I Can't Wait...

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I Can't Wait...

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Episode 1 (Part 1) - Welcome to Saltgrass, Texas to the Bone! -

*Saltgrass Steak House #10, located on I-10 and federal road. Yes, a chain restaurant from the corporate phenomenon known as Landry's Inc, but this little building has grit and a lot of potential. Looked at as the red headed step child of all the other Saltgrass', what this building lacks in success, it makes up for in character.

Not as busy as other successful Landry's chains, people come for the steaks but return for the service... SOMETIMES. The location is a little questionable,
*cough cough the hood* but the people who have worked there have given their blood, sweat and tears to keep that building standing for over 15 years.

Everyone knows that restaurant has some of the worst reviews on Yelp. Terrible service, long ticket times, foul mouthed servers that can be heard from the wait station, questionable line cooks that sell cocaine to people in the back of the house, ect. So many flaws, yet this building continues to stand.

Country music can be heard from the outside patio when customers walk up to the building. The guests know the place is a little disheveled when they walk in, but the smell of certified angus beef keeps them from running out the door.*

*Former Tae Kwon Do prodigy and culinarian Thomas "Lightning Cat" Darby walks in to the building and is sat at a booth by the hostess Zakiah. Darby is alone, by choice by the way not because he's a loser, and has requested a server in particular.

He is a little anxious and nervous as he awaits to be greeted, almost as if he's on a first date. The building isn't full but knows that the floor is understaffed for the day, so he doesn't expect his service to be quick, let alone the greet to be 45 seconds as the Landry's handbook suggests.*

"Alright Tommy Boy, you know this isn't going to go well. Don't say anything stupid, be honest but don't be brutally honest. You've been working the courage to come up here for a few months now and if things don't pan out the way you expect them to, you probably won't get another chance at this."

*Darby begins getting a little more anxious as he see's servers running out of the kitchen with trays of food. Other servers are greeting their tables but for some reason, the one he requested is taking longer than usual.

He looks around one more time but doesn't see the server he requested.*

"Fuck, I thought they were supposed to greet their tables within 45 seconds. What the hell can be taking so long. It's not even that busy!"

*Darby looks down and checks his cellphone.*

"I know he still works here, I just got a message yesterday that they saw him here."

*Suddenly 2 napkins with the Saltgrass logo are thrown on his table and a loud friendly voice follows*

"Good afternoon, welcome to Saltgrass! My name is Jose and I'll be your server today! Thank you for being hungry by the way! *wink!* *slight pause* Tommy boy... is that you?

*Darby looks up at his server, looks at him in his eyes. The nervous expression on his face automatically turns in to a frown.*

Darby: Jos... So it IS true... You ARE working here! What the hell happened!?

*Former LBCW World Champion and connoisseur of nachos, Jose Reyna aka Amazing Jos stands over him, mask less in his server uniform.*

Jos: Covid happened, bro...

*To be continued*
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Re: I Can't Wait...

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Season 1: Episode 1.b - Flashback

*General Manager Douglass Cragwall walks through Saltgrass Steakhouse (Salt 10) with his new hires. He gives a tour of the building during their orientation and has a few words to encourage them to study for their server tests and learn the "Saltgrass Way"! Not everyone will make it through training but if you have "Saltgrass pride", you will most definitely tough out the harder tests and make it to the floor to serve.*

*Everyone leaves except for one trainee. Douglass notices the trainee is older than the others. A little grizzled and disheveled in appearance, he looks out the window, hopelessly. As though it seems like he was forced to be there, not like it was by choice. The fearless GM approaches him, trying to figure out what it is that has brought him here.*

Douglass: "Reyna", right? *Extends his hand for a friendly shake* My name is Doug, your brother Branden recommended me to hire you. How do you like things so far?

Reyna: *Shakes his new boss' hand. At that moment he snaps out of the look of forlorn on his face. He can tell by the handshake that this is genuinely a gesture of peace and concern. He hasn't felt that kind of compassion and humanity in a long while. Out of respect he gives him his full attention and responds.* Yes sir, i'm Brandens older brother. He told me you guys could help me and work a flexible schedule. I don't plan to be here that long but could use the money while I try to get situated with a 2nd job.

Douglass: Oh yes, I remember! You told us that you needed Friday and Saturday's off. Possibly Sundays if things continue to go well over there. Where was it you were trying to work?

Reyna: I'm trying to get hired on at this venue in downtown where they do events every weekend.

Doug: Oh yes! Pro Wrestling Right? Your brother told me about this.

Reyna: Not as a performer, as a talent agent. Believe it or not I used to be a competitor out in a place called LBCW, but had to retire due to almost becoming paralyzed. There was this rich prick...

Doug: *Interrupts unintentionally* I am so sorry to hear that. I know how serious accidents can be when you wrestle. My brothers and I used to play wrestle WWE style when we were younger. One time my brothers got me in a double Rock Bottom and we made a hole in the sheetrock. My dad kicked all of our asses when he got home. You have to be very careful when you do those moves, people can get hurt, ya know?

