB groans, “you’re darn right you want to keep me happy! You make the announcement and I’ll forgive you this time. But just know that you don’t disrespect Zachary Brimstead, Esquire, Zachary Brimstead, Esquire disrespects YOU, Freddie Prince Jr. Goodbye! Turd!”

ZB hangs up and Freddie Prinze Jr shakes his head and rubs at his temples. “Pain in my ass,” he mutters under his breath.

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Re: Hot Right Now

Post by Annette1968 » Tue Aug 25, 2020 6:47 pm

South Philadelphia - Two Dollar Steak Wrestling School - The camera fades on to find "Luscious" Lenny Backstrom sitting on the ring apron of one of the training rings.

Lenny - September 4th. The quarterfinals of the Unity Wrestling Title Tournament. Rory Knight, we've never met, but I don't like you. I don't like the fact you are from Europe. I don't like Europe. I don't like the people. I don't like the food. I don't like the culture. The whole damn continent is trash. You're trash, Rory. Flippity floppity trash. I don't like that either. In less than two weeks, I'll take out the trash, and move one step closer to my destiny.

Houston, you have a definite problem. And his name is Lenny Backstrom. 

Lenny hops off the apron and walks away as the camera fades to black.

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Re: Hot Right Now

Post by Annette1968 » Tue Aug 25, 2020 7:22 pm

Ian Scott steps out onto the backyard patio of his Tampa home. He moves towards his wife Andrea, who is resting in a chair. He reaches out and hands her a tall glass of ice water. She glances at him.

Andi - More water? Pretty soon, my insides are going to start floating.

Ian grins at her.

Ian - Doctor's orders. After that scare you had, he wants you to stay as hydrated as possible. Besides, I added some cucumber slices to the water.

Andi - Cucumber slices. Well, that changes everything. Pour me two glasses next time.

She smiles at him and he nods his approval. A moment passes.

Andi - I am sorry that I scared you. 

Ian - I know. I'm just thankful that Mrs. Grant next door saw it happen and called 911. 

Andi - Me too.

She reaches out and takes his hand. They sit in silence for a few minutes. Andi looks towards Ian. 

Ian - Something on your mind?

Andi - I...I think I need to get some help. Some counseling help.

Ian feels his heart skip a beat. He tries to keep his face neutral. 

Ian - Okay. 

Andi - About the stuff we talked about on the way home from the hospital.

Ian - Your mom and dad. 

Andi - Yes. And maybe some other stuff.

Ian turns to fully face her.

Ian - I think that's an important step to take. 

Andi - You said you know somebody. A counselor. 

Ian nods.

Ian - Her name is Jane Rhodes. She and her husband Jeff have two boys who play soccer at the complex. She runs some clinics for some of the athletes who come to train there. She's very good at what she does. Would you like me to call her?

Andi pauses for a moment. Ian wonders if she might be rethinking things.

Andi - Yes, I would like that. But could you just sit with me for a while before you do.

Ian leans over and kisses his her gently on the lips. He falls back in his chair and feels a weight lift off his chest.

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Re: Hot Right Now

Post by ICEMAN KING PATSON » Sat Aug 29, 2020 5:12 pm

Camera opens as Cody and Vivian are watching wrestling matches. Vivian is watching intently, while Cody has the remote in his hand. Cody stops...freezes the screen and rewinds. He points to the screen. Rewinds again.
Over and over.

Vivian sees another tape towards the side, labeled simply "Training". She points towards it, Cody shrugs and shakes his head.

"Oh, c'mon. Maybe we can both learn something! This is you on here, right?"

Cody nods. He puts in the tape.

It's training footage of Cody and Biff. While they clearly work well together, Cody seems very quiet at watching Biff's near constant bullying of him. Vivian notices and pauses the screen, and turns to Cody.

"You ever heard the phrase 'Talk softly, but carry a big stick?'"

Cody nods.

Vivian looks at him thoughtfully. "I think we need to get you a big stick." Cody turns bright red and covers his lap, confused and a bit embarrassed.

Vivian chuckles as the camera fades out.

Fades in a few hours later. Night time.
Vivian and Cody enter a rough & tumble looking Country bar.

Fade to black...

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Re: Hot Right Now

Post by JonS » Sat Aug 29, 2020 7:10 pm


We have more matches to round out the card for UNITY 3.

Silas Galloway looked unstoppable until the finish of his match with Bud Whitman. He'll doubtless be looking to make a statement in his match in Houston. John Vibe might have caused an almighty shock against Qadir. Can he go one better against another big man? It'll be Galloway vs Vibe.

Zachary Brimstead Esquire has no shortage of connections. And therefore no shortage of wrestlers. Who will Zachary Brimstead bring to represent him against Andrea Frost in Houston?

Getting back to tag team action, Swag Crew and The B Sides will face each other in a renatch from UNITY 1. Will Swag Crew win again, or can B Sides even the score?

We are also happy to welcome our Talent-In-Training, Vivian Wendy Ramshackle to the show for a demonstration showing her progress! Vivian will continue to be featured in demonstrations until her in-ring debut! UNITY is excited to give fans a glimpse into the journey to becoming a wrestler as we continue our quest to curate and cultivate the best talent in the industry!

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Re: Hot Right Now

Post by ICEMAN KING PATSON » Sun Aug 30, 2020 1:32 pm

back at the malt shop, Mr. Sandman plays on the jukebox, as Cody sips a chocolate malt through a straw. In walks Biff, he pulls out his trusty Sports Almanac and sits next to Cody

Hey COD E! Check this out...it says here we got a rematch with those two clowns Swig Crew at the next show! Hey...

Biff turns to Cody and sees his black eye

Hey...what happened to your face? You hit the ugly branch on the way down?

"...stick. Stick. But..You could say...I found my BIG stick."

Cody smiles and leaves. Biff looks confused. He grabs what's left of Cody's malt, pulls a silver canister from his letterman jacket and pours it into the glass, swirls it around, then drinks it in one gulp. Still looking confused he mutters to himself...

Big Ugly Stick? What is he now, a Lumberjack? Haw haw...

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Re: Hot Right Now

Post by Puns » Sun Aug 30, 2020 3:35 pm

“Hahahahahahahahaha,” laughs Zachary Brimstead, Esquire in his nasally baritone. An unknown seated man laughs as well. His accomplice is seated at a metal table in front of a desktop computer in a blue bricked room. “It worked! I can’t believe it worked!” Zachary Brimstead, Esquire claps his seated friend on the back and massages his shoulder. His friend is connected to a series of wires attached to some large machines feeding information to the computer. Another man enters the room wearing a white lab coat.

“It seems that the process was a success,” the scientist exclaims in a thick German accent. “It appears that Herr Gorchnik has decreased in age by 45 years at the very least. If you would like a further decrease in age we will have to undergo at least one further treatment. What do you say?” he asks.

Roland Gorchnik turns in his chair and faces Zachary Brimstead, Esquire. The wrinkles in his face are gone, his previously balding slicked back hair has grown back in thick. He hops up from the chair and flexes. “I’m feeling young and ready to fight,” Roland Gorchnik, aka the Gorch, says heartily. “I’m ready to swing my chain into the head of any punk that even thinks of looking my way. Now that I’ve seen what YOUNGOPROXIN can do, I’m a believer. You’re a genius, Dr. Von Trimble,” says the Gorch. He reaches out and they shake hands. “Please, Mr. Gorchnik, my friends call me Adolph,” Adolph Von Trimble says.

“I haven’t felt this good in decades!“ exclaims the Gorch. He performs several free squats and does a couple jumping jacks. “I feel like a 30 year old again!”
Adolph Von Trimble smiles and nods. “YOUNGOPROXIN is a miracle. It decreases your age, renews your youth and allows you to feel as if you were a young man again. Technically, you ARE young again thanks to the scientific developments we have made here at KERN Pharmaceuticals. We have been testing this miracle drug for some time now on lab mice and rats and have found that there is a 75% success rate in decreasing age and renewing the vigor of youth.”

“What happens to the other 35%?” Zachary Brimstead, Esquire inquires stupidly. “25%, my hefty friend,” corrects Dr. Von Trimble. “We will discuss the potential side effects another time, Herr Brimstead. I really must be going now, but I congratulate you both on your willingness to test this miracle drug and the rousing success you have been afforded. Mr. Gorchnik, your youth is again yours. Do with it what you will.” Dr Von Trimble again shakes the hands of Zachary Brimstead, Esquire and Roland Gorchnik and exits the room.

