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Re: My Favourite Game

Post by Annette1968 » Sun Sep 06, 2020 8:37 pm

The camera fades open to find Lenny Backstrom in an undisclosed location. 

Lenny - Cameraman, get real close. I've got a few things to get off my chest. 

First things first, RaYnE...FUCK OFF!

Next, Rory Knight. I don't hand out compliments easily, so take this for what it is worth. You brought something out of me on Friday night. Something I wasn't expecting. Good for you.

Now let us talk about this colossal shit show Prinze Jr. is running here. If Kevin Burr is not disciplined for his conduct in my match, that will tell you everything you need to know about how things are done here. I have told you from the start that this company had some form of agenda against me. And it was never more evident than in Houston. 

Finally, I have one more step to take before I can reach the finals. Mando, you are a big bad man. You have a big bad reputation. And you are going to take a big bad fall when you and I meet in the semis. 

We're done here. 

The camera fades to black. 

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Re: My Favourite Game

Post by Annette1968 » Sun Sep 06, 2020 9:32 pm

Houston, Texas - The hotel - A freshly showered Andrea Frost steps out of the bathroom in her hotel room. Her husband Ian Scott is sitting up in bed working on his tablet. He glances up at his naked wife and his heart races for a moment. 

Ian - Feeling better.

Andi - Very much so. Brimstead smelled like sausage and peppers and sweat. And the Gorch had enough Axe body spray on to choke a horse. Tell me you couldn't smell them on me on the ride here.

Ian - Oh, I smelled them alright. You smell just fine now, although we may have to burn your gear when we get back to Tampa. 

Andrea reaches for her nightshirt. 

Ian - You don't need that. 

Andrea looks at him incredulously.

Andi - You have the AC on. It's freezing in here. 

Ian - I'll keep you warm all night long. Now come to bed. 

Andrea drops the nightshirt into her suitcase, and climbs into bed. Before she sinks under the covers, she reaches for her phone. She sees several email notifications, and clicks on the icon. She scrolls past many of the emails, but pauses when she sees the name Vivian Wendy Ramshackle. 

Andi - Ian, look at this.

Ian - Vivian? The woman who had the demonstration tonight? 

Andi - Yes. 

Andi opens the email and starts the video message inside. When it is done playing, the room is silent for a moment. Ian looks to Andi, who is studying the frozen image of Vivian Wendy Ramshackle. 

Ian - Andi?

Andi - We have to help her.

Ian - Ok.

Andi looks at Ian, and he can see something in her eyes. 

Andi - Can we help her?

Ian - We can. Reply to her email. Give her your number. Tell her to reach out to us and we can get her into Takedown if she wants.

Andi quickly replies to the email and hits send. 

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Post by JonS » Sun Sep 20, 2020 10:22 am


UNITY 3 is in the books. Thanks to all our fans both in person and online for making it another success.

We now roll on to Detroit, where we will crown the first ever UNITY World Wrestling Champion. Tickets are on sale now for both the venue and online.

Here are the matches for UNITY 4 in Detroit

UNITY World Title semi final - Lenny Backstrom vs Jackson Browne
UNITY World Title semi final - Henrik Brewsky vs RaYnE
UNITY World Title final - winner of Lenny Backstrom vs Jackson Browne vs winner of Henrik Brewsky vs RaYnE

Swag Crew vs John Vibe & ?
B Sides vs Zachary Brimstead Esquire team
Qadir vs Andrea Frost
Rory Knight vs The Grey
Bud Whitman vs Silas Galloway
Vivian Wendy Ramshackle exhibition

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Re: UNITY 4 Announcement

Post by ICEMAN KING PATSON » Sun Sep 20, 2020 1:05 pm

camera opens on a sweeping shot around main street Hill Valley, past the gas station, past the record store, up to the Malt Shoppe. We cut to the inside, Cody is seated at his typical stool, sipping his Chocolate Malt. Biff walks up behind him. He sits next to him, with a hound dog expression on his face. Cody slightly pushes away in his seat as Biff takes a seat.

Biff: ........

Cody: .......

Biff: ....(sigh)...

Look. I'm sorry.

Cody: .....

Biff: yeah... I know you don't want to hear it.

Cody: ......

Biff: look. I got carried away. I know you're.... maybe proud of the hard work you put in with Vivian. It...won't right of me to try to show her up...

to show... YOU up.

Cody: .......

Biff: I've been a Butthead. You forgive me?

Cody looks at Biff. He looks at his hand. He just shakes his head. He takes one last sip of his Malt, and gets up, then walks off.

Biff: ....(sigh)

Biff shakes his head, then pulls his Almanac out of his jacket. He reads something... nods...then we cut to black

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Re: UNITY 4 Announcement

Post by Keith6601 » Sun Sep 20, 2020 1:09 pm

The camera shows Jackson Browne's face.

I haven't been a man of many, hell I haven't been a man of any words since I've signed with UNITY. I've let my actions speak for themselves and in Detroit I'm going to do the exact same thing. Lenny, you've got jokes, and that's all well and good but I'm not the joking kind. So when we're in that ring, I'm going to do what Mando does and walk away the victor. However, I've been told I need to lighten up some so before I walk away, I'm going to take this little guy (Browne holds up a Child doll) and stick it up your ass. We'll see who's laughing then.

Brewsky and RaYnE, it doesn't matter which one of you wins your match because I have my sights set on capturing that championship and nothing or no-one is going to stop me.

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Re: UNITY 4 Announcement

Post by Puns » Sun Sep 20, 2020 6:25 pm

“Mmmmmm, yes, that’s right, a tag team,” Zachary Brimstead, Esquire says loudly into his iPhone with the red and white pin striped case. “That total pervert Freddie Prince sent me an email telling me not only was a tag team needed for the next show, but that I wasn’t going to be opening the show! I know!” he says incredulously. “He said that I need a team to fight the B-Sides, whatever THAT is. He also said that I’ve been so ‘incredibly impressive’ and so ‘insanely entertaining’ that they need to put some dinks with tiny weiners on in the first match of the show. Mmm, yes, that’s right.” He nods along with whatever is being said to him on the other line. “Mmmmm, yes, that’s right. He said that he needed the fans to WANT it. To NEED it. Exactly. He said that they’ve got to build up anticipation for me. They’ve got to EARN me.

Freddie Prince also said that because those jerks Raccoon Face, Blahblah Jackinov and Gorch lost their matches he can’t just GIVE me the UNITY championship like he initially wanted.” He nods along with whatever is being said again. “Oh yes! He said ‘Zachary Brimstead, Esquire, you are of course the single greatest member of the UNITY roster, without a doubt the world’s greatest love maker, without a shadow of a doubt the world’s greatest barbershop singer and most definitely the world’s greatest professional wrestling manager and I wish I could make you the champion of the company because you are exactly the type of person that we want representing UNITY as our inaugural champion.’ He said all of that, yep, every word. Then he said ‘because you’re so important to the future of the company, and because we have such big plans for you and the bevy of unbelievably charismatic characters you manage, we are going to put you on in the third match of the evening. Leave the opening match to the dorks. Let’s save the 500 pounds of 100%, unadulterated, grade A, Newbridge sex appeal for a little bit later on in the show.’ Then he said, ‘you see, people have been leaving after your matches ZB. Once they see the only reason that they came to the show they leave. We need to keep you for later in the show so that the fans will stay!’

The person on the other end speaks for several seconds and Zachary Brimstead, Esquire nods along and smiles at whatever is being said. “You see, Mike, that’s a great idea. You’re such a smart guy. I knew you were the right guy to call when I got the news. Let’s get the gang back together. You sure Pierre is in too? Okay, great! Just because you both have famous brothers doesn’t mean we can’t make sure everyone knows your names too. Nobody will ever forget the names of MIKE SAJACK and PIERRE TREBEK! Nobody will ever forget the tag team WHEELS OF MISFORTUNE!”

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Re: UNITY 4 Announcement

Post by KingOfBrews » Fri Sep 25, 2020 2:01 pm

*Unity promo crew arriving at the EGO academy wrestling school in Oakland, California...finding Henrik Brewsky wiping up the ropes after a full day of training...the crew sits by the ring while Henrik tosses used rags into a well-worn bucket, grabs it and a mop from the corner and places them at ringside, before coming to greet the crew and getting ready for promo power...*

After a lotta deliberation, it must be said that was great fun, Houston. I feel letting all you fans down a bit after not cracking open more frosties upon getting the W over the mayan behemoth...just didn't feel right to squeak through a fast one like that. But after talking with my senseis about it, a win is a win, shouldnt be ashamed. I'll bring an extra cooler over the next time we hit you, H-town.