Reyna: *Realizes there's no use talking anymore* Yes... Accident.

Doug: If you were such a big deal like your brother says you were, why are you looking for a job over here? Didn't you make a good living beating people up?

Reyna: After my injury, I had to pay out of pocket for rehabilitation. It took a few years to get constant feeling back in my arms and to walk pain free again. I'm one accidental slip or tumble away from being paralyzed or dying. No company will sign me. All that money *Look of defeat begins to slowly show* All the money I ever worked for I had to use to pay for my medical bills.

Doug: *Feels his heart sink as he now understands the look on the trainee's face* I know this wasn't your first choice of work, but if you can stick with it and pass your tests, we can get you back in the spot light with the guests that sit at your tables. We can help make you some real money and make ends meet.

Reyna: *Looks to be slightly annoyed, the look of hopelessness begins to creep on his face* I'll try my best to help, but I honestly just need the work during the weekday. After a few months I should be gone and you don't have to worry about me coming back. I've never served and I don't plan on making this a career.

Doug: Something tells me you will fit in just fine with the rest of our crew. Just keep the drama outside of the door when you walk in and come in to work. That's all I ask. Your wrestling secret is safe with me, no one else in this building, besides me and your brother know of your "wrasslin" days. Half the crew are too young to even know what LBCW is anyways!

Reyna: Thank you, I haven't had to get a real job like this since I was a kid. To be honest, I HATE country music. Not even sure why I'm here.

Doug: Welcome to the Saltgrass team, Jose Reyna. Get ready to run Hot Food and Cold drinks, ok?

Reyna: No worries. Just do me one favor.

Doug: What's up?

Reyna: Call me "Jos"!
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Re: I Can't Wait...

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Season 1: Episode 1.c - Flashback 2

*Jose is done with his serving training and has his first day on the floor. Several of the trainers know Jos had trouble with his customer service skills, but what he lacked in service he makes up for in work ethic. The main trainer, James Bullock, is not only T2 (2nd top trainer in the restaurant) but he also has a culinary degree and photographic memory that makes him beloved by all guests and management.*

*Many of the other servers don't think Jose will make it past 2 weeks on the floor. He lacks a sense of urgency when it gets busy, on occasion he shows he does not care about the rules and he seems to be having a hard time keeping up with his tables when it gets busy. James looks past that and see's his strengths and the inkling of potential to make an impact in the restaurant. Jose flashes moments of charm with his guests when he isn't flustered, he always seems to be there for his co-workers/teammates and has very impressive numbers when it comes to sales.*

*Head Trainer (T-1), Darcy Darmour, is out of town and has no hand in Jose's training. She is in College Station, Tx opening the newest Saltgrass. Some think that the lack of guidance from the number 1 trainer will also hinder Jose's growth and skill. James takes the task of taking the new trainee under his wing and mold him in to his prodigy. The only problem? Jos does not care about his job enough to take it serious.*

*During a busy shift, James approaches the wait station and see's his student seemingly struggle to get his greet out for his tables. He has been sat simultaneously and had to approach both of them for beverages and appetizers. Jose, a former LBCW World Champion and master martial artist, has accomplished so much as a fighter and is now fighting for his life to get bread, sweet tea and Diet cokes to his tables in a timely manner. It's a challenge he's never had to face.*

*James could easily interject and ask his protege what he needs, but he waits to see if he notices he is being watched and ask for assistance. Jose is determined to get these items out quickly, but he fails to see there are people there to help him. The "Jos-ter" becomes one track minded and doesn't bother to acknowledge anyone around him. What should take 2 minutes to get out, takes him 5 minutes. James repeats this when it's time to ring in his soups/salads and entrees. The former LBCW Champion has a hard time looking for items on the computer screen and doesn't ask anyone for support. He doesn't look to anyone to make his salads or call for his soups to the shelfer. What should take 4-6 minutes to get out, he does in 12 minutes. leaving them 5 minutes until their food comes out*

*After a long shift, James finally approaches Jose.*

James: Jose, hey bud.

Jos: *Looks up at his trainer*

James: You make good money today?

Jos: Made trash. Worked all day, made 50 dollars. Fuck this place... Another reason not to stay around here.

James: *Knowing he should have easily made triple that becomes concerned* Hey, we need you here. You're one of the good ones and you're still learning. Don't give up so easily.

Jos: I'm not even going to be here that long, anyways. Any moment, I'll be getting a call and start my 2nd job on a full time basis.

James: I don't wanna see ya go but I understand. You can't stop a man from getting more money and opportunity.

Jos: I'm not meant for this shit, James. I don't even like country music! If I stay here for longer than a year, kill me... Please!

James: Hey, it's not that bad here. We're like a family... A fucked up, twisted-hillbilly kind of family. But family, none the less.