Zachary Brimstead, Esquire and Roland Gorchnik high five. “Let’s go ball some birds, Brimstead,” says the Gorch. “I’ve got a boner like a fire hydrant.”
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Re: Hot Right Now

Post by Puns » Mon Aug 31, 2020 2:50 pm

Zachary Brimstead, Esquire pushes open the wooden double doors of the Fudge Tub, Newbridge’s newest fudgery. He is holding two gigantic brown paper bags full of fudge as he waddles out of the store. He loads the bags into the trunk of his red and white pinstriped Ford Fiesta and waddles around and groans as he sits down in the driver seat. His extreme gut presses into the steering wheel and he grunts as he attempts to reach the lever to move his seat back, however the seat is as far back as it will go. He groans in anger and shifts his monstrous weight back and forth several times, throwing as much of a tantrum as a man of his disgusting girth can. He swipes several beads of sweat from his forehead and turns the ignition. The car sputters and coughs and does not start.

“Oh come on, you son of a B!” he shouts at his car, banging on the steering wheel. “START!” He again turns the ignition and the car once again sputters, the engine attempting to turn over and again, nothing. “You filthy piece of grunt!” he yells, again slamming his meaty hands on the steering wheel. “I said START! You can’t do this to me, you fool! I’m Zachary Brimstead, Esquire! I’ve made love to dozens and dozens of women and quite a few men too! I’m the world’s greatest love maker, you ignorant dunce! You start when I tell you to start!”

He again turns the key. The car coughs again and a large cloud of black shoots out of the tail pipe and the car squeaks several times and finally starts. “That’s right, you fool! You start when I tell you to start! I bet you’ve never even made love, you stupid idiot of a car!”

His phone rings. It’s the Gorch. “How’s about it, Brimstead!?” the Gorch shouts. “Mmmm, Gorch! Can you meet me at Gene Simmons Toyota? I’ve got to get a new car. My Fiesta is chapping my A like ski pants with a hole in them. My great close personal friend Gene Simmons promised me a great deal when we were playing high stakes backroom strip poker a few weeks back. He said he will give me the two horn option on a Prius for free if I get it completely decked out. TWO HORNS, GORCH! Can you believe it? TWO HORNS!!!”

“I don’t give a dang about two horns, Brimstead! I just got laid! Being young again is so great! I’ve been making it with birds twice a day, balling like it’s 1959 again! That drug Dr Von Trimble gave me really works! I’m a young man again!”

“Mmmm, I told you he was a genius geneticist. There is absolutely nothing that could ever, ever go wrong in a million years! We are going to take over the wrestling business, Gorch! Me with my extreme talent for managing only the greatest, only the toughest, only the most incredible people to win after win after win, and you with your chain and your lead pipe. With a young Gorch by my side I can never lose!”

“That’s right, Brimstead! I’m gonna whip my chain around, I’m gonna crack some heads with my lead pipe and after the show I’m gonna ball some birds!” the Gorch exclaims. “Mmmmm, I’m going to make sweet, passionate, filthy, fudge themed love all over the hotel too!” brags ZB. “It’s going to be a debaucherous love making pant-fiesta! The ladies won’t be able to keep their paws off of us after they witness our greatness! Mmmm, they probably won’t be able to contain themselves during the show and will probably resort to pawing themselves right there in the audience! We are the most sexually appealing duo these wrestling nerds have ever, will ever, or could ever see! We’re going to be swimming in the ladies and they’re going to be swimming in us after the show. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!” ZB groans ecstatically with sexual anticipation.

They both laugh disgustingly.

“So who am I fighting?” asks the Gorch. “Some stupid guy named Andre Cold, I think,” SB answers. “He sounds like a total loser. Who names their kid Andre, anyways? That’s a stupid name. You’ll be able to smash him with your chain and win the match in 5 minutes or less. I GUARANTEE victory!” ZB exclaims. “You hear that, Gorch? I GUARANTEE it!”

“Well I guarantee victory too, Brimstead,” the Gorch replies. “Now that I’m young and spry and full of piss and vinegar again, nobody stands a chance.” The Gorch begins singing. “You got the Gorch by your side, carrying my chain, gonna crack some skulls, gonna ball some birds!”

“Okay Gorch, meet me at Gene Simmons Toyota off of Pancake Blvd. in twenty. We need to devise a game plan for this Andre jerk. We can sit here and guarantee victory all day but we need a plan that will guarantee our guarantee. I’ll even let you help pick out my brand new Prius with the two horns option! I’m also going to make a short video and send it to that total doofus Freddie Prince. The fans need to know that Andre Cold is gonna be getting his butt kicked by the Gorch. Just saying your name is going to increase the audience by at least fifteen thousand, and that’s a guarantee. I’ll talk to you soon, Gorch. Late!”

ZB hangs up and clicks the app to pull up his camera. He selects record and presses the icon to flip the screen around to face himself. “Mmmmm, yes, this is Zachary Brimstead, Esquire, Unity fans. I am here to let you know that I will be managing the one and only Roland Gorchnik aka The Gorch to fight that turd of a wrestler Andre Cold. The Gorch has a big surprise for all you dinks. Not his trusty chain. Not his lead pipe. Those will definitely be there, of course, but Gorch has another even bigger surprise. He’s young again! We’ve found the fountain of youth and now every single one of you little dinguses are on notice! The Gorch and Zachary Brimstead, Esquire are going to take over Unity and after we embarrass that wiener Andre at the show we are going make as much love as has ever been made to as many women as have ever been made love to! If you want to not only see the greatest love maker, the greatest barber shop singer and the world’s greatest wrestling manager all rolled up into one divinely, sublimely sexual package of absolutely dripping sexuality, show up to the Unity show whenever it is supposed to happen! I don’t keep up with the times or dates, that’s up to you to find out for yourselves. I’m not doing the work for you. But if you are a beautiful lady, an ugly lady, a fat lady, a skinny lady, or a man fitting any of those requirements, show up, watch my greatness and follow me back to my hotel afterwards for a pant frolic like you’ve never seen before.” Zachary Brimstead, Esquire pauses momentarily before adding, “oh yeah! Andre Cold! You’ve probably never even made love! So after we beat your stinking, filthy, disgusting backside over wherever the heck the show is going to be, I’ve got a deal for you. You can come back with us after the show to the hotel and we can have some ladies massage all the wounds Gorch is no doubt going to inflict all over you. They’ll massage you with fudge and oils made from the finest fudge! Never say ol ZB here isn’t a magnanimous, gracious benefactor of love making. So come get your butt kicked and get your wig dipped. ZB out!”

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Re: Hot Right Now

Post by Grundy » Tue Sep 01, 2020 10:35 am

Shot opens showing Silas sitting in a chair. His arms crossed resting on the back of it.

They say every dog has his day. Well Bud, you got yours. Congrats. You weaseled your way to the victory. Got to admire that...a little. But know this...I don't forget. Even though you beat and detoured me from my task of becoming Champion, I will tie up that loose end of your burial. So consider this your one and only warning.

Speaking of warnings, here's one for you, John Vibe. You're on a collision course with a 6 foot 9 inch, 285 pound Monster of a F5 hurricane. But I'm sure your thinking, with your skill as a high flyer, you can out manuver this storm. But the problem for you...is that I am still pissed off. You will be caught by this Monster Storm. I will throw you higher than a human ever should be. Just so I can watch you crash back down to earth. And I will repeat it...till you can not move. It's what a Monster does. And I do love watching objects crash.

So Mister Vee-Bay, come recieve you crash course in high flying. Courtesy of the Monster...with Red Hands...from Black Deeds.
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Re: Hot Right Now

Post by RaYnE » Tue Sep 01, 2020 11:35 am

The scene opens up to what looks as if it is a cemetery. You see the back of a tombstone, and as the camera pans out and up, you see RaYnE. He’s dressed in a black suit and black tie. The scenery is how you would think it is in a cemetery. With his head down and facing the tombstone, he starts to speak.

"Loss is a key to life. Everyone has loss in their life. Whether it’s a job, a pet, a match or even a loved one, it happens. It has happened to me, and that is why I haven’t been around as of late. My father, a highly decorated officer in the United States Armed Forces had passed. He lived a great and honorable life. It’s a time of celebration, even though people feel it’s a time of mourning. But I’m not here to mourn him, but to praise his life. But now, my focus in on The Grey.”