I hope you also learned something that night, Qadir. Hope your whole crew learned, especially that weird-eyeing yoga instructor of yours. You don't waste good beer if you don't want the King of Brews to come back and haunt ya.

That leaves four at the cusp of glory in Detroit. Only four duking it out to be the first ever Unity Champion. Raynee or sorry, RaYnE...am I supposed to say that like "rainee" or "reiwainii"...anyway, I gotta be honest that I've become a fan these few events Unity has had. The entrance, the music, your ring style...it all has that Enter the Dragon, Kickboxer, IP Man 3, Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge vibe to it. If anyone can appreciate that, it's a karateka at heart. But a fan gets to take a break when it comes to beating the man.

For damn sure you're not gonna be easy and I believe that you won't try to take any shortcuts either to make it a brawl in the crowd. So this one will go down as it should, one dude pinning the other or making 'em tappidytap.

As far as a storm brewing...heh, I see what you did there. *picks up a crunchy can of Brewsky Artisanal's Pacifisticuffs Lemon Sour from his back pocket, opens it with one hand and takes a big swig* You go ahead and prepare for war. I'll prepare for more.

*another big swig*

Not just more. The most.

*drains the can*

Most exquisite!! *AIR GUITAR SOLO*

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Re: UNITY 4 Announcement

Post by ICEMAN KING PATSON » Sun Sep 27, 2020 9:14 am

back to Hill Valley, we see Biff open the door to the Malt Shop. He turns to leave


the noise is coming from a nearby alley


Biff turns around and walks into the Alley. A figure enveloped in shadows speaks
What are you deaf AND dumb? And by dumb I mean STUPID?!? Get over here!

Young Biff: I know what dumb means! I ain't dumb!

Mysterious Man: I wish you were, so you wouldn't back talk so damn much! Now listen here...what did he say?

Young Biff: he said...not much really.

Mysterious Man: Damn it! You better hope he forgives you!

Young Biff *angry*: Look Pops, I don’t know why I have to beg anyone for anything, especially that Calvin Klein wannabe...

Mysterious Man *cutting him off* you listen and listen good! You know how when you look at that book, sometimes things read one way, sometimes they read another? Well see...t...life. Life ain't no straight line. What should lead to one thing, don't always run that way...especially if you Knucklehead up along the way! You get lost, see? Then where you start and ain't where you want to end up...see?

Young Biff: huh?

Mysterious Man: Look just keep reading the book and get things calmed down and everything will be fine.

Young Biff: Hey I can read! And I ain't dumb! hey...

Mysterious Man *slinks further back into the shadows*: No..you ain't dumb.....

and just like that Biff is alone in the alley. he shakes his head and walks away as we fade to black...

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Re: UNITY 4 Announcement

Post by Annette1968 » Wed Sep 30, 2020 5:36 pm

"Luscious" Lenny Backstrom paces back and forth as the cameraman prepares to start filming. The cameraman notes that Lenny seems on edge prior to filming. Lenny glances at the cameraman, who nods he is ready to start. The camera fades on...

Lenny - Well, well, well, look who decided to get off his ass and cut a promo. Jackson Browne, I do have all the jokes, but I am going to be all kinds of serious right now. So in the off chance that you may actually be paying attention, let me make this real clear to you. 

You think because you failed as a cop, and failed as some reality star's lackey, that gives you the right to come into my business and win a title. Bullshit! You think because you promo once a month, that gives you the right to compete for the biggest prize in our industry. Bullshit!

Jackson, the differences between you and I are clear. You pretend to wrestle. I don't. You see this as a hobby. I don't. You don't live this business. I do. 

I have paid my dues in flesh and blood to get to where I am. And now that I am standing within reach of my greatest achievement, I am certainly not going to let you stand in my way. 

As for the finals, everything lines up perfectly for my B conquest of the tourney. I beat a B-Side. I beat a Brit. I will have beaten a Browne. In the finals, I will either beat a Brewski, or in RaYnE's case...a BITCH.

The camera fades off.

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Re: UNITY 4 Announcement

Post by JonS » Thu Oct 01, 2020 9:58 am

We're just 1 day from UNITY 4, where we crown the first ever UNITY World Heavyweight Champion.

One of four wrestlers will walk out of Detroit with the most coveted prize in pro wrestling. But who will it be? Vote now in our online poll.

Lenny Backstrom
Jackson Browne
Henrik Brewsky

The line up for tomorrow night's show is as follows:

UNITY World Title semi final - Lenny Backstrom vs Jackson Browne
UNITY World Title semi final - Henrik Brewsky vs RaYnE
UNITY World Title final - winner of Lenny Backstrom vs Jackson Browne vs winner of Henrik Brewsky vs RaYnE

Swag Crew vs John Vibe & ?
B Sides vs Zachary Brimstead Esquire team
Qadir vs Andrea Frost
Rory Knight vs The Grey
Bud Whitman vs Silas Galloway
Vivian Wendy Ramshackle exhibition

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Re: UNITY 4 Announcement

Post by JonS » Thu Oct 01, 2020 10:40 am

John Vibe stand in front of the camera. His trademark colored John Lennon glasses are resting on top of his head. His long hair is pulled back in a ponytail.

Tomorrow night UNITY comes to Detroit. A new city and a new challenge. It's time for me to show what I've got when it comes to tag team wrestling. Me and my partner are ready to take on Swag Crew.

Everyone's been asking me who my tag partner's gonna be for this match. Well, here he is. Tom Goode!

An athletic, young man walks into the camera shot. He smiles.

Hey, everyone. I've been a training partner with John for a while now. So we figured this was the perfect time to team up.

UNITY Wrestling, get ready for the debut of ... The Colorado Dudes!

Vibe and Goode high five each other.

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Re: UNITY 4 Announcement

Post by Amazing_Jos » Thu Oct 01, 2020 1:50 pm

*Manuel Saavedra, the Sports Super Agent of Mexico, wears a black suit and looks very well groomed in front of the camera.*

*The background is obviously the dingiest basement you can think of. The lighting isn't very flattering, thunderous thuds can be heard in a distance.*

Manuel: Senorita Frost, my apologies. El Intocable "Alexi Garcia", El Monstro Demonio "Qadir" and myself have been in a legal battle with UNITY. They wanted to fine my client Qadir because of what he did to their "officials" in the last show. We feel those fines are unjust, especially since he was in a state of confusion and shock.

My "Aztecan" Amigo had no clue what a count out win, was. Where we are from, the fight only finishes when one can no longer defend themselves. Not only that, but El Cabron "Henrik Brewsky" thought he was clever by using the ring as a weapon, then cheap shotting my client and running like a rata! My client had absorbed massive head trauma and was not in the proper mindset when the chaos occurred after the match.

*Smiles as he puts on black shades*

Senorita Frost, please do not think for a second that you will be awarded this luxury of a miracle in your match with the "Demonio Azteka". We have a saying in our camp, "Sin amor por el fracaso". We have no love for failure, Andrea. And I assure you, after the talk Qadir had with "El Intocable", he will show no love to you.

*Thuds continue as they get more and more intense*

Senor Brewsky, you may have thought you finished a chapter, but our story has just begun, Puto! As for you, Andrea Frost, you better have been focused on my client, it would be a shame if you didn't give it your all, tomorrow. Let's just say I made a few calls after the last show and found someone in Houston who could help right the wrongs that have been done to us!

*The camera pans back a little more and you see a blurry figure holding a punching bag as Qadir throws Haymakers. Before the camera can focus on the figure, "El Intocable walks in to the scene, smiles and kicks the camera*

*Fade to Black*

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Re: UNITY 4 Announcement

Post by Puns » Thu Oct 01, 2020 6:18 pm

“Get outta the way, dip munch!” Mike Sajack orders impatiently, shoving a man he passes in the hall. The man staggers and rams hard into the corridor’s brick wall, going down to a knee and dropping his paperwork, which scatters all over the floor of the studio. “Don’t you know who I am?” Mike calls as he continues on his way. The man frowns and shakes his head, his face a mix between disgust and disbelief as he gathers his papers. Mike Sajack continues down the hallway and opens the door with the gigantic golden star on the front, PAT SAJACK written in black letters within a circle on the inside of the star.

“Baby brother!” Mike shouts as he enters the room, startling Pat, who is having his makeup done, causing him to jump. Pat rolls his eyes. “Hey Mike,” he says, annoyed. Mike makes his way over to Pat, making a big dramatization of staring at the butt of the woman doing Pat’s makeup, and sits down on the seat next to him. He claps Pat hard on the back, interrupting his makeup again. He puts his feet up on the desk in front of him, clasps his hands behind his head and leans the chair back on it’s back two legs.

