I Can't Wait Discussion/Reaction

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I Can't Wait Discussion/Reaction

Post by Amazing_Jos »

Okay, not to sound full of myself but I made a reaction discussion thread here of the stuff i'm gonna write. Not to clutter the main thread.

Also, i'll be throwing little tidbits of my thoughts going in to the writing process and random facts of the episodes as I go along.

I have no idea who still gets on here, who gives a crap about what i'm about to write or even know if people will read this.

I'm still working on the the title but "I can't wait" sounded like a suitable title for now. If anyone has any suggestions, please throw them on here and i'll go with the best one.

I don't want to give a lot away for where i'm going with this, but i'm hoping to get some shit off my chest by writing again. While also bringing back an old character with a twist!

Please enjoy and by all means, hit me up with some ideas. I'm actually thinking of bringing back some old characters from LBCW, Unity and whatever that British promotion we had for a little bit. So I might hit up some of you to collaborate some lines and scenarios.

No, it isn't an E-fed, but I thought this would be a good way to let out some really interesting stories, tie up some unresolved issues certain characters had, while also just trying to flex my writing muscle. I used to love to do this but life got in the way. Now I just wanna have a reason to write again and have some fun doing it.


- Joey

*edit: This is my 69th post. Lol*
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Re: I Can't Wait Discussion/Reaction

Post by Grundy »

I like the idea of this man. Enjoyed reading what you've wrote so far. Might even wake up the writing bug in me. Lol!
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