He looks up at the camera, and you can see determination in his face.

”There is talk that I’ll get my first loss here in UNITY to this unknown. That I will succumb to his darkness and mystery, and that he or it will leave me laying in my own defeat. To that I say, you know nothing of my defeat. You know nothing of my pain, or my personal hell. But The Grey will. He will find it very difficult to defeat me, to give me my first loss here.”

He goes to bend down to the gravestone as if he was putting something down

“The Grey is an admirable opponent, but he is not the one to take me down. He is not the one to put that blemish on my record, and he is not the one that will stop me from becoming the first ever UNITY World Heavyweight Champion. “

He stand back up and looks back into the camera.

“Everyone suffers loss…but I will never suffer defeat. There is a Storm brewing Grey, and it is heading to Houston Texas. This will be your one and only warning. I’ll see you there!”

RaYnE turns and walks away from the camera. It doesn’t follow him, but moves towards the front of the grave and focus’ in on the object he left, a Purple Heart Medal.

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Re: Hot Right Now

Post by Annette1968 » Tue Sep 01, 2020 8:08 pm

Andi - Andre? Waitaminute, does he think I'm a man?

(Andrea Frost turns from the bloated image of Zachary Brimstead, Esquire, to face her husband Ian Scott. Having already watched the video privately, Ian struggles to stifle a grin from his perplexed wife.)

Andi - He thinks I'm a man.

Ian - Based on my personal experience, you're not.

Andi - I'm truly speechless. How can he be that clueless?

Ian - Do you want me to issue a press release stating that you are very much a woman.

(She glances at Ian)

Andi - Why are you joking about this?

Ian - Seems like the appropriate thing to do. 

Andi - And that fudge massage thing. That's disgusting. Why would you even say something like that?

Ian - I've never had the fudge fantasy. I have had the chocolate syrup fantasy though.

(It takes a second for Andi to comprehend what was said. She shakes her head, but Ian can see the blush on her cheeks)

Andi - You are not helping at all.

Ian - I think I'm helping a little bit.
Andi - What about this Gorch? What do we know about him?

Ian - We know that he doesn't have a raccoon face. I would say that favors our chances greatly. 

Andi - Why are you laughing this off?

Ian - Because you are taking this way too seriously. (Ian points to the screen on the laptop.) Honey, he is a fool. Nothing more, nothing less. And the quicker you come to grips with that, the better. He is not a threat. He's 500lbs of hot air. And this Gorch is just part of his disgusting sideshow. Trust me, you are going to be just fine.

(Ian closes the laptop, and moves towards the kitchen.)

Andi - Where are you going?

Ian - I'm going to see if we have any chocolate syrup.

(Ian looks back over to see his wife shaking her head. He also sees a slight smile cross her face.)

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Re: Hot Right Now

Post by Oracle » Thu Sep 03, 2020 5:11 pm

Bud Whitman is seen buying a sandwich in a Jimmy Johns. He spots the camera, smiles and gestures for the camera to come outside.

Well, Ah’m here in Hew-stowne, Texas. Ah’m here to face that Jackson Browne. Y’all know him. Big dude. Ain’t been beat. Funny accent. Loves ta kick folks inna face.

How’dya beat a guy like that? Well, y’all saw how I beat dat otha big guy. Ya know, the one with the less funny accent an’ the anga management issues. Ya just gotta think outside the box. Ya know, like those guys.

Whitman gestures wildly with his sandwich laden hand across the street. The camera follows the sandwich as you can see space shuttles on the other side of a highway. It’s the Houston Space Center.

Them NASA guys managed ta get folks ta space before we had colour on tha TeeVee. I jus’ gotta beat a small giant with a bad accent who thinks he’s Dog the Bounty Hunta. It ain’ gunna be easy, but easy don’t pay so good. Sides, there’s always a way ta beat anyone if ya think outside tha box. After all, Rasslin' ain’t rocket science.

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Re: Hot Right Now

Post by KingOfBrews » Fri Sep 04, 2020 12:57 pm

*Down at the Brewsky Artisanal Beverage Emporium, Henrik Brewsky grabs a fresh-as-a-pair-o'-daisydukes can of the Stay Frosty Double DryHopped IPA off the canning line, cracks it open and takes a good deep swig before displaying the colourful label proudly at the UNITY camera crew visiting the facility.*

Aaaaah, so hazy, so delish, just like the past few months I've blazed through within the UNITY circuit. From overcoming Mr. Raccoon Face to outbumping Big B to kickstart my tournament quest for the UNITY Maxweight Title, I gotta say I've outdone what a green muchacho like me probably was supposed to up until this point.

And it's been all thanks to your support, my UNITArians. Or would the Brewshkeviks sound better? We can workshop on that, bros and broettes! In any case, or 12-pack, so grateful for all your chants and the gnarly gulping action!

*another big swig* But let's get serious for a while. We've done well in the past two months but this Friday, in Houston...woof, it's a mondo bitchin' challenge in the form of that Mayan Mangling Machine...or something to that effect, alliterative or otherwise.

Qadir, any fan takes a look at you and then takes a look at me, well, they can tell we ain't related.

Second, they can also make some whack jokes about me not even growing facial hair yet. But the bottom line is, any gambler out there would probably put their money on you. I couldn't blame 'em.

I got no bones about that. You're probs a favourite going in, what with the righteous muscles and ridic reach advantage, all that UFC announcer type hype.

But all I challenge you to do beyond bringing your best, is doing it on your own. Look at you, bro, you don't need anyone's help. Mano y mano. Send that oily manager to the limo and that rude Yoga trainer of yours, what Alexi or whatnot? to fire up your private cryo tank or whatever. By the way, tell that dillwad to respect a good brew for once in a while instead of pouring it on your fallen opponents. Most heinous waste, bro.

You're better than that, Qadir. But are you better than me, worthy of the UNITY title? Let's duke it out with honor and find out.

My trainers recommended I add some sorta space travel reference here at the very end but maaaan, this DDH IPA has me so over the moon already that I'll forego the yuks and just promise you that Friday night in Houston is gonna be just like this beer itself. *drains the can*

Most exquisite!! *AIR GUITAR SOLO*

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John Vibe stands in front of the camera and adjusts his John Lennon glasses to look over them.

Man, you match makers here at UNITY are always harshing my buzz! I put in my best effort against that monster Qadir. Almost pull off the shock win. And how do you reward me? A match against Silas Galloway! Is everyone around here enormous?!

Vibe gulps at the thought of facing Galloway.

I guess all I can do is try to upset the odds. Maybe this time I can go one better.

Vibe's face does not suggest he has much confidence of doing so.

UNITY fans, I'll see you in Houston. Let's try to do this Vee-bay style. Peace out.

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My Favourite Game

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UNITY 3 - My Favourite Game
George R Brown Convention Centre, Houston
Attendance 1400

At precisely 8pm the lights go down and the fans cheer and start banging on the barricades. My Favourite Game by The Cardigans plays over the speaker system.

Andrea Frost vs The Gorch

The song fades away and is replaced by A Little Bit Off by Five Finger Death Punch. The fans cheer for Andrea Frost as she bursts through the curtain and jogs down to the ring. She has on an ultramarine blue and golden yellow singlet. She goes around the far side of the ring to the timekeeper and asks for a mic. She climbs the steps onto the apron and sucks between the ropes. “Alright, Brimstead. Bring Gorch out here so we get get this farce over with!”

“Hold on, hold on, hold on!” Yells the nasally baritone of Zachary Brimstead, Esquire. Zachary Brimstead, Esquire and the Roland Gorchnik, aka the Gorch, step through the curtain onto the stage. The Gorch is wearing a white t shirt tucked into jeans, black boots and a black jean jacket. He’s got his hair slicked back, he holds a chain in one hand and a lead pipe in the other. He is also smoking a cigarette. Zachary Brimstead, Esquire wears a short top hat, a red and white pin striped vest without a shirt. His bare chest and monstrous belly are glistening with Hippie Johnny’s Farm Fresh Baby Oil, as are his arms. He’s got on a cummerbund and black slacks and shoes.