“So I’m drilling Sheila the other night, right,” Mike brags, “and she was doing this thing with her-“ Pat interrupts. “Mike, I’m a little busy here. Kinda about to go do the show.” Pat motions to the woman doing his makeup, keeping eye contact with Mike the whole time. Mike rolls his eyes, sets the chair down and stands up. “Fine. I can take a hint,” Mike says. “But I’m taking this with me!” He snatches the roast beef sandwich off of Pat’s desk and hurries out of the room. Pat angrily shakes his head. “Dammit, stupid asshole took my sandwich!”

“Oh hey Pat!” Mike calls from outside of the room. “I forgot to give you this!” Pat turns around to see Mike’s hand and arm extend from the side of the door. Mike sticks up the middle finger and giggles. “You just got Sajacked!”

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Re: UNITY 4 Announcement

Post by Puns » Thu Oct 01, 2020 6:54 pm

Pierre Trebek laughed to himself as the contestants of Jeopardy shook hands in the parking lot and said their goodbyes. He was waiting for everyone to leave. They’d all be gone in just a few minutes. The idiots. He was gonna finally do it. Pull the big one. He found the combination to the wall safe of Jeopardy’s executive producer, Harry Friedman. He was about to jack his millions and millions, hell, maybe BILLIONS of dollars he kept in that wall safe of his. Pierre had gotten the information from a good authority, the janitor for the set of the show, Keith.

When they were out back after the show one night smoking some biker crank Keith said one time when he was cleaning up after the show he saw the executive producer in his office and that he opened his wall safe and that there was a “fat ass stack of cash, prolly a billion dollars!” in the safe.

Pierre didn’t need the money. His brother was Alex Trebek, host of Jeopardy. Alex Trebek was rich, and because Alex was rich, Pierre was rich. But he wanted the money. He didn’t think some jerk in a suit deserved a billion dollars in a wall safe. Just because this jerk went to college and worked hard? He deserves the nice car, the big house, the fancy everything, all the money in the world? Hell no, Pierre thought. He didn’t deserve none of it. Pierre deserved it. He was gonna take this jerk down a peg. He was gonna rob the jerk and move somewhere hot and sit on the beach and drink margaritas and work on his tan and that stupid Friedman jerk could suck it.

He’d hated Friedman since 2000 when they had exchanged words at a stoplight after Pierre had cut Friedman off in traffic and nearly caused a wreck. Pierre called Friedman a dick, Friedman told Pierre to “go to hell.” Nobody told Pierre Trebek to go to hell. Pierre showed up to Jeopardy to see what his baby brother Alex was up to and saw the dick who told him to go to hell. Alex let him know it was the executive producer and Pierre vowed revenge. Maybe not today, but some day he’d come up with the perfect revenge.

Pierre snuck back inside the building. He left a book in the door to keep it from closing. Some big thick stupid crap called Infinite Jest. He had stolen it out of the bag of one of the contestants on the show tonight. Losers read, Pierre thought. And big losers read big books. He tossed the book aside and it landed with a thud. He grimaced at the noise and remembered to be quiet. He tiptoed along the wall. He’d memorized the layout and could navigate his way throughout the building in the dark. Pierre knew where the security guards were stationed and he knew when they made their rounds. He stayed in the shadows, quickly moving further into the building.

There it was. Stupid ass suit’s office. Stupid Harry Friedman. Gonna get you back, Pierre thought. Nobody tells Pierre Trebek to go to hell and gets away with it. Friedman wouldn’t see it coming. After all, they’d been at the same places a million times since it happened. Friedman didn’t even remember it happened. But Pierre remembered. He turned the knob to the door and it opened. He slid in and shut the door. He moved aside the picture of Friedman’s stupid kids at the beach. Little assholes, he thought. They didn’t deserve to be at the beach, Pierre did. They never did anything to deserve all that money and all that stuff. He pulled the piece of paper Keith had written down the combination on of his pocket.

The moment his finger touched the safe a bright light cut through the darkness from behind him. “FREEZE!” shouted one of several police officers with their guns and lights trained on him.

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Re: UNITY 4 Announcement

Post by KingOfBrews » Fri Oct 02, 2020 6:18 am

*A starry-sky evening outside the EGO Wrestling School in Oakland, California...Henrik Brewsky high fives and hugs his trainers, Mastersword and Mega Leviathan, before stepping into a taxi on its way to a plane on its way to Detroit for Unity 4. The owners of Expert Grappling Orangutan wave at their bodacious battler's exit as the taxi turns the corner and away from sight...*

Mastersword: ...You've got to hand it to our boy, Megs. His fourth bout on the national stage and he's one pin or a good twisting of the shout away from fighting for the Unity Heavyweight Title! Whoda thunkit, right??

Mega Leviathan: *stares silently at the horizon*

Mastersword: I know, I know, he's still green in many ways and that RaYnE...Reineii? Raawaine?...anyway, that dude is nobody's joke. He's not as big as Qadir but I'd bet twice as technical ring-wise.

Mega Leviathan: *raises three fingers to head level*

Mastersword: Well yeah, thrice as technical. Fair. But be honest, you're still giving Henry a shot to win it all, right? If he gets past RaYnE, Backstrom or Browne should be wound out with those big frames and probably mediocre cardio. I've got a keen eye for cardio, as you know.

Mega Leviathan: *keeps staring silently outward*

Mastersword: Hey, crazier things have happened! Why as I recall, it only took until your fourth pro bout to NOT curb stomp your opponent after the ref had already called the match.

Mega Leviathan: *Silently turns his jade-green masked face at Mastersword*

Mastersword: Oh right, backstage counts. Well, you didn't do it in the ring, at least. Anyway, I have faith in the kid and I'll be the first to "I told you so" once he flies back on Monday with a gold strap in his cooler alongside the recyclables!

Mega Leviathan: *Slowly nods his head up and down and turns to walk inside the EGO school building*

Mastersword: What do you mean he needs to look out for the yoga instructor? *walks in after ML*

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Re: UNITY 4 - Heavyweight Champion Of The World

Post by JonS » Sun Oct 04, 2020 1:49 pm

UNITY 4 - The Heavyweight Champion Of The World
Michigan State Fairgrounds & Expo Center, Detroit
Attendance 975

At precisely 8pm the lights go down and the fans cheer and start banging on the barricades. The Heavyweight Champion Of The World by Reverend And The Makers plays over the speaker system. The fans cheer "U-NI-TY! U-NI-TY!" and bang on the guard rails as the officials make their way to ringside. A chant breaks out of "Let's go Henrik!" which is soon interspersed with "Let's Go RaYnE!" It's clear who the fan favourites are in the semi finals.

UNITY World Title Semi Final - Lenny Backstrom vs Jackson Browne

With the sound of Sugar by Maroon 5 sweeping over the arena, "Luscious" Lenny Backstrom steps out onto the entrance ramp to the jeers of the capacity crowd in attendance. He doesn't come alone though. Jake Butcher, a hardcore wrestler in the 90s, and trainer and mentor of Backstrom, is walking side by side with him to the ring. The duo soak up the moment before stepping into the ring. Lenny calls for the house microphone.

"Not that it matters to any of you morons, but I would like to take this time to introduce to you to the man standing to my right. He is the greatest hardcore wrestler who ever lived. He is the man who took me under his wing when I had nothing to offer in return. He is the man who mentored me into the wrestler I am today. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...Jake...BUTCHER! (The crowd drowns Lenny in boos) Disrespect us all you want. At the end of the evening, this man is going to watch me become...." (Buddy Brown's Bounty Hunter interrupts Lenny.)

Moving with forceful purpose, Jackson Browne approaches the ring. He steps over the top rope and moves towards Lenny. The referee does his best to step between the two men before the bell rings. The size disadvantage is noticeable as Lenny seems to back away for a moment. Jake Butcher starts talking trash to the right of Browne. Jackson turns his head ever so slightly to glare at Jake. In one motion, he pie-faces Jake, who stumbles into the ropes. Lenny charges Jackson. They both start throwing punches in the middle of the ring. The referee signals for the bell.

The action is incredibly heated to start. Browne's size advantage wears on Backstrom. Jackson viciously chops Lenny, who crashes to the mat and scurries to the corner. Browne charges in with another chop that thunders off Backstrom's torso. Brown tosses Lenny out of the corner with a high biel throw. Lenny rolls to the ropes. Jackson charges in. Lenny dropkicks his knee, and Browne crashes to the mat. Lenny runs the ropes and drives a knee to the side of a kneeling Jackson's head. Lenny starts throwing wild strikes at Browne. He runs the ropes again. Jackson catches him with a stiff shoulder tackle. Lenny tries to scramble to his feet. Browne appears poised to deliver a Yakuza Kick. Jake Butcher distracts Jackson by trying to grab his leg from ringside. Lenny charges Browne, who sidesteps the attack and sends Lenny through the ropes to the floor below.

