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AAA Thread

Post by Joe » Thu Mar 28, 2019 9:59 pm

From PWInsider:

AAA will be holding a press conference next Thursday 4/4 at Madison Square Garden.

A press advisory issued regarding the conference noted AAA was coming to the United States in September 2019 and that the conference would include an opportunity for "AAA’s top executive [to] share his vision for Lucha Libre’s next chapter."

As reported last year, AAA had two holds to run Madison Square Garden for the Fall of 2018, dates that came and passed without any shows being officially announced or run. As reported in June 2018, "We are told that AAA is working on strategies for running this Fall but have also considered pushing back their debut until 2019 as they want to maximize it and not waste the time, money and effort going into the debut."

One would think this press conference would reveal a debut date for AAA running MSG, potentially in partnership with All Elite Wrestling, who they are officially partnered with.

AAA ran the Theater in Madison Square Garden (now known as the Hulu Theater) in July 1994, headlined by Konnan & Cien Caras & Perro Aguayo vs. Eddie Guerrero & Art Barr & Jake Roberts.

Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling will become the first promotion outside of WWE to hold an event in the 20,789-seat Garden at next Saturday's G1 Supercard. The move was a major breaking down of walls as their event was the first since 1961 to be presented by someone outside the McMahon family and WWE.

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