“Mmmmmmmm, I have got a major bone to pick with you madam!” Zachary Brimstead, Esquire says to Andrea. “You don’t start the show, Zachary Brimstead, Esquire and the Gorch start the show! HOW DARE YOU!” The fans boo. Gorch grabs the mic. “HEY!” he screams. “You shut up with Brimstead is talking, you hunka junk! I swear to Christ I’ll come out there and fight every single one of yas with my chain and my pipe!” he hands the mic back to ZB as the crowd boos again. Gorch looks menacingly at the crowd. “Anyways, why are you even out here, woman? Gorch here is supposed to be fighting a man named Andre. Unless....” he pauses to think. He strokes his chin. “Are you here... are you here for me?”

Andrea Frost walks to the ropes facing the stage and leans on on them. “It’s ANDREA, you idiot. Learn to read! Now get down here and fight me!” The crowd cheers for Andrea and she throws the mic back to the timekeeper and beckons ZB and Gorch down to the ring.

Zachary Brimstead, Esquire looks puzzled. “Wait, whaaaaaat?” ZB asks, a puzzled look across his face. “Now you’re telling me that YOU want to fight Gorch?” She nods in the middle of the ring and again motions for them to come down. “But you’re a woman! We don’t fight women, we make love to them!” He pumps his pelvis towards Andrea as he says the words “we make love. “Right, Gorch?” He holds the mic out to the Gorch. “That’s right, we beat up punks and we ball all the birds. I give the punks the lead pipe and then give the ladies the OTHER lead pipe!” The crowd groans at this and ZB and Gorch make their way towards the ring.

“Listen Andre,” Zachary Brimstead, Esquire says as they walk down the ramp. “I’ll make you a deal. Since you’re pretty cute, why don’t you get out of the ring and come back with me to my room at the Comfort Inn and I’ll let you rub my haunches with grape jelly.” He brushes his vest aside and rubs his nipple, exaggeratedly licks his lips and gyrates his hips. “Just like we’re going to see in the nba playoffs, you can come see that I’ve most definitely been to manscaped.com/ZacharyBrimsteadEsquireWorldsGreatestLoveMakermanscaped.comand used the promo Zachary Brimstead, Esquire world’s greatest love maker and see how I used manscaped Perfect Package 3.0 Clippers on my Nuggets. You can eat whipped cream off of me, ohhhhhh, I’m getting hot now, mmmm. I’m an all you can eat buffet, baby. You can wine me, dine me and sixty n-AAAAAAHHHHHHH!”

He screams as Andrea Frost soars over the top rope and slams into the gigantic blubbery baby oil covered body of Zachary Brimstead, Esquire with an elbow to his big fat face. He falls back and he hits his back and his massive legs go straight up in the air his slacks rip right down the middle, revealing a couple enormously massive, dimpled, baby oiled butt cheeks and a tiny lime green thong. The crowd gasps in horror and children bury their faces into their parent’s chests to avoid the terrifying sight of such a disgustingly morbidly obese man in such horrifyingly tiny underwear.

The Gorch swings his lead pipe at Andrea Frost’s head, she ducks and drives him back first into the ring post. He drops the chain and the pipe and his cigarette flips through the air and lands on the ring steps. Andrea throws the Gorch into the ring and slides in immediately after him. Referee Darren Ploppelton calls for the bell. Gorch tries to scramble to his feet and is met with a kick to the head. He stumbles into the corner and Andrea charges. She comes dying in with a vicious forearm attack to the face of Gorch, his head snapping back as she connects. She lays a couple more stiff forearm shots to Gorch’s head and chest.

Gorch stumbles into the middle of the ring and Andrea hits him with a quick snap suplex. Gorch arches his back in pain and is hoisted back up by Andrea. She delivers another suplex, this time a picture perfect butterfly suplex. She quickly climbs the ropes to the top. Gorch writhes in pain and he slowly tries to get back up to his feet. As soon as he gets up off a knee to his feet Andrea leaps off the top rope and boots the Gorch in the chest with a hard shotgun dropkick. He rag dolls violently across the ring and flops into the ropes near the corner. She signals that it’s time for her finisher, Frostbite. She picks Gorch up and easily delivers her northern lights bomb. FROSTBITE!!!!! She goes for the pin and it’s academic. 1-2-3!
Your winner in 4:59 ANDREA FROST!
Zachary Brimstead, Esquire cries and pounds on the ground, kicking his feet and screaming, his bulbous bare behind exposed for everyone to see as he jolts about like a child throwing a tantrum. The fans cheer for Andrea Frost and the referee holds her hand up in victory.

Footage is shown on the big screen of Jackson Browne and Bud Whitman winning their tournament matches at UNITY 2.

Jackson Browne vs Bud Whitman

Bud Whitman enters the ring first before Bounty Hunter by Buddy Brown plays and out comes Jackson Browne. The Australian towers over Whitman, but the Floridian is confident having beaten the equally massive Silas Galloway on the last show. Whitman smiles and tries to play mind games with Browne as the bell rings. Brown responds with a ferocious clothesline that smashes Whitman into the mat.

Whitman somehow rolls to the outside, but Browne immediately follows. Whitman is clubbed repeatedly before being slammed onto the floor. Browne looks at the referee mid count, rolling inside then back out again. He is not done punishing Whitman. The big man throws more punches and lines up a Clothesline, but Whitman moves and Browne Clotheslines the ring post.

Whitman immediately spots an opportunity, repeatedly slamming the arm into the ring post before hightailing it back into the ring. When Browne follows Whitman jumps him, laying in repeated stomps to the arm. Whitman is utterly focused on the arm, keeping Browne grounded and using Jumping arm breakers to constantly send Browne back to the mat. The Australian manages to fight out of an armbar but Whitman smiles as he shrugs off a lackluster Clothesline with the injured arm. The smile is immediately wiped off his face with a Yakuza kick.

Browne nails another Yakuza Kick and makes a cover, but Whitman kicks out. Browne goes for a Full Nelson, but Whitman manages to break the grip and counter into a Fujiwara armbar. The Australian is in trouble, but he gets to the ropes. Whitman grabs a headlock and goes for an eye poke behind the referees back, only for Browne to pick him up and hit a massive backdrop suplex for a 2 ½ count. Browne then nails a still groggy Whitman with a Yakuza Kick and then hauls the limp Floridian to his feet. The Full Nelson is locked in and Whitman is hoisted into the air before being slammed down face first. Browne hits a particularly brutal looking Lockdown and that’s all she wrote for Whitman.

Jackson Browne (11:48)
The crowd haven't been behind either man all match. They boo the outcome all the same.

Footage is shown of Swag Crew getting the win over B Sides at UNITY 1.

The B Sides vs Swag Crew

The Swag Crew of Big Bump and Little Bubbly make their way to the ring along with their manager Ryan Crystal and their Body Guard. The fans give them a hostile response, but it doesn't stop Little Bubbly from smirking and Big Bump from glaring at the crowd. Ryan Crystal covers his ears to try to keep out the boos, while the Body Guard looks on stoically.

Blaring loudly over the loud speakers:
Oooooooowwwww! Lord have mercy! This is the Wolfman, coming at ya with another hit from the greatest new sensation to hit the nation! Biff...and Cody! And they're going to knock their opponents...Around and Around!

The B Sides of Biff and Cody come out to the ring to Chuck Berry's Around and Around and a nice response from the crowd. They look at the crowd, then each other...and sprint to the ring!

Cody slides under the bottom rope and Biff steps through...Bubbly stomps Cody in the back of the head, while Bump tries to punch Biff but is cut off with a block and a huge haymaker, knocking Bump back who tumbles out of the ring. Bubbly tries to attack Biff but a huge slap cuts him off, giving Cody a chance to make it back to his feet, snatching Bubbly over with a quick side headlock takeover, followed by rapid fire knuckles to the temple of Bubbly! An aggressive start for Cody! The referee pulls apart Cody and Bubbly and Biff exits the ring. The bell rings and we are underway!

Bubbly holds his head and yells at the fans to shut up, and sit down! This encourages Crystal to go on a tirade, screaming at the fans and Biff screams at him and the crowd is worked up. Bubbly argues with the referee but Cody just stares him down, focused. Collar and elbow, side headlock by Cody, pushed into an Irish Whip... leap frog, drop down... giant standing dropkick to Bubbly, knocking him out of the ring! Bubbly crawls into the waiting arms of Crystal and Bump, who drops from the apron to console Bubbly, who hugs Crystal's waist, much to the dismay of the crowd. The Swag Crew milks the count of the outside, all the while Cody just leans against the ropes by his corner, calm, cool, and collected. Bubbly makes it back in right before the count, tagging Bump. Cody tags Biff.