Butcher tries to help Lenny to his feet as Browne moves to the floor. Jackson pushes past Jake and whips Lenny into the far barricade. Lenny convulses in pain as Jackson relentlessly closes in. Browne pulls a battered Backstrom to his feet and throws him over the officials table at ringside. Bodies are scattered everywhere as the table explodes around them. The referee moves to the floor to try and restore some order. He pleads with Jackson to get back in the ring.

The referee then sees Butcher reaching for a chair behind Browne. He sidesteps Jackson to confront Jake. Browne turns back to Lenny, who is struggling to crawl from the ringside wreckage. As Browne pulls Backstrom to his feet, Lenny drops down and delivers a low blow to Jackson, who stumbles back against the ringpost for support! Butcher and the referee are engaged in a tug of war with the chair. Lenny grabs the timekeeper's bell and slams it into the side of Browne's head, sandwiching it against the ringpost! The sound of the percussive blow is awful. Browne collapses motionless to the floor.

Lenny tosses the bell away and rolls back in the ring as Jake relinquishes the chair. The referee turns back to see Lenny kneeling in the ring and Jackson lying on the floor. He starts to move to check on Browne. Lenny screams at him from the ring to start counting him out. The referee struggles with what to do. Finally, he rolls back in the ring and starts to administer the count. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10. The referee waves his arms and signals that the match is over.

Lenny Backstrom (5:09)
Boos fill the venue. A sly smile crosses Lenny's lips as Jake Butcher greets him in the ring with a hug. The referee moves to the floor to check on Browne, who has just started to show signs of movement. A doctor joins him as Lenny and Jake walk to the back to celebrate advancing to the finals.

Footage is shown on the big screen of Henrik Brewsky and RaYnE winning their tournament matches at UNITY 3.

UNITY World Title Semi Final - Henrik Brewsky vs RaYnE

“Beer” by Reel Big Fish sounds around the venue and Henrik “King of Brews” Brewsky enters through the curtain. With his amber bandana and shades blazing, he whooos at the crowd. Brewsky makes straight for the ring tonight. Just before he enters, he pulls a small blue cooler out from under the ring and passes out a few of his popular beers to the fans. He then hops in and awaits his opponent.

The lights go out, and the intro to Deachwita, by Agust D plays. The music adds to that big time feel. A spotlight shines on the stage when the beat kicks in. RaYnE stands in the spotlight with his trademark Kung Fu pose. He is wearing a long white coat, that has the feel of ancient Asia. On his head is a Conical Sedge, like the hat Raiden wears in Mortal Kombat.

RaYnE makes his way to the ring and faces off with Brewsky. The fans are fairly evenly split. Both men are popular with the UNITY fans. RaYnE and Brewsky shake hands and it's on.

A collar and elbow tie up results in a battle for control. It ends with both men in the ropes. The referee calls for a break. The two men resume with a second tie up. This time it ends with Brewsky being thrown to the mat. RaYnE signals to his opponent to bring it. Brewsky looks up at him before nodding his head and getting back up.

Perhaps to most people's surprise, Brewsky now gets the better of the exchanges. His strikes are razor sharp. His footwork - one of his strengths - is very much on point. RaYnE is having a hard time keeping up. An Ale Mary (Spinning back chop to the neck) stops the Korean/American in his tracks. Brewsky hits a knee strike and follows up with a cover. RaYnE kicks out at two.

Brewsky senses that RaYnE might be a bit annoyed as well as surprised. He makes sure to stick to his plan. Stick and move. It's working well so far. RaYnE can't get his technical game going. Nor can he keep his opponent grounded. Brewsky gets another couple of pinfall attempts in. Why not force his opponent to use up some extra energy kicking out?

Now RaYnE draws on his martial arts training to get some effective counters in. Brewsky can't cause as much damage if his strikes are neutralized. He certainly can't when he's taken off his base. RaYnE manages to take the match to the mat. This is where he wants it to be. But despite working Brewsky over, he's finding it harder than he expected to get the openings he wants.

Some submission attempts from RaYnE cause Brewsky problems. He has to scramble for the ropes several times. Then another surprise. As RaYnE works on a leg lock, Brewsky somehow escapes and switches into one of his finishers, Twist & Stout (Sharpshooter) all at once. Some fans shout at RaYnE to tap. RaYnE has to drag himself to the ropes to escape.

Brewsky holds his thumb and forefinger close together, indicating that he was close there. RaYnE glares at him. Is Brewsky getting under his skin? It certainly looks that way right now. The stick and move tactics continue to bear fruit. RaYnE tries to switch it up with a sudden charge, but is caught in The Hopinator (catching a charging opponent into a high-angle Spinebuster). There's an "ohhhh!" from the fans as Brewsky smartly hooks both legs for the cover. Another kick out at two.

RaYnE tries once again to turn the tide. Brewsky leapfrogs him and finds himself facing the turnbuckles. Fuelled by adrenalin, he leaps to the top turnbuckle. But as we've seen before, he's not sure what to do from there. The hesitation costs him. RaYnE lands a dropkick, bringing his opponent crashing down.

Just like that, the momentum shifts. RaYnE wastes no time punishing Brewsky with his technical game. Submission follows submission as Brewsky is streteched and punished. He manages to reverse one or two, but is soon in trouble again. The rest he has to make the ropes for. A dragon sleeper has him in real trouble. A crossface comes even closer. Some fans shout at him to tap while he struggles in the hold. Brewsky holds the ropes following his eventual escape. He needs to buy himself some time here.

The fans are getting louder in their support for both men the longer the match goes on. RaYnE looks to keep up the pressure in this intense battle. In desperation Brewsky lands a defensive knee strike. It does the job. Brewsky follows up with Malt-ese Falcon (Falcon Arrow)!

The noise goes up yet another notch as both men lie on their backs, exhausted. Brewsky's taken too much punishment to capitalize immediately. His supporters are urging him to make the cover. He crawls over and drapes and arm over RaYnE. One, two, thr-no! RaYnE kicks out in time.
Brewsky lands some more strikes. He knows he has to make it count right now. RaYnE is staggering on his feet. But then he counters with a snap full nelson! Brewsky is rocked. It's RaYnE's turn to make a cover. This time Brewsky kicks out just in time.

Dueling chants go up. But almost as soon as they start, RaYnE lands a kick to the midsection and follows up with Storm Warning (Storm Breaker). He hooks both legs for the cover. One. Two. Three!

RaYnE (17:25)
The fans let out a loud cheer. That was a draining match for both men. After a while a groggy Brewsky manages to pull himself to his feet. He swallows his disappointment and holds out his hand. RaYnE looks at him for a moment before shaking it. Applause for both men fills the Expo Center.

The B Sides vs Wheels Of Misfortune

“OWWWWW HAVE MERCY!” rings out through the arena signaling the entrance for the B Sides. Biff and Cody burst through the curtain clad in their jeans, white shirts and leather jackets, both have their hair slicked back. The crowd cheers and applauds and they slap hands with fans down the aisle way. They slide in the ring and immediately the lights go out.

A spotlight shines on the horribly monstrous girth that is Zachary Brimstead, Esquire. His gargantuan body glistens with Hippie Johnny’s Farm Fresh Baby Oil. “Mmmmmmm, yes!!!!!” he groans into the mic and the fans boo. “That’s right, ladiez, you love me, oh yes! Here I am, in the flesh!” He pulls his red and white pit striped vest to the side and runs his finger slowly several times around his nipple and moans ecstatically into the mic. “Try not to paw yourself, ladies. I’ll be in room 112 at the Comfort Inn after the show tonight. You can come paw yourselves all night with the world’s greatest love maker, the world’s greatest barbershop singer and after my guys beat up those two Grease-geeks I’m going to not only be the world’s greatest wrestling manager, but also the world’s greatest TAG TEAM wrestling manager!

Now let me introduce you all to two of the craziest sons of guns in all of upper west Newbridge! You know their famous, successful, very rich brothers Alex Trebek and Mike Sajack! Now meet the two cool, tough, bad A double S brothers! Here they come: PIERRE TREBEK AND MIKE SAJACK! WHEELS! OF! MISFORTUNE!”