Jos: You guys are cool, I like the people I work with. I just can't stand how so many of you run around like chickens with your heads cut off and freak out over the stupidest things when it gets busy.

James: Being in the "weeds", you mean? You will never see me in the "weeds", bub. The trick is to always keep your cool when things get crazy. No matter what you do, it's not gonna stop you from being in the "weeds". You work hard and keep your cool, you will be out in no time.

Jos: How can you stay so calm?

James: Just find that zone that keeps you happy and you will be fine.

Jos: So, "weed" is the answer...

James: I'm being serious. Every server is different, but there is a way to find what works for you to keep you focused and calm. Some people say out loud every single thing they are doing. Down to their literal movements. It's annoying but keeps them focused. Other people can just stay with a cool head all day like I do. Hell, some people sing...

Jos: Sing?

James: You'd be surprised. *laughs* Look, another thing I think you need to work on is staying in our system and ask for help. What should take a couple of minutes takes triple or quadruple the time. The guests don't like to wait and if you keep them waiting too long, they will not bless you when it comes time to pay out. No matter if it's 3 minutes or 14, the guests notice when you take too long. Close your eyes for 40 seconds and tell me how long that feels? Imagine 5 or 6 of those?

Jos: *Closes his eyes for 20 seconds and re-opens them* Can't do it... takes too long!

James: Exactly! Look, Jose, you are really funny and very well spoken to your guests. You can easily be center of attention, but when it comes to actual timing, you are a hard worker but not good at managing your timing and movements.

Jos: *Thinks to himself "Wow, just like in wrestling..."*

James: I'm always gonna be here to help you out, i'm not gonna let you fail your tables. But I need you to "move with a purpose". I heard you have a series of past medical issues, so i'm not gonna get on your ass so much, but I need you to make an effort to move like you care. Some kind of sense of urgency.

Jos: *Almost in denial about being called out for his faults* No I don't...

James: Hey, your salesmanship is outstanding for a rookie, but if you just tightened up this aspect of your game, you could easily be making big money! You just need to move around like this is your dancefloor and you're gonna dance through this building with a flow.

Jos: Sounds like too much work for a restaurant job i'm probably gonna quit in 5 months.

James: As long as you're in this building, you give it 100 percent every time! You are better than phoning it in when you come to work! Have some "Saltgrass Pride".

Jos: *Tries so hard not to roll his eyes to his trainer using the phrase "Saltgrass Pride"*

James: Just give this place a try for a few months. Either way if you stay or go, you'll always have a friend in me.

Jos: *Scoffs at his comment* I mean this with no offense, but where i'm going, I doubt you will see me ever again. I'm just ready to do my time get out of here. Maybe we can smoke a joint or play video games online or something...

James: *Determined to get through* I'm gonna be honest "Jos". I saw you the day Christian Carter dropped you on your neck. You're gonna tell me you were able to recover from that horrible neck injury and you're gonna half ass it at some restaurant?

Jos: *Jaw drops* You know who I am?

James: I didn't know you until I gave in to the hype about the last LBCW Show ever and watched the live stream. You gave one hell of a performance on an unforgettable night! Someone fucking died that show! Another one caught on fire and the guardian of LBCW is carried out on a stretcher!? It was insane and I had to go back and order the old dvd's from LBCW! Those things are hard to find nowadays! I'm missing just a few to complete my collection, now.

Jos: I have the entire catalogue, give me a list and I'll give them to you. I don't need them anymore. I can't stand to look at those days anymore.

James: Why?

Jos: I felt like towards the end, I wasn't even there, mentally anymore. My body showed up to the shows sometimes, but my voice was gone. What made me, me, was locked away in another world. It felt like I was starting to half ass it at the end and I regret it every single day of my life. I had a few flops and a few regrets that I will never be able to fix.

James: If you feel this way about LBCW, I don't want you to do it again over here at this store. We're a family and we're gonna be there for each other until your last day. Please don't let us down...

Jos: *Realizes the douchebaggery of his ways* Ok, You make a fair point. I won't let you guys down. I'll try my best.

James: Just don't forget, you're my trainee and I'm not gonna let you shit on my name!

*Fast forward to 8 years later. The artist formerly known as Amazing Jos is now Jose Reyna, Bartender, Floor Supervisor and Server Trainer! He loves his team, his job and the Saltgrass way! He preaches about running Hot Food, Cold drinks and Saltgrass pride! The 28 year old fighter is now a 36 year old man who considers this Steakhouse on the East Side his 2nd home!*

*Fast forward to Tom Darby looking up at his server, he looks at him in his eyes. The nervous expression on his face automatically turns in to a frown.*

Darby: Jos... So it IS true... You ARE working here! What the hell happened!?

*Former LBCW World Champion and connoisseur of nachos, Jose Reyna aka Amazing Jos stands over him, mask less in his server uniform.*
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