Bump smiles and motions for Biff to go for a test of strength. Biff responds by punching him in the mouth, knocking him to his keister. Biff stomps him right between the eyes and knocks him to his back. Stomps, then Biff bounces off the ropes with momentum... big Dusty style elbow drop into a pin! One...two...Bubbly in to break it up! Biff rolls Bump over into a camel clutch, torturing Bump! This lasts a solid minute before Bubbly again enters to break it up, this time stomping Biff between the eyes! Biff is dazed as Bump crawls towards his corner...makes the tag!

Bubbly takes over on the dazed Biff. Quick moves, eye rakes, chokes, quick tags, eye rakes, chokes.... the Swag Crew work over Biff with old school bad guy tag tactics. After a few minutes of this, Bubbly has Biff locked in a rear chinlock. Cody calls to the the crowd to encourage Biff, then clap, louder, louder....Biff works his way up to this feet... Bubbly won't let go! He hooks his legs into a body scissors and holds on tight...but Biff has him up on his back...Biff slams him backwards into the turnbuckle, breaking the hold and dazing Bubbly...Biff grabs bubbly, spins him around... huge Side Walk Slam! Both men are down!

Bubbly makes his way for the tag, Bump is in... Biff rolls forward for the hot tag to Cody! Cody lights up Bump, he's a house of fire! Punches, irish whip, clothesline, punches, inverted atomic drop.. huge Rolling Side Russian Leg Sweep! Cody rolls through and forward to the tag to Biff... Biff places Bump's head between his legs... up for a massive jumping piledriver! Quick tag to Cody who's up to the 2nd rope...down with the finish of Thread the Needle! Bubby in to break up the tag, but Biff launches through the ropes and nails Bubbly with a football tackle! Bubbly out of the ring as the referee makes the count...One...Two...Three!

The B Sides (12:06)
Biff picks up Cody with a massive hug, then gives him a nuggie, rubbing his knuckles on Cody's head in a playful (but derogatory) manner. Cody pushes away, and rolls away from Biff....Biff has a confused look but follows Cody to the back, slapping fans' hands along the way.

Henrik Brewsky vs Qadir

“Beer” by Reel Big Fish starts ringing over the PA and Henrik “King of Brews” Brewsky hops out from beyond the curtain. The amber bandana is amberer than ever and the shades gleam with the power of a burgeoning win streak. He whooos at the crowd and waves a sixpack of Brewsky Artisanal's Smarksmanship Double IPA in his hand. Thirsty arms extend from the crowd as Henrik passes them to fans one by one along the isle who very soon start chugging, many in the crowd cheering them to do so. A few go in to "SKÅL" Brewsky who asks them to just klink his fistbump. This match is going to need all the focus and effort that the man would even touch the non-alcoholic stuff too early. Brewsky jogs into the ring and does some squats to loosen his legs.

"El Cancion Del Mariachi" begins and "The Servant of Death", Qadir, emerges from the entrance. "El Intocable" Alexi Garcia follows behind and gets in front of the Aztec monster to lead the charge. Before Alexi can take another step, the colossal hand of Qadir stops him as he places it on the shoulder of his ally. Alexi quickly turns around, Qadir slowly shakes his head, "no". Intocable defiantly nods his head "yes". Qadir shakes his head "no" one more time before Alexi nods his head in acknowledgement and heads back to the curtain, annoyed, ignoring the boos of the fans. The Almighty Demon looks focused and wants to prove he can take care of this on his own!

As the bell rings, Henrik Brewsky immediately charges in with a shoulder tackle! Qadir is caught lightly off guard and he staggers backwards but doesn't fall. Way too early to get the big man off his feet with a simple shoulder nudge. Henrik takes speed from the ropes and runs in again but Qadir extends his Python of an arm into El Lariato!!... Brewsky ducks under by less than an inch, blonde hair whirling in the mere breeze of Qadir's momentum! Brewsky grabs the ropes on the other side to stop in his track and takes a breath as Qadir turns around and cracks his knuckles, unimpressed. The mighty Aztec motions for Henrik to come in and try harder.

Henrik takes his time as he is aware of the ramifications were he to make one wrong move against the colossal crusher. Qadir wastes no time and tries to lock up with the Professor of Pale Ales. Brewsky begins to dodge all attempts to close the distance by using his speed to evade and his stiff kicks to wear down the knees of Qadir. Frustrated, the monster loses his patience and begins screaming at the ref to make the Brewmeister brawl. Henrik uses this opportunity to continue the offensive onslaught and wear down his opponents legs. The monster reverses an Irish whip and attempts a big boot. Brewsky telegraphs the boot, catches Qadir's leg and sweeps the big man's other leg as he crashes on to the mat! The crowd erupts as Henrik attempts "Twist and Shout" (Sharpshooter)! Qadir's legs are sore but he has enough strength to kick up and drop his opponent with a nasty boot to the face, knocking down his opponent!

The Servant of Death picks up his smaller foe off the canvas but is met with an immediate slap to the face! Sweat billows in a cloud behind him as the crowd "OOOOOhhs" while thinking that it'll just make the giant angrier! Brewsky commits into a rolling backchop into Qadir's neck who spins around and even while wobbled delivers a big boot! Brewsky is sent into the ropes, then slings back with a flying shoulder tackle! Qadir's turn to stagger into the ropes and Henrik tries to take advantage by running for speed again...but Qadir catches him in the middle of the ring by popping Henrik into the air and laying in with a Muerto Uppercut!! Devastating! Brewsky is taken off his feet and flies a good three feet into and under the ropes, ending up ringside!! Qadir catches his breath and rolls outside, no doubt with brawlariffic intentions on his mind!

Qadir begins to pepper Brewsky with thunderous chops, the crowd wooing every time. Brewsky's eyes widen in shock as he absorbs every chop, the level of pain he is experiencing is one he has never felt before. He tries to avoid anymore damage by creating distance at ringside but the Aztec begins to stalk his opponent. Closing the distance and using heavy elbows and forearms to wear down his opponent. The fight is taken over the guard rail and in to the crowd for a brief moment. Brewsky retaliates with a huge chop to the chest followed by a front chop to the neck. Henrik Irish whips his opponent back to the guardrail, lets out a primal scream and charges at Qadir!

Brewsky is in deep deep trouble as Qadir flips him back over the guardrail with a *SPLAT* and follows in suit. The giant Aztec props Henrik against one of the ringposts and steps back for some speed...and lays in with a vicious El Lariato!#"!*BINGGG* at the last second, Brewsky dives to the side like a football goalie and Qadir's massive arm meets pure steel! The big man is in serious pain as he grabs his boulder of a bicep and tries to walk it off.

Allowed some crucial breaths, Brewsky sees perhaps his best opening and gets up, runs into Qadir, grabbing the mountainous waist, and drives him into the opposite ringpost head first! Blood is seen trickling from the Monsters head! As Qadir bounces off, Brewsky leaps up with the Wax On! enzuigiri! The heavy thud gathers cheers from the audience but the Aztec Warrior still stands! WAX ON again!! But the southern oak tree stands, even while wobbling! Buh gawd, what's it gonna take? Henrik wipes his face in disbelief, spins his arms into a classic karate stance and spins*WHACK*! The Wax Off! roundhouse kick (a la Black Mass)! Clear upside Qadir's neck with a thunderous thud! Qadir falls onto the ringside mats as Henrik collapses out of exhaustion too while the crowd is going nuts, banging on the guardrails!

The referee comes out to check on both athletes and allows the match to continue. He steps back in and eventually engages the ring count. 1...silence from the mats...2...no motion from either side...3...Brewsky lifts his head and sees the ref counting...4...5...Brewsky stiffly gets onto his feet while Qadir, seriously dazed, is trying to prop himself up to one knee and elbow...6...7...Henrik goes to grab a front headlock on the Aztec giant...and try to lift him back into the ring...8...but the brute is simply too heavy to lift while unable to balance up himself yet...9...Brewsky glances hastily at the ref with frustration clearly etched on his face but in the moment, lunges into the ring alone just before...10!

by count out, Henrik Brewsky (14:22)
Surprised with the abrupt ending, the crowd cheers and clap amidst several beer chugs as the referee lifts Henrik's arm in victory. The native son of Sweden however is clearly not overjoyed with the exact outcome as he calmly thanks the ref, cusses under his breath and tries to put on his best "thanks everyone" smile while half-heartedly waving at the crowd. No more beers come out from his cooler today though, as he quickly rolls out of the ring and starts to limp backstage as the monster Qadir re-enters the ring. Arguing with the referee, oblivious to the fact that he was counted out.