They both run out from behind the curtain. Pierre runs to the ring but Mike stops next to ZB. A very red faced, bulging veined, insane Mike Sajack grabs the microphone and screams intensely “YOU’RE GONNA GET SAJACKED!!!! SAJAAAAAAAAAAAACKED!!!!!!!!” and sprints down to ringside. He and Pierre slide into the ring and go face to face with . Referee Jon Sahir calls for the bell. Pierre and Cody exit the ring and stand on the apron.

Mike Sajack immediately charges Biff, who back body drops him high into the air. Mike crashes to the mat but he is instantly is back on his feet and charges again. He throws a wild punch and Biff ducks under and delivers a clothesline. He picks Mike up and drives him back into the corner, allowing Cody to make the tag. Cody enters the ring and whips Mike off the ropes and he delivers a picture perfect dropkick to the face of Sajack, who crashes into his own corner. Pierre yells “TAG ME IN AND LET ME SHOW YOU HOW A TREBEK DOES IT, YA METHED OUT IDIOT!” They tag.

Pierre charges and dives at Cody, who just moves aside and Pierre crashes to the mat. Cody picks Pierre up and delivers a Russian leg sweep. He goes for the cover and Mike Sajack comes flying out of nowhere and breaks up the pin before referee Jon Sahir can count 1. He babbles incoherently as referee Jon escorts him out of the ring. As the ref is distracted Pierre uppercuts Cody directly one the genitals. Cody crumples and Pierre Trebek jumps on top and screams for the red. Jon quickly springs into action and counts 1! 2! Cody kicks out and Pierre Trebek is livid and Mike Sajack is going insane on the apron. “TAG ME!!!!!” he screams like a lunatic and Pierre tags Mike. Mike climbs to the top rope. He turns his back to the ring and stands up.

He screams “SAAAAAAAJAAAAAAAACKED!!!!!” and attempts a moonsault and fails miserably. He lands directly on his head and the fans scream in horror and Cody goes for the pin. Mike kicks out at 1 and screams “I FEEL NO PAIN!!!!!” and gets right back up to his feet. Cody clothesline’s him and Mike pops right back up and screams “I FEEL NO PAAAAIIIIN!!!” Cody bends him over and quickly delivers a piledriver. Mike does the fish out of water on the mat after being spiked directly onto his head again. He tags in Biff who delivers his top rope fist drop finisher, Dropping the Needle! Cody blocks Pierre from entering the ring and Biff gets the pinfall. The crowd cheer for the victors who high five one another in the ring and check to make sure their hair is back in place.

The B Sides (6:32)
Zachary Brimstead, Esquire has the mic again and says in a sad, low, dejected tone “next month Roy is gonna be out of prison. You’re all in big trouble then.” He hangs his head and walks behind the curtain. The fans continue to clap and cheer the B Sides as they high five fans on their way to the back.

Carefully selected footage is shown on the big screen from Vivian Ramshackle's exhibition at UNITY 3.

Vivian Wendy Ramshackle Exhibition

Freddie's winking face pops up on the screen in the arena - "Like I said, only the best" UNITY's theme music Get Together by The Youngbloods hits and the crowd cheers!

Freddie walks briskly down the ramp, face professionally neutral as an attempt to mask a frown. Just as he approaches the ring steps, a staff member dashes down the ramp and stops him, handing him a piece of paper. Freddie glances down, takes the paper, and continues into the ring as the staff member seems to be urging him to read it.

Freddie holds up a finger to the audience, requesting a moment, then clasps his hands together in appreciative apology.

He reads the letter for a moment in concentration, then lets out a deep sigh and puts his head down for a moment. He lifts his head and addresses the audience.

"Thank you! All of you, thank you for that moment. The truth is, I am very sorry to disappoint you tonight by not being able to showcase Ms. Vivian Wendy Ramshackle as advertised tonight." A soft disappointed groan is heard from the audience, as well as a few boos.

"I know, I know. I am as disappointed as all of you." Freddie casually paces the ring, addressing everyone in the audience as he continues. "But Ms. Ramshackle is committed to delivering a high quality product as expected of all UNITY performers, and has *ahem* requested more training time behind the scenes so that she may do so. We here at UNITY respect that commitment." Freddie pauses suddenly, as if just having an idea.

"And we know Vivian also greatly respects UNITY's commitment to our fans, which means she knows that we have to follow up such a let down with some pretty great news, right?" Some fans in the audience cheer in response.

Freddie grins widely. "UNITY fans, I am happy to announce that Vivian Wendy Ramshackle will be having her debut match at our supershow in December!"

Freddie quickly exits the ring and walks back up the ramp, making sure to cheer and playfully interact with the fans along the way.

The big screen shows a typically cocky Rory Knight backstage. Knight lets everyone know that although he's weirded out by this Grey guy, he's still going to get the win tonight.

The Grey vs Rory Knight

Knights of Cydonia plays as Rory Knight makes his way to the ring. The lights go down. A spotlight hits the entrance as the Grey crawls to the ring, following him to the ring as he (it?) is accompanied by the strains of the X-Files theme remix. The lights come up as the Grey is face to face with Rory Knight. The Englishman looks a bit bewildered by his opponent. The referee rings the bell.

Knight goes to lock up, but the Grey drops down and rolls backwards and curls into a ball. Knight looks puzzled and takes a step back. He has a "what the hell?" look on his face. The Grey scoots over towards Knight on his butt, like a dog scooting across the carpet. Knight goes to reach for him, but the Grey slaps his hand away. He reaches again... the Grey slaps his hand again. Knight gets frustrated and tries to kick the Grey...but the Grey catches his foot, and stands up, holding Knight's foot.

Knight tries an Enziguiri with the other leg...the Grey ducks, and Knight lands face first on the mat. Grey transitions over into a back mount...and bashes the back of Knight's head with forearm after forearm... Knight pulls himself towards the bottom rope and grabs it...the referee calls for the bell and pulls away the Grey, who hisses at him.

The Grey and Knight are back to their feet. This time the Grey takes the lock up... headlock by Knight, throw into an Irish Whip by Grey, drop down by Grey, drop down by Knight, Grey backs towards him... huge dropkick! Grey hits the mat, back roll... kip up into a clothesline on Knight! Knight rolls backwards... back against the ropes...jumping lariat on the Grey!

Grey hits the mat, rolls backwards into the ropes... springs upwards into a shoulder tackle on Knight! Knight bounces backwards off the ropes, goes for a leg lariat... the Grey ducks and Knights rolls over him and tumbles out of the ring! Grey gets a running start for a dive... catches himself like a spider in the ropes...shaking his head and popping at Knight! Knight is frustrated and kicks at the guardrail.

Knight takes a minute on the outside to try to regain his composure. The Grey rolls out of the ropes and sits in the middle of the ring, waiting. Knight slides into the ring and the Grey stands and shakes his head violently at him. Grey open hand slaps Knight. Knight gets angry and forearms Grey in the face. Grey responds with a forearm of his own.

Now Grey with a headlock, Knight responds with a back body drop counter, smashing the Grey's head into the mat. Knight scoops up and nails a back breaker, then climbs the inside of the ropes for a moonsault... Grey gets the knees up! As Knight tries to make his way up to his feet... snapmare by Grey, hooks the arms... Cattle Mutalation! Knight is in trouble! But he won't give up! He forces himself towards the ropes... gets his foot under and around the bottom rope! The fans applaud as the referee pulls the men apart.

Knight staggers to his feet... walks into the inverted full nelson from the Grey! The Grey drops ass first... jarring the neck of Knight...Crop Circles! Grey holds on and rolls over on top of Knight....One...Two...Three!

The Grey (12:31)
The fans applaud. Their are some cheers, but they still don't seem to know exactly what to make of The Grey.

Intermission is announced.

Word has come from the back that because of his actions in the semi-final match between Lenny Backstrom and Jackson Browne, Jake Butcher has been removed from the building. Owner Freddie Prinze Jr. will address further disciplinary actions at a later time.

Swag Crew vs The Colorado Dudes

Big Bump and Lil Bubbly make their way out to Turn My Swag On. They're accompanied by their manager Ryan Crystal and their muscle-bound enforcer, Earl "the Pearl" Monroe. The Detroit fans boo them.

Cheers go up for John Vibe and Tom Goode as they enter to The Zombies' Time Of The Season. Vibe and Goode high five some fans before vaulting into the ring.

The referee calls for the bell. Lil Bubbly and John Vibe start the match. It's an even exchange to start with. Vibe then begins to take over with some nice high flying moves. A series of dropkicks sends Bubbly out of the ring. Vibe tags in Goode.

Bubbly stalls on the outside. The referee begins to count him out. Bubbly slides back in to the ring. Then immediately back out again. The fans get on his case. Swag Crew jaw jack with the fans at ringside. Bubbly finally gets back in the ring. He was hoping to get inside Goode's head, but it doesn't seem to have worked. Goode picks up where Vibe left off. The debutant lands some impressive looking arm drags, hip tosses and dropkicks. A leaping hurricanrana is followed by a cover and a two count.