"Intocable" Alexi Garcia is seen at the entrance ramp, shaking his head in disapproval. The moment he begins to walk towards the ring, Henry Brewski walks past him. They both lock eyes for a millisecond as they pass each other by. Simultaneously they stop in their tracks, momentarily, thinking to themselves before they resume walking. Qadir and Alexi begin to gang up on the Referee and air their grievances. Security and Unity officials rush to the ring as the ref looks to be in danger. Qadir goes mad and lays out the guards and officials, before both him and Alexi exit via the crowd! Both men do not look happy as the crowd boo them out of the building

Intermission is announced

Vivian Wendy Ramshackle's Demonstration

Freddie's winking face pops up on the screen in the arena - "Like I said, only the best" UNITY's theme music Get Together by The Youngbloods hits and the crowd cheers!

Freddie appears, smiling ear to ear. He turns to the curtain and Vivian appears, also seeming to be in good spirits, in her typical uniform of coveralls tied around her waist with a tank top. The two walk down the ramp together to cheers from the crowd.

Freddie enters the ring and holds the ropes for Vivian, who confidently ducks through. Freddie takes the mic.

"What do you think of the show so far?" The crowd cheers loudly, clearly to Freddie's delight. "I agree!" He waves off more cheers and turns to Vivian.

"UNITY is incredibly proud to showcase our resident hero and blooming talent, Ms. Vivian Wendy Ramshackle!" The crowd cheers again and Vivian cheerfully waves. "It will be a few shows before Vivian debuts, but we wanted the fans to see just how much I - and all of UNITY - believes in her. These demonstrations are also a unique opportunity for our fans to see how much work truly goes into the art of wrestling. And if Vivian is as determined as I think she is, her future opponents in the back should pay attention as well." The crowd cheers again and Vivian smiles, this time a bit more nervously. "Anything you wanna add before we get started?"

Vivian takes the mic. "First and foremost, I just wanna thank Mr. Prinze here and everyone at Unity for the opportunity. I also wanna thank Cody from the B-Sides for all the time he's sacrificed to train me. And uh, finally, thanks to all you fans for believing in me. I hope I can make everybody real proud." The crowd cheers once more and Vivian hands the mic back to Freddie. This time she makes a point of holding the ropes for him to exit. He smiles and puts his hand on his chest, clearly surprised, and exits the ring to sit ringside.

Vivian takes a deep breath and starts running the ropes to warm up. Suddenly a voice booms over the mic. "HELLO! Is this Rasslin' or Cheerleading Practice? We're wasting time on the show for THIS?" Vivian stumbles slightly as she's startled out of the routine. Her eyes flash with anger.

Biff appears and begins walking down the ramp and up the ring steps. Officials start walking towards the ring, but Freddie waves them off as he watches intently. "How's a bout we do some live training together so I can show you how we do it back in Hill Valley?" Biff tosses the mic out of the ring and stands in the center, motioning for Vivian to approach him. Vivian nods determinedly and begins running the ropes at high speed around Biff, finally trying to clothesline him with all her might. Biff stands firm, and the momentum causes Vivian's feet to go out from under her as she lands on her back. Biff lets out a bellowing HAW HAW as Vivian scrambles to get up. Biff motions for her to try again.

Vivian winds up and does a series of solid palm strikes to the chest. Biff grimaces, but does little else to move. Vivian shoves Biff out of the center of the ring, assumes her own strong stance, and waves Biff to come at her. Biff quickly runs the ropes and goes for a clothesline, which Vivian quickly ducks, turning and kicking Biff in the butt playfully as he passes her. He stumbles slightly and turns, turning bright red.

Cody comes running down the ramp and slides into the ring, standing between the two of them trying separate them. They both push him aside, look at each other, and use the ropes to propel themselves towards each other. Biff goes for a clothesline but Vivian ducks, they hit the ropes again and Vivian leapfrogs Biff, they hit the ropes again and Biff tries to leapfrog Vivian...but Vivian doesn't duck far enough and Biff collides groin first into the top of Vivian's head, crumbling to the mat. Vivian sees Biff holding his groin on the mat and goes to climb to the top rope. Cody tries to wave off Vivian, perhaps thinking she's not ready to start trying top rope moves. Vivian almost makes it to the top...but slips, collapsing face first onto the mat.

Biff is now up (still holding his groin) and he is MAD. He picks up the limp Vivian, and tucks her head between his legs and picks her up for his piledriver, but Cody runs over and grabs Vivian's legs and pulls them down and pulls her away from Biff. Biff is shocked, but Cody stands over Vivian and will not let Biff get to her. Biff shakes his head and throws his hands up, and rolls out of the ring, and storms to the back. Cody rolls out of the ring and follows Biff.

The UNITY staff checks on Vivian. Vivian pushes the staff off of her and stalks to the back, holding her head. Freddie grimly looks on, clearly disappointed by her performance.

Backstage Marla Newman ask Rory Knight how he feels about his match tonight. The young Englishman is typically full of confidence.

Rory Knight vs Lenny Backstrom

In the ring, Lenny Backstrom is having an animated conversation with referee Kevin Burr. He and Burr have not seen eye to eye in the past, and it doesn't look like things have improved much. Knights of Cydonia welcomes Rory "The Diamond" Knight to the ring. He notices that Lenny is distracted. He pops up on the ring apron and hits a springboard dropkick that sends Backstrom crashing to the mat. Kevin Burr yells at Rory that the match hasn't started yet. Knight blows past him and reaches for Lenny. He tosses him to the ropes and gives him a huge back body drop. A beautiful dropkick sends Lenny to the floor. Rory builds up speed and hits a middle rope assisted tope con hilo. Lenny is laid out on the floor as Rory rolls back into the ring. Burr admonishes Knight before calling for the bell. He starts his count on the fallen Backstrom. Lenny staggers to his feet and makes it inside the ring by 9.

Knight gives Lenny a snap suplex. He rolls through and follows with a standing moonsault. Backstrom kicks out at two. Rory slams Lenny. He drops a series of leg drops and follows with another cover. Lenny kicks out at two again. Knight continues to try and set a quick pace. He tries for a vertical suplex. Lenny knees him in the head, and follows with a stiff headbutt right to Knight's sternum. Rory falls into a seated position. Lenny runs the ropes and connects with a sliding clothesline that turns Knight inside out. Lenny tries to shake the cobwebs out of his head from Rory's earlier assault.

Lenny tosses Rory into the corner, and begins to pepper him with a combination of punches and chops. Burr's five count warning goes unheeded, so he physically pushes Lenny from the corner. More words are exchanged between them. Lenny pushes past him and moves in for another assault. Rory reverses their positions and fires away with some European Uppercuts. Burr is again ignored. Lenny reverses Rory back into the corner again and follows with a series of chops. He sends Knight into the far corner. Rory runs up the ropes and flips over a charging Backstrom. Lenny crashes into the turnbuckle, staggers out, and is greeted by a stiff superkick. Lenny slumps to the mat as Knight quickly goes for another cover. Lenny gets his foot on the ropes at two.

Rory pulls a dazed Backstrom to his feet and slams him on the mat. He climbs the turnbuckles for a moonsault. Lenny moves in mid-rotation, but Rory lands on his feet, and then tries for another superkick. Lenny catches the leg, pulls Rory closer, and suplexes him into the turnbuckles. Rory lands on top of his head, and crumbles to the mat. Groggy, Lenny slaps himself in the face a few times to fire up. Backstrom drags Knight from the corner. He snapmares him to the mat and drives a sick knee to the side of his head. He repeats it a second time. Rory's body convulses from the assault. Lenny pulls down his knee pad, and drives a third knee to the side of the 22 year old UK star's temple. Lenny kneels beside Rory's prone body. Burr is yelling at Backstrom to go for the cover. Lenny flips Burr off, and slaps Knight hard across the face.

Lenny pulls Rory to his feet and sets for his piledriver. Knight goes dead weight on him. Backstrom slaps him across the back, and tries again. Rory pulls Lenny's legs out from under him, and rolls through with a float-over pin. Lenny bridges up from the pin attempt and rolls through with a backslide. Rory rolls out of that and greets Lenny with another sick superkick. A quick pin nets another two count. Sensing his moment, Rory tries to position Lenny for the Smell My Cheese, You Mother!. (Sugar Hold) Backstrom scrambles madly for the bottom rope. He locks on to it, and won't let go. Rory starts kicking at him. Kevin Burr tries to back Rory away. Knight pushes him to the side, and moves back to his opponent. Lenny grabs Rory and cradles him, using the ropes for an advantage. Burr sees this, and stops his count. Lenny jumps to his feet in anger and pushes Burr against the ropes. Burr pushes back, sending Lenny right into another superkick from Knight. Burr curses audibly at his lack of composure.

Rory wastes no time in climbing the ropes for Have A Little Scrimmage (Spiral Tap). Lenny gets his knees up, and Rory takes the full brunt of it. Knight comes up clutching his ribs in obvious pain. Lenny runs the ropes and drives a knee to the back of Rory's skull. Knight collapses to mat. Lenny hooks both legs for the cover. 1...2...3.

Lenny Backstrom (13:35)
Backstrom has done it. He will advance to the semifinals of the Unity Title Tournament. Drained from a hellish pace, both men lay exhausted on the mat for a minute or so. Knight is helped from the ring. Lenny gets to his knees, a thin grin crossing his lips. He rolls out of the ring and celebrates on his way to the back.

Silas Galloway vs John Vibe
The speakers start to play "Time of the Season" by the Zombies, and out comes John Vibe. He is causually walking to the ring compared to his last outing. He makes his way down to the ring and steps inside, awaiting his opponent. Then the arena lights go down and a single light shines as "Red Hands Black Deeds" by Shaman's Harvest booms over the speakers. Silas Galloway appears in light. And he has a very serious, sadistic look on his face. He approaches the ring in a slow, steady pace. Making Vibe wait. Galloway enters the ring, his music stops and the lights come back up. And the crowd is a buzz.

The bell rings and Vibe rushes at Galloway. Galloway takes a single step back, awaiting the impact from Vibe. Which comes in a series of punches to the mid-section. Which have no effect on Galloway. He smiles and laughs. Come on Vibe! You can do better than that! Get you some speed!

Vibe stands there stunned, by what was just said to him. But he obliges. Vibe runs to the opposite ropes, getting the momentum he needs to deliver a leaping forearm smash to the face of Galloway, which cause him to stumble back. The crowd can't believe it. Vibe runs the ropes again, delivering another forearm smash. This time sending Galloway over the top rope! The crowd is cheering louder, based on what they're seeing. Wasting no time, Vibe goes for a Tope con hilo, but he didn't notice...Galloway is on his feet! He catches Vibe out of air, shifts Vibe's weight and immediately hits the Tour of Duty, slamming Vibe down to the floor! Pain is all over Vibe's face as he is gasping for air.

The crowd feels the tide and mood of the match change. Galloway stands over Vibe with a wicked smile across his face. He yells, Welcome to your Crash Course High Flyer! Galloway throws Vibe back into the ring. Vibe is still barely moving, but he is starting to stand up, and as soon as he is up, Galloway plows through him with Hanson's Lariat. Vibe is turned inside out from the contact. Galloway immediately picks up Vibe, and whips him into the ropes. As Vibe comes off the ropes, he's met by a skull cracking Claymore! The crowd all gasps, as Galloway laughs and looks down at a motionless Vibe, laying on the mat.

Galloway reaches down and picks up Vibe. Vibe is leaning against Galloway, just to stay vertical. Galloway slaps Vibe in the face. Wake up Vibe! Wake UP Vibe! You need to finish your Crash Course! At this point, Galloway picks Vibe up into a fireman's carry and starts to spin. After several revolutions, he gorilla presses Vibe high above head. Vibe is airborne still spinning from the rotation, and quickly dropping back toward Galloway. And Galloway is not moving! The crowd is waiting to see what happens.

As soon as Vibe's body makes contact, Galloway hits the Black Hole Slam! The impact is so hard that Vibe's body bends at the waist! If Vibe wasn't knocked out before, he is must be now! Galloway walks over the the corner, leans against the turnbuckles and looks at his results...smiling.

The crowd is going crazy! The ref is checking on Vibe. Vibe is still breathing, but in loads of pain. Galloway begins to walk over. He tells the ref to move, and reluctantly he does. Galloway picks Vibe up and says, It's time to sleep Vibe! Galloway puts Vibe into the Hangman's Tower. Vibe starts to lose consciousness, Galloway continues to squeeze. The ref checks and Vibe has passed out, as the ref calls for the bell.

Winner-Silas Galloway (5:30)
Officials check on Vibe. Eventually he comes around, much to their relief. Vibe drags himself back to his feet, albeit unsteadily, with the aid of the ropes. Some of the fans applaud.

The ring announcer tells the fans that the next match is the main event.

RaYnE vs The Grey

The lights go out in the arena. Then we hear the remix of the X-Files theme song, as circular spotlights spin around the audience. Then stop, darkness again. A flash of blinding light, a super bright beam, comes from the entrance way. Slowly crawling on all fours under the light...is the Grey. He crawls until the lights come up, then sprints to the ring, sliding underneath the bottom rope and bouncing off the ropes, once, twice...thrice, then collapses in the center of the ring, curling into a ball, and stretching up his head, like an animal.

Agust D's Deachwita plays next. Out comes RaYnE, stepping into a spotlight, complete with long white coast and Conical Sedge. The spotlight follows him to the ring, as the fans clap in unison along to his theme song. He hands off his coat and hat as the referee calls for the bell.

The Grey rolls backwards and pulls himself up, using the ropes for support. He slinks towards RaYnE slowly, bobbing his head and raising his right arm like he wants to do a test of strength. RaYnE raises his arm in response and before they can grip hands, the Grey stops, and stares at his own hand. He has it knarled into a claw shape, and stares at it. RaYnE (and the crowd) is confused. RaYnE then lifts up his left hand, also in an apparent test of strength. The Grey goes to raise his left hand...then shoots a quick strike with his right hand into RaYnE's throat, dazing him. The referee warns the Grey, but the Grey only hisses at him, before cinching on a kravate, and snapping RaYnE over, dropping an elbow to the top of his head, and cinching on a bizarre rear chinlock with a strange torque, squeezing RaYnE by the throat. The referee checks... he rules it a choke and warns the Grey, starting a count...1...2...3... 4...the Grey breaks it...then immediately hits another elbow and cinches on a regular chinlock, then twists around and applies a body scissors as well. The referee checks...this one is legal.

The Grey clicks and pops loudly, as the referee allows the hold for a good half minute, then sees RaYnE does not appear to be able to escape and asks if he gives up, but RaYnE doesn't appear to be able to speak with the hold applied tightly under his chin. The referee then goes and raises his arm to count to see if he is losing consciousness. One...Two... RaYnE raises his arm before it drops to three!

The fans clap and RaYnE pushes himself towards the ropes...closer...closer...he grabs the ropes! The referee again calls for the break...one .... two...the Grey breaks on three. He goes to separate the wrestlers and the Grey this time obliges, rolls away and slinks towards the other side of the ring. He allows RaYnE to catch his breath... a strange display of sportsmanship after striking RaYnE in the throat earlier and applying the illegal choke. The fans applaud.

RaYnE goes to slap the hand of the Grey and the Grey is confused, stares at it..then paws at it like a cat. RaYnE shakes his head but smiles. They circle...collar and elbow... they dance back and forth...Grey goes for a kick to the leg, RaYnE moves his leg out of the way...we have a bit of a stand off with neither gaining the advantage...then RaYnE moves in... hits a Harai Goshi hip throw and gets on top of the Grey, controlling him with a Kesa Gatame on the ground. The Grey struggles, but RaYnE twists and fights on the ground, eventually turning it into a Side Four Corner Hold and going for the pin. The Grey is able to just barely twist his shoulders from the mat on two...once...twice... all the way inching closer to the ropes. The Grey is able to twist and contort his body just enough to wrap his leg around the bottom rope. The referee calls for the break and RaYnE backs up and allows the Grey to make it to his feet. The fans again applaud the sportsmanship.