Ryan Crystal climbs on the apron and yells at Goode. The referee is quick to tell the manager not to interfere. Crystal argues with the official while Bubbly lands a low blow kick to the distracted Goode. The fans boo as Goode collapses to the mat. Crystal quickly drops to the floor. The referee turns around as Bubbly hooks both legs for the cover. Goode just about manages to kick out at 2 and a half.

Bubbly now works over Goode. He tags in Big Bump, who continues the punishment. Goode is slammed repeatedly to the mat. Swag Crew makes regular tags and uses double team moves. Like them or not - and the Detroit crowd definitely does not - it's smart strategy. Goode is being systematically worn out.

Vibe slams the turnbuckle repeatedly, getting the fans behind his partner. He urges Goode to find him. Goode ducks a lariat from Big Bump, lands a flying elbow strike on Lil Bubbly and falls to the mat, exhausted. The noise in the venue picks up as he crawls to his corner. Bump tries to cut him off, but he's just too late. Goode makes the much needed tag.

Vibe is on fire as he leaps at his opponents in turn with dropkicks, enzuigiris and cross bodies. Bump charges at him with a big yell. Vibe ducks down and drags the top rope as far down as he can. Bump flies over the top and to the outside. Vibe hits a superkick on Bubbly. He goes for the cover. One-two-thr- no, Bump has his foot on the bottom rope.

As Vibe questions the referee, Bump pulls his partner to safety on the outside. Vibe yells at Bubbly to get back in the ring. Ryan Crystal sneaks around the ring and drags Goode from the apron. Goode hits the apron with his head as he falls. The fans boo Crystal. Vibe gives chase and the manager races round the ring to avoid him. The referee checks on Goode as Vibe gains on Crystal and they round a corner. Earl 'The Pearl' Monroe runs in to Vibe with full force and absolutely flattens him. The fans boo again, as Monroe drags Vibe to his feet and bundles him in the ring. Lil Bubbly makes the cover. The referee makes the three count.

Swag Crew (9:42)
Boos ring out around the venue as Swag Crew and their entourage celebrate on the outside and boast about how they dominated.

Backstage Manuel Saavedra, the Sports Super Agent of Mexico, tells interviewer Marla Newman that he hopes Andrea Frost paid close attention to his warning about Qadir.

Qadir vs Andrea Frost

A Little Bit Off by Five Finger Death Punch blares through out the arena. The fans cheer for Andrea Frost as she bursts through the curtain and jogs down to the ring. She sports a Catalina blue and American Gold singlet with her initials on the side abdomen. She goes to the corner of the ring and says a little prayer. Frost then removes the locket from around her neck, kisses it, and hands it to the ring attendant. She awaits intently for her opponent.

The room goes dark as the beginning of El Cancion Del Mariachi plays. A red light shines on the "Servant of Death" Qadir as he and free agent Alexi " El Intocable" Garcia emerge from the curtain. Qadir wastes no time and darts straight to the ring, leaving Alexi behind at the entrance of the ramp. "Intocable" has a second thought and walks to the back, leaving the Monster to prove himself once again!

The referee stops the Monster from attacking Andrea Frost before the bell and pats down Qadir. Introductions are made, the bell rings and both wrestlers stare intensely at each other before making a move. Andrea Frost shows no fear, she gives the Aztek Demon his respects by taking a more methodical pace, instead of a barrage of offense a la Henrik Brewsky last month.

Qadir goes for a lock up, Frost ducks, goes behind and kicks her opponent in the back of the knee. The monster quickly falls to a kneeling motion, Andrea hits a furious forearm smash, then hits another and then another. The 3rd one echoes a thunderous pop as she wastes no time running the ropes and leaps in the air with a major forearm smash that drops Qadir! As soon as she gets to her feet, she runs and hits a quick leg drop to her downed opponent. The crowd is impressed with how there is no wasted movement from the 2nd Generation Superstar!

Qadir shows grit as he swiftly sits up, but Frost follows with a standing shotgun dropkick to the back of his head and then a chin lock. She shows her wrestling prowess and tries to wear down the monster. Qadir fades for a few moments but begins to rise to his feet. Frost transitions in to a head lock with a very stern grip as Qadir tries to throw Frost mid air. This is telegraphed as Andrea shifts her weight and turns it into a spike DDT! Frost runs the ropes and hits a devastating Shotgun dropkick to the face of her rising opponent! The crowd explodes for the calculated intensity of Frost, she goes for the cover, but only manages a 2 count! She seems a tad frustrated but holds her composure like a true professional.

Qadir takes his time getting up, clutching his neck near the ropes. Frost dashes at her opponent, but her attack is telegraphed and The Monster backdrops her over to the outside! Andrea gains a lot of air from his counter and lands on her knee awkwardly, writhing in pain. Qadir rolls out of the ring as Andrea looks like a wounded animal. Qadir picks her up by the hair, grips with both hands and throws her in to the barricade! The crowd gasp in horror, Andrea Frost doesn't move a muscle as the referee begins to count out both competitors.

1.... Qadir stalks his opponent intent on doing more damage. 3.... Andrea Frost struggles to crawl on her hands and knees. 5.... Qadir lifts Frost up mid-air by the hair. 7... He chuckles in the face of Andrea as she struggles in pain. 9.... The monster throws her on to the apron and quickly slides inside before the 10 count! He doesn't want to win so easily.

Qadir is in total control as he picks Andrea up and sets her on the top turnbuckle. Andrea blocks a superplex attempt and uses a thumb to the eye and a head butt to send the Aztec Demon crashing to the mat! Super Leg Drop by Andrea Frost! Andrea struggles to get to her feet as Qadir clutches his neck, once again. As he tries to get to his hands and knees, punt to the head by Frost! Without warning, she locks in the Frost Warning (Stranglehold Gamma)! She releases a primal scream as she torques the neck and the arm of her opponent, hoping that it is enough to win! The Aztek Warrior begins to resist, Frost unravels her leg from his neck and begins to stomp on the head of Qadir, then locks in Frost Warning one more time!

Just as it looks as though The monster is about to tap, Andi's injured knee gives out and she falls to the ground in pain. The ref checks on her, Frost takes a moment to get to one knee but is interrupted by a vicious running elbow by her opponent! Qadir picks up Andrea Frost and hits "El Lariato", followed by Muerta Negra (Elevated European Uppercut in to a Powerbomb.) The ref reluctantly makes the 3 count.

Winner - Qadir (12:57)
The monster lets out a roar as the crowd boos the monster! He looks at his downed opponent and starts to walk towards her, until "El Intocable appears to stop the mad man. Alexi Garcia walks towards the downed competitor, kisses her on the forehead and leaves a rose on her chest. Both men leave as referees help Frost to her feet. The crowd cheers as Andrea insists on leaving the ring on her own accord.

The big screen shows Bud Whitman cheating to pull off the upset win over Silas Galloway at UNITY 2.

Bud Whitman vs Silas Galloway

Galloway strides out to Red Hands, Black Deeds by Shaman’s Harvest. He stares daggers at Bud Whitman as his opponent makes his way to the ring. Galloway goes to hit Whitman before the bell has rung but the Floridian goes to the ropes. The referee calms Galloway down and the bell rings.

Galloway looks mad and Whitman immediately bails to the outside to avoid a big right hand. Galloway gives chase and we have a Benny Hill style chase before Whitman dives back into the ring. Galloway goes to follow but comes to his senses and backs off as Whitman goes for an elbow drop. Galloway is more composed than Whitman thought.

Galloway locks up with Whitman, but the Floridian keeps getting to the ropes. After the third time Galloway goes for a punch and the referee stops him, giving Whitman a chance to thumb Galloway in the eye. The referee saw nothing and now neither does Galloway, with the big man swinging wildly. Whitman hits a chop block from behind and goes to work over the knee again, just like last time. Whitman is tenacious, stomping away at the leg and applying a figure four leglock, only for Galloway to grab the ropes. Whitman goes for a Boston crab, but something catches his eye in the crowd. He tells the referee and as soon as the official's head is turned Whitman drops a knee squarely on Galloway’s junk.

The referee completely misses it and turns back just as Whitman applies the Boston crab to a chorus of boos. Galloway looks like he’s about to tap but then gets a burst of energy and grabs the ropes. Whitman looks for a Dragon Screw but somehow Galloway hits a massive enziguri that sends Whitman crashing to the mat. The crowd are behind the Colorado Colossus as he steadies himself and starts wailing on Whitman with rights and lefts. Even though he covers up, Bud is pumelled into the corner. Galloway follows that up with a charging clothesline in the corner and a huge Biel that sends Bud halfway across the ring!