The Grey and RaYne lock up again. This time we get a fairly standard pro wrestling exchange, headlock, push off, drop down, shoulder block by Grey...barely budging RaYnE. RaYnE off the ropes...shoulder on the Grey bouncing him of the ropes... RaYnE with an armdrag. Grey up... waistlock by RaYnE... Grey reverses... RaYnE reverses...full nelson... SNAP Dragon Suplex! The Grey is dazed... RaYnE for the cover... one..two.. Grey just barely kicks out! RaYnE picks him up... go behind, another full nelson... this time RaYnE sweeps out the leg and has the Grey on the mat stomach first, applying a great deal of pressure with on top of the Grey with the Full Nelson.

Grey struggles...struggles...then rolls RaYnE over and slides out...into a top mount... open hand shots to the back of RaYnE's head! Over and over. RaYnE breaks the mount and gets on top of the Grey... they reverse back and forth, back and forth. This is a totally different style than the fans are accustomed to, but cheer regardless, applauding louder and louder at each reversal. This is a masterwork of ground wrestling from both men.

When it's apparent neither man can maintain an advantage, the referee chooses to stand both men up. The Grey responds with a kick to RaYnE's leg. RaYnE responds in kind. Then an open hand slap, then RaYnE with a chop. Back and forth....we now have a striking contest! The fans cheer as they hit each other harder and harder, neither giving an inch. Now they are bouncing off the ropes for added leverage... the Grey with an Elbow...then RaYnE lands a devastating knee strike under the Grey's chin, rocking him... lands another knee, flooring him! The Grey hits the mat...RaYnE picks him up, hooks the arms, up on his shoulders...Storm Warning! One...Twooo....Three!

RaYnE (15:35)
The referee goes to check on the Grey, but he appears to be out cold. RaYnE comes over and checks on him...the Grey is awake! RaYnE goes to shake the Grey's hand, but he pushes RaYnE away, and rolls under the ring. The referee goes and raises RaYnE's hand as the Grey slinks to the back.

The show ends with RaYnE taking in the fans cheers.

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Re: My Favourite Game

Post by RaYnE » Sat Sep 05, 2020 9:06 am

Backstage , RaYnE walks through the curtain in the gorilla position area. An official tells RaYnE that he is scheduled to do an interview immediately, and escorts him to the area where the reporter is. The female reporter is waiting, and as RaYnE walks up, she begins.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our recap show, and here is the man of the hour, the undefeated RaYnE. He is currently 3-0 as well as 2-0 in the Main Event. You are just one match away from the UNITY World Heavyweight Championship finals. RaYnE, how does it feel?”

The camera points to just him.

“Tonights win was a very tough win. People may think that the Grey is unique and weird, and in a way he is, but he can wrestle and he took me to the limit. As a matter of fact, he almost beat me. I’m sure we’ll meet down the road, and I’ll be looking forward to it. Now as far as this tournament, it hasn’t been easy and it only gets harder from here.”

The camera pans back to the reporter.

“Any thoughts on your next opponent?”

The camera points back to RaYnE.

“Do we even know who it is? One of four men, and each of them deserving, even you Lenny Backstrom. Yeah, I know, keep your name out of my mouth, but lets’ be clear, we are on a collision course, and trust me, I will beat you, just like I beat you in LA. But I don’t want to jump the gun, you see, if I’m not mistaken, the man I’m facing at the next show should be Henrik Brewsky.

He is someone I know nothing much about. And as I watched his match tonight, I don’t think he enjoyed winning by count out. Mr. Brewsky, I know how you feel. You wanted that victory to be a pin fall, and yet when you had no choice, you took the victory as it is.

Let me clear the air for you. I will not be one to take the easy road. I will not be a count out victory for you. I will not be a DQ victory for you, and I will not be an easy victory for you. I will give you 100% and if it comes to you beating me, I’ll accept defeat. But just like I said about The Grey, he was not the man to beat me, and you will not be the man to defeat me either.

I will win at the next show, and I will show these people and these fans why I am the best this business has to offer. This Henrik Brewsky, is the first of many warnings…There’s a storm brewing. Are you ready to go to war?”

He bows to the reporter, and walks off to his lockeroom.

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Re: My Favourite Game

Post by ICEMAN KING PATSON » Sat Sep 05, 2020 11:11 am

backstage at Unity 3, after the show,
in a secluded hallway.

close up of a white corner. we see a Silhouette of a shape come into view.

heavy...breathing? The shape twists...we see its arms reach up and grab the bulbous shape up top....

a sound like grunting

the dark blue mask of the grey hits the wall. the shape drops to the floor. the hands(?) run along the large, almost spherical shape in the Silhouette. the hands come down.


(softly) aiiiiiiiiiiiii.......


a dark blue gloved Grey hand(?) reaches into frame and picks up the mask, holding it in front of the camera.

the Silhouette moves out of frame with the mask

fade to black

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Re: My Favourite Game

Post by YourTornAlive » Sun Sep 06, 2020 4:57 pm

Vivian is sitting in her truck in the parking lot, fiddling with her phone absentmindedly.

*Flashback to after the show, the med team has finally cleared her and she is brought to a room where Freddie is waiting*

Freddie is sitting on the arms of one of the couches, arms crossed when Vivian walks in.

"You alright?" Vivian nods. "Good. I was worried. You took some rough bumps out there." Freddie moves to sit on the couch and motions for Vivian to take a seat across from him. She reluctantly does so.

"How have you liked wrestling so far, Vivian?" Freddie clearly plans on taking his time to get to the point. Vivian shifts uncomfortably at the realization. "I suppose tonight proves I don't know it well enough to give an informed opinion." Freddie chuckles, surprised by the answer.

"Plenty of people with far less knowledge of wrestling than you have felt more than comfortable giving their opinions on wrestling. But an answer like that tells me what I need to know."

Vivian looks up, confused. Freddie continues. "You know Vivian, I was a little concerned that you were banking on Mac to keep you on board here, and so you weren't putting your best into training." Vivian looks eager to reply to the contrary but Freddie holds up his hand to emphasize there is no need. "I know that wrestling wasn't the most enticing part of the offer for you to join UNITY. But your answer has shown me that you realize you'll need to put in more effort to succeed here. And as long as you still want the opportunity to do so, it's still yours for the taking."

Freddie pulls out his phone and taps the screen. Vivian feels her phone vibrate in her pocket. "That's contact information for the roster. I think it's pretty clear that Cody and Biff have their own issues to focus on right now. I want you to look through and consider who else might be a good fit to train you and reach out to them. If anyone gets upset, send them my way. And let whoever you choose know that I will consider their time and effort in helping you a personal favor."

*CUT TO- Vivian in the empty locker room after the show*

Vivian is watching her segment from the first show as head of security during Freddie's speech.

~~~"...there is a home for you here at UNITY! Whether you're here to prove you are more than the wrestlers in your blood who came before you, or you have no idea that you have that spark inside you-"~~~

Vivian stops the video and thinks for a moment. She then turns her phone camera on herself and begins recording.

"Hi, um Hello Ms. Frost. I'm very sorry for botherin you, and even more sorry that I can't ask you this in person. Uh, Mr. Prinze gave me your email because I uh..."

Vivian glances offscreen for a moment, nervous, then takes a deep breath.

"I'm comin to you as one woman from a 'man's trade' to another to ask for help. UNITY gave me a great opportunity, and instead of trying to make the most of it, I made a fool out of myself. I want to fix that best I can, and I figure the best way to do that is to get trained by somebody who has to work as hard at wrestling as I do at bein a mechanic just because we don't have no dangly bits 'tween our legs.

I'd really appreciate you considering training me. You wouldn't have to worry bout puttin me through the ringer - I can take my lumps. If you don't want to or don't have the time, I understand. So uh, congratulations on yer win tonight and thank you. Hope you have a good evenin." Vivian stops recording, takes a deep breath, and begins packing up her bag.

Vivian is jolted out of her thoughts by her phone ringing - Caller ID reads "Daddy". Vivian sighs and hits ignore, hitting the back of her head on the car seat in frustration. She looks at the roof of the truck immersed in thought for a few moments.

"C'mon Viv. You either want it or you don't. Can't sit here forever." She sits up, hits send on the email to Andrea Frost with attached video, starts up her truck and drives away.

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