Galloway continues to throw Whitman around, although he’s limping badly. Whitman kicks the knee and goes for a running chop block, but Galloway turns around and catches him with a Claymore kick. It wipes out Whitman but Galloway collapses to the mat in pain as his bad knee buckled. Galloway goes for the Tour of Duty Powerslam (Tour of the Islands) but his knee gives out and Whitman counters into a cradle for a massive near fall.

Whitman goes for a Sharpshooter but a kick from Galloway stuns him. As Whitman staggers back Galloway applies a head and arm from his knees, staggering upwards until he’s on his feet.

It’s the Hangman’s Tower and Galloway finally fights through the pain and lifts Whitman off the ground. Whitman gestures at the referee and pulls his leg back but then Galloway releases the hold and slaps Whitman full force in the mouth. This sends the Floridian spinning a full 360 degrees and Galloway hoists him up and plants Whitman with the Hades Bound (Greetings from Asbury Park). Whitman lands with a thud and Galloway picks up a win over the only person who has beaten him so far.

Silas Galloway (8:19)
Galloway raises his arms in victory while keeping the weight off his bad leg. He looks out at the crowd then down at a groaning Whitman. The Colorado Colossus then grabs hold of Whitman, drags him to his feet. Whitman is quickly hoisted up onto Galloway’s shoulder and then back into the canvas with another Hades Bound. The victor smiles before walking off to the back.

The ring announcer hypes up the main event being for the UNITY World Heavyweight Title.

UNITY World Title Final - Lenny Backstrom vs RaYnE

It's time for the main event. The Detroit crowd starts to react as referee Kevin Burr steps inside the ring to officiate the biggest match in UNITY's young wrestling history. Deachwita by Agust D hits. 24 year old RaYnE confidently makes his way to the ring amidst the cheering crowd. The adulation quickly turns the other way as Lenny Backstrom walks the aisle to the sounds of Sugar by Maroon 5. As Lenny climbs to the ring apron, he stares directly across the ring at RaYnE, who responds in kind. As Lenny enters the ring, he says something to Burr, who ignores it. Freddie Prinze Jr. enters the ring and hands the gorgeous UNITY Wrestling Championship Belt to Kevin Burr, who displays the title to the fans in attendance. The four men pose for an official photograph before the match starts.

Suddenly, there is a commotion from the back. The crowd starts yelling as Jackson Browne staggers his way down the aisle. Several officials and security members are trying to hold him back. Lenny Backstrom starts to move towards the ropes as an exit strategy. Freddie Prinze quickly moves towards Browne. An animated discussion takes place as Prinze pleads for Browne to go to the back. The injured Aussie keeps trying to move forward. Additional security moves in and eventually they persuade him to abandon his assault. As they steer Browne to the back, Prinze signals Burr to start the match. The bell rings.

Lenny takes one glance to the back to insure Browne is gone. He turns his attention to RaYnE, who is waiting for him in the center of the ring. Both men go chest to chest. There is a brief silence between them. Lenny starts trash talking. RaYnE slaps Lenny across the face. Lenny checks to see if his mouth is busted open. He starts to trash talk RaYnE again, and promptly gets slapped across the face again. Embarrassed, Lenny kicks RaYnE in the gut. He whips him into the ropes. RaYnE rebounds with a shoulder block, sending Lenny to the mat. RaYnE runs the ropes. Backstrom tries for a hip-toss. RaYnE reverses it. Lenny jumps up and is greeted with a dropkick, followed by a side-headlock takedown.

For the next five minutes, Rayne controls the tempo of the match. His pacing is almost flawless. Everytime Lenny tries to build momentum, RaYnE mixes in a variety of headlocks and armbars to ground his opponent. Backstrom's frustrations mount as RaYnE seems one step ahead of him. Trapped in an armbar, Lenny rises to his feet. RaYnE tries to take him back down, but Lenny blocks it and rakes the eyes of RaYnE. Lenny fires off a stiff right hand which drops his opponent to one knee. RaYnE reverses a whip into the ropes and goes for a backdrop. Lenny catches him with a kick. Lenny goes for a clothesline. RaYnE ducks it and hits a spectacular Pele Kick, which drops Backstrom in his tracks. RaYnE goes for the first pinfall of the match and only gets a one count. RaYnE applies a chinlock. Everything is going the way of the young man from Seoul, Korea.

RaYnE bodyslams Lenny. He hooks his legs and tries for a Boston Crab. Lenny frees a leg and kicks RaYnE in the side of the head. Lenny rolls to his feet and charges in. RaYnE goes for a dropkick, but Lenny sidesteps the move. RaYnE crashes to the mat. Lenny grabs him and hits a short sit-down piledriver, followed quickly by a second short sit-down piledriver. RaYnE writhes in pain, clutching his neck and shoulders. Lenny slams RaYnE's head off the mat a few times, then drops an elbow to the back of his neck. He grinds his knee into the back of his neck and shoulders. RaYnE struggles to regain his bearings as Lenny has now seized control of the match. Lenny grabs the head of his opponent and twists it violently. RaYnE tries to rise to his feet. He throws short forearms to Backstrom's rib cage to free himself. Lenny drives a knee into the side of RaYnE's head and follows with a DDT, causing further pain to his head and neck. Lenny tries for a cover and gets a two.

Lenny locks in a modified Camel Clutch. The crowd starts to rally behind RaYnE, encouraging him to fight back. He tries to crawl towards the ropes. Lenny breaks the hold momentarily, driving a knee into the center of RaYnE's back to stop his momentum. He then reapplies the Camel Clutch. Once again, the Motor City crowd implores RaYnE to rise up. Once again, he crawls to the ropes. Lenny again breaks the hold. He stomps the back of RaYnE's head. He tosses him into the corner. Lenny peppers RaYnE with an alternating series of punches and chops. He whips him into the far corner. He charges the corner. RaYnE catches him with an elbow, then follows with a kick to the midsection. He spins around, jumps to the second turnbuckle, moonsaults over Backstrom, hooking his head in the process, dropping down for a thunderous reverse DDT. Lenny's head bounces off the mat. RaYnE struggles to follow up his advantage.

Both men slowly get to their feet. They start trading strikes in the center of the ring. Lenny gains a slight advantage. He tries for a suplex. RaYnE reverses it into a backslide. Backstrom rolls through and grabs RaYnE for another DDT. Rayne reverses it into a modified Northern Lights Suplex pin. 1...2...Kickout. Both men are back on their feet. RaYnE hits a reverse Atomic Drop. He drops Lenny with a running clothesline. Another pin attempt. 1...2...Kickout. Rayne tries for a suplex. Lenny breaks free and connects with a vicious headbutt to RaYnE's sternum. Both men drop to their knees. Lenny lunges at RaYnE and connects with a knee to his head. Lenny moves to the outside and climbs to the top rope for the Boozy Floozy. RaYnE springs to his feet and meets Lenny at the top of the turnbuckle. Both men trade blows. Lenny pushes RaYnE off the top, and he crashes to the mat below. Lenny positions himself for the Boozy Floozy (Top Rope Elbow Drop). He flies off. RaYnE moves at the last minute and Lenny slams into the mat. The crowd explodes at Lenny's misfortune.

Both men struggle to their feet. RaYnE rises first. He starts throwing wild strikes at Lenny. He dodges a wild Backstrom right hand and takes him down for a crossface. Kevin Burr drops down to see if Backstrom wants to give up. The crowd is on their feet, feeling like this could be it. RaYnE pulls back on the hold. Lenny tries to shift his position, moving his feet closer to the bottom rope. He snags it on his third try. Rayne breaks the hold as Lenny rolls to the ring apron. Rayne follows him. Exhausted, both men slowly trade strikes on the ring apron. Lenny drives a series of knees into RaYnE's chest. He sets RaYnE for a piledriver on the apron. Kevin Burr is screaming at Backstrom to stop. Lenny spits in his direction. RaYnE shifts his weight and shockingly backdrops Lenny on the apron with a sickening thud. RaYnE falls back into the ring as Lenny lies in pain on the apron.

RaYnE rises to his feet. He looks to the crowd and nods his head to their cheers. He drags Lenny back into the center of the ring. He pulls him to his feet and hooks him for Storm Warning (Storm Breaker). As he lifts him in the air, Lenny fights his way out of it, falling behind RaYnE. In one swift motion, he hits a lung blower. Lenny fights off the fatigue and connects with a knee to the back of RaYnE's head. Cover. 1...2...Kickout. Lenny runs the rope for another knee. RaYnE moves to the side and rolls Lenny up. 1....2...Kickout. RaYnE superkicks Lenny and tries again for Storm Warning. Lenny counters it into a small package. 1...2...Kickout.

Lenny rises a second faster and buries an elbow into the side of RaYnE's head. Lenny pounds the mat and starts dropping elbows from the mounted position. Kevin Burr slides in to check RaYnE's condition. Lenny transitions into the Scranton Strangler (Arm-Triangle Choke). A battered RaYnE tries to fight out of the hold, but Lenny has it locked dead-center in the ring. Kevin Burr repeatedly checks on RaYnE's condition. RaYnE suddenly goes limp and Burr quickly calls for the bell, much to the crowd's dismay.

Lenny Backstrom (20:49)
Lenny Backstrom releases the hold and lays flat on the mat. He has become the inaugural UNITY Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion. A minute passes before Lenny rolls to his knees. The moment starts to sink in and a smile breaks over his face. As RaYnE is tended to on the floor, Lenny rises to his feet. Freddie Prinze enters the ring to present the title. The show ends as Lenny accepts the title and immediately embraces it as the crowd showers him with boos.

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Re: UNITY 4 - Heavyweight Champion Of The World

Post by Annette1968 » Sun Oct 04, 2020 5:40 pm

A battered Andrea Frost limps through the curtain into the gorilla position. Several Unity staff members acknowledge her as she turns the corner to head for the dressing room. Ian Scott meets her as she steps into the hallway.

Andi - Hey.

Ian Scott does a quick visual scan of his wife.

Ian - Hey back. You okay?

Andi - I honestly don't know. How many of you are supposed to be standing in front of me?

Ian - One

Andi - I think that's a problem then.

Ian - Why?

Andi - I swear there are three of you in front of me.

Ian quickly notes that his wife has started to sweat profusely. Her complexion starts to pale noticeably. 

Ian - Andi, why don't you sit down here while I go get the doctor. 

Andi - I think I'll be okay. Just let me...

Andrea's legs buckle and she scrapes up against the wall as Ian catches her and guides her into a bench. Ian turns to a Unity employee passing by.

Ian - I need you to find me the doctor right now. Go.

The employee turns and runs towards the back. Ian turns back to Andi. His concern starts to grow as her breathing becomes labored. A minute later, the doctor arrives with a medic. They run vitals and ask her a series of questions. Finished with his evaluation, the doctor turns to Ian.

Doctor - I think we should get her to a hospital. She shows signs of a concussion.

Ian nods as the medic helps Andrea to her feet. 

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Re: UNITY 4 - Heavyweight Champion Of The World

Post by Puns » Sun Oct 04, 2020 8:31 pm

“What the hell were you doing out there?” screams Pierre Trebek in the face of Mike Sajack. Mike Sajack is holding the back of his head and grimacing. “I think I smoked some bunk biker crank before the show, man. I feel like I have bugs crawling all over me. And my head really kills. And I pissed myself.” They both look down at the stain on the front of Mike Sajack’s pants. Pierre shakes his head. “Well I’m still pissed!” Pierre says. “We were supposed to get paid a bunch of money if we won the match. Remember?” Mike Sajack shakes his head. “Nah, I don’t remember anything before smoking that rock before the show and then it’s a blank after that. Now I’m here talking to you. My head feels like it’s about to explode. And please get these freaking bugs off of me!” Mike Sajack scratched furiously at bugs crawling all over his body that don’t exist.

“Hell, Mike,” Pierre says kindly. “We’ve all smoked bad biker crank before. Can’t really hold that against ya.” He hugs Mike and playfully jostles his hair. “Let’s get you to the hospital. I saw that piece of ass Andy guy fell out after the match and maybe if were lucky we will get the room next to hers. I’d love to catch a look at her getting into that hospital gown. Mmmmmmm. I bet she’s wearing a blue thong. Hell, I bet ya $10 she is!” He nudges Mike in the ribs with his elbow and grins. “Whatcha think? Blue? Or maybe lime green Maybe cheetah spotted!? Mmmmmm.” He looks over.

Mike Sajack stares blankly at the wall.

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Re: UNITY 4 - Heavyweight Champion Of The World

Post by ICEMAN KING PATSON » Sun Oct 04, 2020 11:21 pm

backstage in the locker room at Unity 4, camera opens on Cody seated on a bench, pulling off his wrist tape, towel around his neck. Biff walks in from behind and goes to sit next to Cody. Cody slides himself down the bench a bit...

Biff: Hey man! Great work out there tonight! Man we sure showed those two guys something! They were shaking worse than my old man after a late night at Josie's! Hey...

Biff goes to slap Cody on the shoulder but Cody just glares at him. Biff decides against it.

Biff: Yeah that teamwork. Love how we put them away with my patented Piledriver and your Fist Drop!

Cody looks confused...

Cody: MY piledriver. YOUR fist drop.

Biff: Huh?

Cody: .... you...did good. Work hard. I... still a little...mad. But...it's okay. We are...a good team.

Cody then smacks Biff on the back and gets up and walks out. Biff looks confused. He takes a second, then pulls his Almanac out from his gym bag.

Biff: ...the B sides of Cody and Biff defeat the team of Sajak and Trebek in 6 minutes and 32 seconds after Biff hits the Piledriver and Cody drops the Fist Drop...


Confused Biff rubs his eyes then goes to read the Almanac again...

Biff: the B sides of Cody and Biff defeat the team of Sajak and Trebek in 6 minutes and 32 seconds after Cody hits the Piledriver and Biff drops the Fist Drop. ..


Biff then grabs his hand as if in pain. He looks at it...then shakes his head. Biff puts his Almanac away as we fade...to black

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Re: UNITY 4 - Heavyweight Champion Of The World

Post by Annette1968 » Tue Oct 06, 2020 8:35 pm

(The cameraman stands in front of the Two Dollar Steak Wrestling School in South Philadelphia. He pauses for a moment to reflect on what he was about to do. Almost four months ago to the day, he was sent to film a promo featuring "Luscious" Lenny Backstrom. It would be his first time meeting Backstrom and he wasn't quite sure what to expect. Needless to say, after that initial meeting, he wanted nothing more to do with this person he found to be repulsive in every sense of the word. And yet, his Unity bosses repeatedly sent him to do all the promos and features on Backstrom, many times at Lenny's request. Funny thing is, his recent times with Backstrom have been different. He has watched a more serious side of Lenny emerge. As he pushes open the door to enter the school, he is wondering what side of Lenny he will see now, especially after he defeated four men to become the first Unity Wrestling Champion. The cameraman walks down the corridor that emerges into the main training area. Jake Fieri (aka 90's hardcore icon Jake Butcher) greets him. Small talk is exchanged as Jake walks the cameraman to a corner of the facility. With the Unity Wrestling World Heavyweight Title slung over his shoulder, Lenny Backstrom paints the portrait of a very content man. Lenny nods at Jake, who turns back to other matters. The cameraman exchanges greetings with Lenny as he sets up to begin filming. Seconds later, the camera fades on.) 

Lenny - In my short life, I have known beautiful things. I have dated beautiful things. I have slept with beautiful things. So let me say without hesitation, that the most beautiful thing I have ever seen is this Unity World Heavyweight Championship laying across me shouler. She is absolutely flawless, and I will treat her as I have treated all the beautiful things in my life.

(Lenny glances at the championship, his eyes almost lustfully taking in every aspect of the belt. He looks back at the cameraman.)

When I came to Unity Wrestling, I told each and every one of you that I was going to be the face of this company. I told you I would be the name at the top of the marquee. You all mocked me. You laughed at the brashness of this punk kid from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Well who is laughing now? I did exactly what I said I was going to do. And I did it all by myself. 

I sit at the top of this promotion now. It's a view I am going to enjoy for a very long time. I can say this with almost absolute certainty, because I see so many unworthy challengers beneath me. RaYnE? When he wakes up, he's going to have to start all over. The Bounty Hunter? How's your head, Browne? One of Fatty Arbuckle's failures? G.I. Joe? The alien freak? Slim Whitman? Those Mexicans? That British Spot Monkey? It certainly can't be that chick Frost. Honestly, it's the sorriest bunch of challengers I have ever seen, and I have worked in some real crappy promotions. 

Which brings me to my final point. Freddie Prinze Jr. This is directed at you. If you want me to even begin to defend this title against this list of scrubs, you better pony up some more coin. As your World Heavyweight Champion, I no longer work for the peanuts you were paying me before. Now if you will excuse me, I have some more celebrating to do.

Luscious Lenny...OUT!

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